How to do Facebook Lead Ads In The Right Manner

A detailed and systematic introduction to the process of Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is estimated that the same has 2.45 billion-plus active users each month! The figure is extremely whopping. Thus, one can well understand the reason why the platform gathers the highest interest of the local businesses. 

Bringing in Facebook Leads – 

A few years back, Facebook introduced its unique platform for advertisers. This was called the Facebook Lead Ads. The avenue carries huge potential and profitable outcomes for investors. This can be done using the Lead Ads integration platform.

Despite all the above options for the best results in the integrated approach towards social media marketing endeavors, Facebook emerges the most important one. It has a wider reach and better opportunities than others. Hence, the key aspect is to ensure that the campaigns are designed correctly and reach out to specific audiences.

This is why we need to revise the Facebook Lead Ads and their usage for your business in the long run. Also, we will help you design your campaign for the best results.

Understanding the Facebook Lead Ads 

The Facebook Lead Ads are designed to collect the relevant Leads. Hence, it is a tool that is used to gather the right information from numerous sources. For this, both desktop and mobile ads are available for easy reference. When a prospective user clicks on the right advertisement, they view a pop-up window. This carries pre-filled data. As a result of the same, the user should confirm the availability of data and its outcomes for your business. This helps you to achieve new information and generate new Leads. It is as simple as that.

Using Facebook Lead Ads – 

The Facebook Lead Ads can be used to collect information from the sales funnel. This is used to create a sign up for the newsletter. Similarly, the same works excellent with internal and external customers. This assists your potential clients as well. Moreover, if you wish, you can offer both coupons and deals. A majority of the marketers believe that sharing information on the platform is sufficient for the purpose. For example – The automotive industry can provide scheduled maintenance bonus points or test drives.

Thus, if you wish to create brand awareness yet want to go easy on the budget then the Facebook Lead Ads are the best ones for you. Also, these are more affordable when compared to direct advertisements.

Setting up the first Facebook Lead Ads campaign – 

You can easily set up Facebook Lead Ads using the numerous guides available for the process. Also, you can use the following steps to get the best results –      

  • Head to ads manager – 

Once you get here, you would wish to click on the option – “Select your campaign objective”. As an effective tool to generate the Lead Ads, a guy can select “Lead generation”.     

  • Allot a name to the campaign – 

It is important to give your campaign a relevant name. You can alternatively create a split test for the financial optimization process.   

  • Select the webpage

Select the Facebook page you want to use for the campaign. This will boost the overall outcomes for the business.   

  • Setup the target audience

If you wish to have a successful start to the business growth. However, you need to first define your target audience. If you have a saved audience for your previous campaigns, you can see and reuse them. Else you need to create a fresh group. Also, the section is divided into the following types –    


Custom audience

The last one is the audience or the users about whom you have details like – name, email address, phone number, etc. Hence, if you wish to have a custom audience then you need to have Facebook Pixel running on the site. However, if this is not the case, you need to set up the same. For the location part – You need to select the location for your audience. This prompts you to select the language, age, and gender differentiation factors. 

Post this, you will come across ” Detailed targeting and connections”. This helps you to set the right rules regarding the customers. You can easily target the audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior.

Similarly, you can choose people that have already carried out interaction with your website. For instance, you can opt to see all those who already have liked your webpage. After this, you simply need to select “Save audience”.     

  • Select the ad placement

This means that you need to decide where you wish to have the Facebook Lead Ads.

 Here you gave two options – 

  Edit placement 

  Automatic placement

Using the edit placement, you can easily get a chance to observe your ad in a specific location. On the other hand, automatic placement allows Facebook to decide the optimal placement of the ad for a wider reach.     

  • Select the ad budget

Now you need to create a schedule for your business and decide on the budget. You can opt for a comprehensive campaign or a daily budget. Our advice on the same is that you should start slow. Later, you can increase the budget if things turn out best for you.

  • Monitoring the overall progress

As discussed above, it is important to constantly review your campaign. If you set it and forget it then problems may arise. Similarly, you need to review the returns on investment made on the Lead ad. It is important to make sure that the same is effective. As a result, you need to deliver changes and increase conversion rates.

  • Important tips for Facebook Lead Ads 

Once you get a basic idea of the Facebook Lead Ads set up process, you need to adopt the following points to get the best results. Here are some of the important elements that you need to be

aware about –  

Facebook Lead Ads design

It is important to select the right format for your nRight Manner Drive Facebook adseeds. You will have carousel, image or video options. Most of the time, the best idea is to have a video or a single image. Similarly, it is important to use a high-quality image that captures attention. Here you need to have a catchy text and a call to action (CTA). Similarly, avoid neglecting the Facebook Lead Form. This is one of the major steps of the design element.

  • Using the best practices

When you create an audience, ensure that you have real customers as part of your lookalike audience. Similarly, if you create this from the list of potential clients, you end up with only those leads that are less lucrative. Hence, you need to create the ideal profile for your brand customer. When you start with the form, use the least possible fields. If the form is highly complicated, people will not spare time for you. Therefore, design the form in such a way that only the relevant information is sought.

  • Display the right advertisement at right

time –

It is important to schedule the ads at the right time. This means that the ad should be there the moment your customers are online. Similarly, it is necessary to make clear offers. An offer that you wish to promote should be extremely clear. This helps your audience to know what to anticipate in dealing with your brand and family.     

  • Run a test campaign

Also, it is important to test your campaign before launching. Thus, it is no use to invest money in factors that do not bring the right returns. Moreover, Facebook Lead Ads are an extremely useful method to generate leads for the business. However, a poor campaign can adversely affect the outcome of such efforts.


Unlike other available mediums of online advertising, the Facebook Lead Ads are an effective way to get the right results. However, it is not a sure shot result to boost the business. To get the right results, you need to invest in the right steps and follow specific rules for the purpose.


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