7 Ways you can generate more Profit through Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation: More than 90% of the customers check reviews before buying a product or service. So it affects a great deal in your business and how your reputation is in the online world.

So how to generate a good online reputation? Well, you can do that by giving amazing experiences to the customer, providing great quality products or services, and creating wonderful customer service. You should make good strategies, and these strategies must help you in motivating your customers to write reviews about your products or services.

You did all of the things mentioned above and you are able to make a great impact on your customers and now you have a great reputation online.  How can this help you in gaining more profits and enhancing your business further?

First let’s discuss why your online reputation is so important.

The Importance of Your Online Reputation to generate more Profit:

Online Reputation: Over 200 million people did their shopping online last year. That’s how much impact online shopping has nowadays on people’s lives especially after Covid-19. One more reason people prefer buying online is because they can look at all the reviews written by other users of the products and services, and after that they can decide better about their purchase.

And there are plenty of reviews available, if they are not satisfied by reading 1 or 2 reviews they can read more until they get total satisfaction whether the product or service is worth buying or not.

Even in B2B deals online reputation matters, as they read all the reviews possible about the company before making the deal.

So now let’s dive into the 7 ways which can help you get more profit through your online reputation.

What will be the benefits of doing this? Here are some key benefits;

  • Highlight that you have good reviews in the content you put In your website:
  • It will instantly make your brand appear more trustworthy in the eyes of visitors.
  • You will appear to be more truthful.
  • More transparency which leads to more trust and further enhances the reputation.
  1. Select the long detailed reviews over small ones;

Here are the benefits of doing that;

  • Help the customers know about the detailed information about the usefulness of products and services.
  • Develops trust at a deeper level.
  •  Totally nullifies all the resistance during the checkout process.
  1. Keep your reviews updated always, by requesting your customers while sending confirmation emails;

Doing this will be very effective for your business growth because;

  • More than 60% of the customers will write the reviews after the request.
  • Engagement rate through confirmation rates is very high.
  • As they recently purchased the product or service, they will be aware and write the review. So, ask to leave a review through confirmation email, if you do it later, they might forget about it.

You can get more reviews through confirmation emails if you do these things;

  • The request should be direct and in short content, avoid long emails.
  • Use appropriate format while messaging.
  • Let them be aware about how much time it will take.
  • Always express gratitude.
  1. Take advantage of third party social proof;

When some third party (customer or other brand) will talk about the quality of your product or services, the visitors or customers of that brand will trust you better. It’s an effective way to generate profit because;

  • It can help you gain the lost visitors up to 15%.
  • It will work very well in making purchases of high priced products as well.

So you must request your customers and other brands who value your brand to give third party reviews on their social media or other platforms.

  1. Display Reviews that evoke Emotions and use humor;

Doing that is helpful because:

  • People make their decisions based on emotions mainly rather than logic.
  • Use words that trigger emotions (e.g. love, hate, awe, new etc.)
  •  Can generate leads when you use in your website, social media accounts etc.

This is how you highlight reviews which got emotional value;

  • Select words that can trigger strong emotions and are also useful in desperation of your product or service.
  • Regularly check the reviews and pick the ones which have an emotional angle.
  • Use these reviews and test them on your website, ads and social media etc.
  • Review the outcomes you get from the reviews, examine the outcomes and keep testing new reviews.
  1. In Retargeting campaigns or ads, use the reviews that bring attention to specific unique parts of the product or service;

It’s always a great strategy to mention the specific unique parts of your product and service, because it can make you stand out from the crowd. Here are some key benefits of doing this;

  • You are getting a chance to reconnect with users again who were interactive and interested in you before.
  • You can use social proof and address the main factors that make you different from others.
  • This brings attention again to the key features which they might have missed. And that’s a wonderful strategy.

Here’s how you use this strategy effectively;

  • Make a list of what makes you unique
  • Check for the current reviews and select the ones which match unique points from the list
  • Recognize which of the strategies or campaigns are effectively working and which are not giving you results which you desire.
  • Create new highlights with the selected reviews
  • Now make your campaigns run and change them if they don’t work.
  1. Display the Reviews display in the Subject lines, footers, headers and signatures of an Email;

Here are the benefits of making your reviews appear in an email;

  • It’s a more personal way to connect with the customer, so adding reviews will enhance that connection even more
  • Click through rates will improve to contain degree
  • It’s a better way of developing trust and creating motivation to buy more.
  • Adding specific reviews will make the email even better.

FAQs: Online Reputation

Q1. What are the factors that impact the online reputation?

Answer: Here are the 3 main factors that impact your online reputation;

  • Social media presence
  • Amount of Search results
  • Comments and reviews on website

Q2. What are the main benefits of having a good online reputation?

Answer: The key benefits are;

  • Business opportunities will increase
  • Create loyalty in the customers
  • Need to invest less in marketing
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Enhances the revenue and profits over all.

Q3. Why add emotionally oriented reviews better than logical ones?

Answer: The main reason is because most people make decisions in their lives based on emotions. And that is why, adding emotionally oriented reviews provides better results.

Q4. Why maintaining online reputation is so important nowadays?

Answer: In the digital world, online reputation is everything. It will decide your future growth. Better the Reputation, more customers will love to connect with your brand.

Q5. Why is keeping your reviews updated so important in campaigns?

Answer: Using the same reviews again and again, will not make you look good in the eye of the viewer. Using new reviews will signal growth and make the viewer feel that you have more satisfied customers. That is why it’s always important that you change your reviews and also examine how they are performing.

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