Digital Marketing for Politicians in India: Mantra of Success

Prior to Indian election in 2014, the US political scene in 2007 witnessed a campaign by Obama that blended networking, e-mail programs and display ads in order to generate the dialogue to engage the constituents. Irrespective of whom you prefer at the political platform, digital marketing for political party with messaging has come to be recognised as a highly important median than what it had been initially so much so that it is said to grow by 575% since 2012.


Irrespective of the field, Digital Marketing is widely considered as the need of the hour. It not only creates a familiarity in between the people and your business, but also helps them understand it. In case, you do not take care to see that an online branding for your business has been carried out in a suitable manner, you might lose a considerable number of the probable clients. And the same holds true, without digital marketing for political parties.

Apart from being a worthy political candidate, one has to organise better digital marketing for political campaigns in India for success and branding. We at Obiyan Infotech, understand it fully well. Digital Marketing for politicians in India,with targeting of the audiences is something highly important when the political parties tend to gain the attention of the potential voters. Though a voter is absolutely entitled to keep his vote confidential, there are quite a few indicators that may help predict whom a voter is inclined to vote for.

Obiyan Infotech a political digital marketing agency in India, has developed a political model that takes the entire holistic picture into consideration rather than just the last of the touch points for the enumerated voters. The point to be noted is that both the digital marketing as well as politics aim at convincing the people to undertake a desired activity. It may include purchasing a product or voting for you. And convincing is an activity that often demands your time and also might leave you fatigued in the end.

How Digital Marketing for Politician in India is helpful?

Unlike the Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing for political campaigns is a cool option that allows a political campaign to target the required audience in an economical manner. No wonder Digital Marketing for political campaigns in India has left Traditional Marketing far behind.

With a few tips as listed below, Digital Marketing may prove to be even more effective:

  • Social Media political campaign strategy i.e. Running a campaign at a Social Media e.g., Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Launching your own website and conveying to the world around, the contribution that you have been making for the entire society
  • Campaigning with slogans and logos
  • Video marketing, etc.

Customizing the Targeted Messages

  • At Obiyan Infotech, for Digital Marketing for political campaigns in India, we make use of the digital data and the accessible tools to customize the messages as per the values upheld by the targeted audience in order to add to the voters base
  • Obiyan Infotech, a political digital marketing agency in India; we also optimize the dynamic resources in an intelligent manner so that your ads get the most favourable of the responses

Beating Voter Ad Burnout with Sequencing

Voters, like any other audiences, get tired of the repeated ads. However, the digitally advanced political ads often employ the cross device analysis and the tracking abilities so that the voters do not get tired that quickly. At Obiyan Infotech, we make use of the cutting-edge technology that employs ad-serving ways. It helps manage the ad-sequencing in an effective manner.

Though, it has been customary for the campaigns to depend on the ads that had been paid for, the crowd attracting Social Media has made the unlimited free of cost advertising feasible.  The Social Media provides highly attractive platforms for the same. Besides, there is a lot of content that may be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., including animated GIFs, YouTube videos etc. Apart from being free of cost, this kind of advertising proves to be highly persuasive while a voter decides in whose favour he should cast his vote.

The steps listed below may help you draw maximum of the gains out of digital marketing for political campaigns:

  • All of the digital impressions are produced at par. A certain extent of quality inventory needs to be observed.
  • Though targeting your audience is good, but do not overdo it for that would not result in more of gains.
  • The marketing and the advertising media must work together in order to get the best of the results.


Social Media Political Campaign Strategy & Impact on Indian Politics

  • The Social Media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook etc., have produced a dramatic change in the manner the political campaigns are undertaken.
  • Social Media can and does play a decisive role to make a political party get the majority of the votes.
  • Facebook is known to have produced a remarkable impact on the polls in 160 of the 543 Indian constituencies.
  • The youth, apart from being tech savvy is fond of being continuously updated and the same holds true when polling takes place!


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What is included in our Digital Marketing for Politicians?

    • We make use of the prominent tools including the website and the entire range of SEO that encompasses PPC, ORM, e-mail marketing, apart from many other strategies.
    • We highlight all of the important current issues by means of the Social Platforms that we use.
    • Our team of experts makes your online presence felt on the Social Media and we also encourage the user participation on these platforms.
    • We use our unique and imaginative agenda to promote your political party and the candidate on various platforms.

    We make use of various platforms to offer highly suitable solutions for the problems faced by you.



Gone are the days of the traditional campaigning specifically when it comes to politics. Whether your party is a new one, or has its origins dated back into the history, the Social Media is a tool that is highly essential to communicate with the masses. It is more so when it is the polling time.  Not only is the digital marketing more economical in sharp contrast with the traditional marketing, but it is also considered to be the most influential of the strategies to influence the voters.

Besides, by means of the digital marketing, you can readily and speedily convey your ideas and also what you and the party you belong to stands for. And what is more important, you can go deep into the psyche of the voter convincing him successfully as to why he should vote for you?

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