A Comprehensive Guide to Writing the Best PPC Ad Copy

PPC Ad Copy – When we think of digital marketing, SEO is the first thing that comes to our mind. However, SEO is a long-term process and takes time to show the outcome. To get the instant result, Pay-Per-Click marketing is the right alternative for you.

It is not easy for businesses to gain a high organic rank. That is why they start relying on the PPC advertising campaign to appear in the search result. Startups and other small companies can spread their brand name with PPC ads. But, success in this campaign lies in how you have created your ad copy. You can look for PPC advertising services and hire professionals to compose the advertisement copy.

The major components of every PPC advertisement

Before writing your ad copy, it is important to know the ad structure. The advertising rules are different based on the chosen platform. However, the most popular one among PPC marketers is Google Ads.

Your PPC Ads must contain- PPC Ad Copy

Headline– The headline should not be more than 30 characters. It plays a role in attracting the viewers’ attention. The keyword-filled headline will make your ad SEO-friendly. Every ad can comprise up to 3 headlines.

Descriptions– You can write two-line descriptions of 90 characters. Include a CTA in the second line for your target viewers.

URLs- Users will find the display URL while checking the ad. This URL is appealing and has an uncluttered look.

On the SERP pages, the ad elements get mingled together in different formats. The search engine looks for the best-performing combinations. Thus, highly effective ad formatting and copywriting are important.

More tips on writing your PPC advertisement copy

Read these tips for writing a copy that makes your PPC campaign successful.

The content must be relevant

PPC Ad Copy – Every internet user browses Google with some needs. When your ads are relevant to those needs, you can successfully reach your goal. Therefore, relevancy is the major factor making a difference in the result.

To make the ads relevant, you have to insert keywords. Moreover, you have to categorize the ads properly based on the target audience. High relevancy will increase the Click-Through-Rates.

The most important step is to know the searcher’s intent, and based on it, you can create your ad copy.

Maintain conciseness in your advertisement copy

You know that it is significant to maintain the limit of characters in your ad copy. PPC advertisers do not get space to write a long ad copy. That is why they need to apply creativity to make the content effective while maintaining the size. You have to deliver your message with precise content for your ads.

Do not overlook Unique Value Proposition-

It is said that your ad headline attracts the customer’s attention. Thus, the headline is the best place where you can add your UVP. You can distinguish your advertisement from your competitors’ ads.

Guide your viewers using a CTA-

PPC Ad Copy – You have already convinced your customers with an attractive headline. Now, what will your customers do after reading the ad? This is where CTA is the vital element of your ad copy.

When the user has clicked on the CTA button, you can trigger conversions. The best ad copy should have a CTA to increase the conversion rates. CTAs can be of different types, like-

  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe Now
  • Buy Now

You can be more creative in composing new phrases.

Right punctuation and title case

Although you have used effective words for the content, punctuation and formatting are important. Without the proper punctuation, the viewer cannot read the ad easily. Your company may lose trust due to this issue. Professional writers can write the best copy for your ads.

Another important thing is to use the title case while writing the ad headline. Capitalization of the initial letter of each word is important. It is one of the rules for writing a PPC ad.

At the end of every description line, you must apply the right punctuation. It will increase the readability of the content. Google may display your PPC ad in any way. But, you must use punctuation for description lines and headlines.

Test the ad copy

The final step is to test the PPC ad copy. Does the ad work for your business? Advertisers need to test it multiple times to find what works best for the campaign.

You can test different ad groups to identify the most effective one. Hire the best professionals to create an awesome ad copy.

Reliable Pay-Per-Click advertising companies can provide you with comprehensive services. You will get a PPC manager to check the performance of your campaign. When any ad does not work, professionals will twist the ad content and format. You will find the best value from every click on your ad.

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