How does the search engine rank help you beat the competition?

How does the search engine rank help you beat the competition?

The search engine rank can and does help you beat the competition, helping you score an edge over others and stand tall among your competitors. First of all, you should have considerable numbers of visitors visiting your website frequently. And just drawing the traffic to the website is far from being sufficient.

So, what next? The traffic must take interest in the products and/or the services offered by you. That is to say, a sizeable number of the visitors should be leaving some contact information at your website including their contact numbers, e-mail ids etc. Thus, the leads thus gained can be further worked upon so that they are converted (hopefully) to clients. And that’s what you want!

How do the search engine results help draw traffic to your website?

Have you ever taken the pains to visit the second page of the search engine results or for that matter, have you ever observed any of your acquaintances doing the same? Most probably, you would reply in the negative! The majority is likely to do so!

Why is it so? Think of that for a moment. Whenever we want a search engine to search something for us, we focus on the search details on the first page itself. And these are the results at the top that count the most for us for most of us do not take the pains to go to the next page or even look beyond the first two or three results presented by the search engine.

So obviously, not only getting listed among the search engine results counts, but the rank among the search engine results is also highly important. Your business website must figure on the top (on the first page itself of the search engine results, of course) to catch the eye of the web surfers.

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What role does the search engine rank play in getting you the leads?

So far, so good! Your business website appears on the top in the search engine results and you draw a sizeable traffic to your website. But that is not the end result in itself! The conversion must take place. The leads are to be converted into clients so that your business is not only sustained, but flourishes further helping you beat the competition successfully.

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How to employ SEO?

If you want to make an almost complete use of the Search Engine Optimization for your business website, you should know how to do the Search Engine Optimization in the first place itself? If you are good at it, then there is no problem that you are likely to face on this account and the matter ends there.

But what if that is not the case? Then you would require the services of an Best SEO services. And any Best SEO services will not do for that would not allow you to beat the competition. What if your competitors purchase the Search Engine Optimization services from the Best SEO services providers?

Why us?

We at ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd provide the Best SEO services. Not only do we take care to provide our clients with the Search Engine Optimization services within the decided time frame, but our services are also the most economical as compared with any other service providers.

At ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd, we take care that the Best SEO services provided by us include all of the following benefits to help our clients not only score an edge over the competition, but also beat the competition in a visibly obvious manner. Our team of experts actually makes it happen at ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd for the sake of our clients.

What all benefits do our SEO services include for you?

At ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd, we take proper care that our clients enjoy the following advantages offered by our team of experts.

  • Local SEO: Various types of SEO are required for various types of businesses. In case you are running a local business, then your business website would require the local search engine optimization.

Accordingly, our team would analyze how to draw the maximum of the traffic to your website in the local vicinity.

  • SEO company Delhi: Apart from the local SEO, that includes a specific area, we also provide SEO services covering the entire Delhi as well as the NCR. It’s understood that the requirements in this case are going to be different from the previous category as specified above.


  • SEO India: Even if you own a business that needs to compete at the national level, we at ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd enjoy a good name for providing the SEO services across the entire nation. Thus we would analyze first where your competitors are scoring an edge over your business, i.e., where does their business website leaves yours behind. After having analyzed the details, we would provide you with the Search Engine Optimization services accordingly.


What all do our SEO services offer to you?

Irrespective of the vicinity, or a considerable geographical distance, i.e., whether it is Local SEO or SEO Company Delhi or SEO India, we at ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd. offer the following facilities as per the requirements of your business.

  • SEO Link Building: Our team enjoys the expertise in providing the SEO link building services.

Why is SEO Link Building important?

As far as Search Engine Optimization goes, links signify how popular your website is. Whenever any of the websites links with the pages on your websites, it’s an additional feather in the cap for it obviously signifies that the pages that are linked are worth visiting.

But then the credit goes to your website. Isn’t it so? How does the Search Engine Optimization come into the picture? It does!

When a search engine finds that a considerable number of the website(s), by some way or another, point to a specific website(s), it is taken for granted that the particular website(s) carries valuable information. Thus it is assigned a high rank by the search engines.

  • Focus on Content: At ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd our team understands the significance of the content carried by the pages of a website. Further it is the content (other factors may and do count) that plays a major role as far as the back links are concerned and thus, the rank enjoyed by a website in the search engine results (as stated above) is concerned.

While providing with innovatively qualitative content, we take care of all the following features so that you get the best of the Search Engine Optimization services:

Our content helps develop back links proactively: The content that carries the required information and is able to grasp the interest of the reader often succeeds to engage the visitor for longer spans of time. But that is far from being sufficient.

So we take care that not only the content provided by us engages the interest of the traffic considerably to convert them into leads, but it also helps build back links proactively for your website.

Thus, the following criteria are fully taken care of by us:

  • The back links must come to us from the established websites that are considered authentically relevant (i.e., they have a name for publishing relevant content).
  • Building a back link is a gradual process. Building them in too fast a manner may appear to be rather far from reason and even a manipulative exercise. Thus it may make the search engine(s) target you with penalties.
  • The websites of the competitors are also analyzed. In case, you have been watching the URLs of your business rivals at the sites that are considered to be authentically relevant concerning Search Engine Optimization and hence, the search engine ranks, it’s high time you should have visited the pages from the sites of your competitors. It would help you find why you are lagging behind.
  • We also take care that the content is richly, but logically supplied with the keywords that are more likely to be chosen by the net surfers while trying to get the required information by means of the search engines.

However, just including the keywords in the content is not going to work.      What if the visitors to your pages find that apart from the keyword, there is no qualitative information to be gained.

So the content should not only include the keywords, but should also provide the information required by the visitors. Only then you can expect any of the websites that are known to be relevant for their authenticity, use the URL of your site as a back link. As it helps to acquire a high rank in the search engine results, our content writers do their best in order to make the content play a major role in the Search Engine Optimization for the sake of your business website.

Last, but not the least, it only makes sense to keep abreast of newer techniques and strategies that are being opted for the Search Engine Optimization for if you do so, there is a far greater probability that instead of your business competitors, you would be implementing the new methods and optimize the search engine results in the favour of your website.

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