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Online Reputation Management - We help your Brand to get widely Recognized

ORM i.e., Online Reputation Management Service helps build a brand in a proactive manner. Our ORM strategies help you achieve and maintain a better business relationship with your clients. It definitely helps your business gain and maintain a highly positive online image.

Obiyan Infotech is widely recognized as the best online reputation management company. Apart from taking care of the drawbacks in your already existing online reputation marketing strategies, we also help you create a positive reputation for your brand. We are a well known and leading name in the field of digital marketing. As a digital marketing company we opt for various strategies to provide solutions for the digital promotion for the products and/or services of our clients.

Obiyan Infotech fully appreciates how important it is to build the brand reputation lest you may lag behind the competition. Online brand management is an integral part of the business management and simply can’t be ignored! A poor brand image may result into a poor revenue generating business. And once you contact us, we will not let you suffer on that account!

Our Online Reputation Management Services encompass a lot more than others do...

Obiyan Infotech helps you receive feedback from the customers in an effective manner. It helps you build your brand image further. Besides, we help you build your brand image in a number of ways that are just tailor made as per your business .

We help create and maintain a positive online image for your business by helping you control and manage the online communications with your clients. The traffic to your website is bound to experience a surge if you answer what is exactly being asked by your clients.

Though it can be disgusting, many a times, an already successful and well running business begins to experience a downfall. We help you get the old magic back!

It requires manipulating the public opinion in your favour. We opt for the suitable strategies to send a right message across the net surfers concerning your company’s business online. Contact us to know more.

Our ORM strategies see to it that the unnecessary negative remarks and/or comments do not harm your online business image. It should not be taken lightly as the negative remarks can cause considerable damage to your business image online

A positive image is gradually built when your clients feel that your business has been doing its best in their interest. Thus, we see to it that the best of the information concerning your sincere dedication towards the interests of your clients is put forward at your business website.

Online Reputation Management Services Essential For

Why Obiyan Infotech for Online Reputation Management?


The CRM tools employed by us to manage our professional relationship with our clients are easy and effective.


We see to it that all of our projects are looked after by a project manager individually. No wonder, our services are always qualitative.


We help you track how your website is doing online by means of our performance tracking reports at regular intervals.


Though no SEO team would guarantee the results, we assure you that the SEO services provided by us would make your business website appear on the very first page of the search engine results.

Why ORM services are essential for your Business image?

ORM services not only build a positive image online for your business, but also maintain it, helping you keep ahead of the competition. Besides, a huge majority of the visitors is also drawn to your business by the suitable social media platforms. Thus, the right ORM strategies help the audiences understand your business better. By means of the suitable techniques, not only do the net surfers get the right impression concerning your business online, but you also stay ahead of the competition.

Thus the corporate reputation management services help cultivate the psyche of the net surfers in your favour. No wonder, the majority of the visitors to the World Wide Web get drawn towards your website, boosting your business prospects as a result. And as your business flourishes, there is a better brand building for you get more of the media coverage, appreciating reviews and better interaction with the public on the social media.

Our ORM (Online Reputation Management) Services Help in…

  • Better Conversions: Appreciating reviews attract more of the visitors to your website. As a result, a sizeable greater number of leads does result in a greater probability of the conversion of leads into clients.
  •  Trust and Credibility:  The services that we offer to manage your brand reputation help build the trust and credibility for your business online. The clientele that trusts you is easier to be retained and added to further.
  • Online Insights: We help you build a positive image online. Our services help you do away with the negative comments/remarks/reviews etc. It should not be taken lightly as negative reviews can considerably damage your business online.
  • Build a Brand Image: Our strategies help your business build a highly positive brand image online. A good brand image helps you retain the trust of the current customers and gain a sizeable number of new clients. Unless you have a good brand image, it would not be easier for you to sustain your business, let alone staying ahead of the competition.
  • Recruitment: Though all of the businesses are interested in getting more of clients in order to stay ahead of the business rivals, how are going to manage it if you do not have an efficient team? And expert professionals with relevant experience are going to work for you only when your business has a good image. So, when your business enjoys a good reputation, it automatically attracts experienced employees to be recruited.


ORM services manage the brand reputation online, employ the suitable social media platforms, make use of  search engine optimization to

help businesses of various kinds build an image. Apart from building the brand image, the images of various celebrities and professionals are also built and maintained. The online image management services cater to various types of requirements for various types of businesses online, you are most welcome to Get in touch with us and let us take care of the reputation management requirements for your business online.

Online Reputation Management Services in India include

  • Promoting your brand across the web
  • Employing the advertisements and content to make the audiences better aware of your products and/or services
  • Communicating with the clients and taking care of negative reviews.

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google?

The negative reviews may harm your business considerably. Here are a few steps that may help you remove them.

Steps to Remove Bad Reviews from Google:-

  1. Do not panic, first of all.
  2. Assess the entire scenario. If the comment is genuine?
  3. Do not delay in responding to the information.
  4. If the comment is a fake one, get it flagged to be removed.
  5. Talk to the customer in order to solve the problem.
  6. Stay focused on your work.

Going ahead with the entire process listed above may be a waste of time as the entire service can be hired. Let us do it all for you and you can simply focus on your work.

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