How to Employ Content for Search Engine Optimization?

How to Employ Content for Search Engine Optimization?

The role played by the content that your website carries or even the content that is inter-related by any means is more crucial for best SEO services than might appear to be at the first glance.

When you look at the flip side of the coin, it gets visibly obvious that content may be both beneficial as well as detrimental to your website depending on the manner you make use of it.

Using the website content to stand tall among your competitors

Content may make or mar your website. If employed properly, it may make your website appear on the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But if the content fails to add to the SEO, your website may suffer a poor rank, figuring on a far off page, say the page number 3, 4, 6  etc.,  on the SERPs. And as the human nature would have it, very few of us look beyond the first page of the search engine results.

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So, it is obvious that the content employed by your website should be such that your website appears on the top of the first page itself of the search engine results. It would help you stand tall among your competitors in a number of ways as listed below:

  1. Considerably huge traffic: If the content employed by your website is up to the mark and makes use of the keywords and search strings that are likely to be used by the net surfers, the probability of drawing a good traffic to your website gets higher.
  2. SEO rank: Logically used informative content serves to draw huge traffic to your website. As a result, your website is likely to rank higher in the SERPs. A high SEO rank can and does help you beat the competition.
  3. Generation of Leads ( read Organic Leads) : A carefully written and strategic content helps optimize the generation of organic leads. The organic leads are the leads that are directly generated from the website itself.

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A well written content, by drawing a sizeable traffic to the website, also results in considerable number of organic leads, thus enhancing the SEO in a way that you might not have perceived of earlier!

Needless to say, the content, if presented properly on your website may help you grab leads. As no two people are exactly alike, (leaving a few cases of the twins, of course) so is the case with the leads. So the content should be presented in different ways to grab the leads that carry different kinds of psyche.

The content is often used in one or more of the following ways by various website(s) to grab the leads:

  • squeeze page

( Squeeze pages are often made use of to ask for the e-mail id of the traffic that visits the page. Once the e-mail id is solicited, the visitor to the page automatically stands transformed into a lead.)

  • e-book (free of cost)
  • newsletter
  • any contact information (free of cost)
  • anything that exists on the web pages of your website or for that matter, is even related to it, etc.
  1. How do a greater number of leads contribute to SEO? A website that draws a sizeable traffic gains in several ways. Greater number of visitors to the website increases the probability of gaining a greater number of leads as well.

More of leads obviously imply that the website has been gaining in the popularity. It further serves to add to the success of your business for the rising graph of popularity would be taken into

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account by the search engines (Google forming no exception!). Thus your website is bound to enjoy a higher search engine rank in contrast with those of your competitors.

Thus, the organic leads thus gained (and the content having played a major role in acquiring them!) not only help your website gain a higher rank in the SERPs, but they also aid the process of the social marketing strategies apart from inbound marketing.

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Various Types of Content that May Help for SEO

Apart from the blogs and descriptive articles on your website, you may use content in many ways than you might have thought of earlier for the sake of best seo services. The major ways are listed below:

  • Quotes: Making use of quotes as and when required enhances the appeal of the text and also helps leave a lasting impact on the psyche of the audience. Thus if the quotes used are thought provoking, they are very likely to grab the attention of the traffic and the visitors would probably be converted into leads.


Besides, if your website displays a quote, you may use the content to delve upon it further (if that can be related to your business in a logical manner) to elaborate the positive attribute(s) and/or services offered by you. It would help retain the interest of the leads thus gained for longer spans of time, thus helping convert the lead into a client.


  • Text on the social media pages: We must not forget that we are living in a digital age. Thus gone are the days when long business meetings used to be held (though they might be in vogue concerning some of the businesses even now!) not only for business transactions, but also for the purpose of gaining leads.

Nowadays, the social media platforms play a vital role not only in gaining the leads, but also in the process of converting them into clients.  So the text that you use at a social media page must not be taken lightly. Apart from the text at Facebook page  and Twitter, many other social media entities e.g., Instagram also play an important role as far as making use of the text to further enhance SEO is concerned.

  • Texts used for Call to Action: Just acquiring a lead is far from being sufficient in case if it is not converted into a client. So call to action may be of use here and again, content plays a major role in it.

A call to action is made to the leads so that he/she leaves the contact information at your website for the sake of say the newsletter or an e-book etc. If required you may also use content such as a quote or in some other manner as you deem fit.

Miscellaneous Benefits of Content for The Sake of SEO

Apart from the advantages (as described above) of a well employed content, there are a number of miscellaneous ways in which the content may help you gain high rank and even the reputation for being an authentic site by various search engines.

The content may help your gain this reputation straight from the reputed search engines in various ways. The major ones are listed below:

  • Back links: When a considerable number of websites cite the URLs of your website(s) or even pages from them, it is a sure indication that your website carries qualitative content and the pages from your website(s) are a must visit for the visitors.

No wonder this authenticity gained by your website(s) or their pages is further taken into account by various search engines. Thus when your website(s) gains back links,  the SERPs of course favour your site(s).

However, the point to be noted is that at times, the back links may appear to be toxic. In order to do away with the toxic back links, following strategies are often opted for:

  • Back link Audit: A back link audit is highly advisable to do away with the toxic back links. A toxic back link should not be taken lightly for it may result into heavy search engine penalties, proving highly detrimental to your website.

Your search engine ranking may also come crashing down. Thus your competitor(s)’ website may soar to an advantageous position. All this may put you to a great loss in terms of time and effort as you would be required to rebuild up the entire search engine rank that would lose this way.

And that is not all, the surge of traffic to your website would deplete all of a sudden and rather may get diverted to your rivals’ websites. Without the traffic, the leads are likely to deplete in number and so would your clientele.

  • Back link checker: Apart from the back link audit, making use of the back link checker also helps eradicate the problem posed by the toxic back link(s).

The following features as employed by an effective back link checker help prevent the problems posed by the back links (and all would agree that prevention is better than cure):

  • The back link checkers may be highly effective to enhance the SEO for your website. A list of the websites that may provide back links to your site may improve your search engine far beyond you might have thought of initially.

2. Keywords that might co-relate (semantically): It must always be kept in mind that when using the content that includes logically employed suitable keywords, the semantically related keywords must not be ignored for the net surfers are quite likely to use them as search strings while looking for information on the search engines.

The semantically related keywords further result into the following benefits:

  • a surge into the traffic to your site(s)
  • a considerably greater number of the organic leads
  • higher rank in the SERPs

3.  An enhanced On Page SEO (by means of content): Some of your pages might be drawing considerably greater traffic and hence a sizeable number of leads, and content may be the major reason behind it (though other factors may count as well). Thus On Page SEO (by means of content) must not be taken lightly while thinking of SEO.

4. Repeating the past success: In case you feel that the traffic to your website is being diverted to those of your rival(s) or all of a sudden or even gradually, your site is not being visited by net surfers with the same frequency as it used to be earlier, think of the reason.  Content may help you here as well. You might have seized to use the keywords that might have been drawing the traffic earlier. Repeating the keywords as and when required may help you taste the old success again.

The crucially important point to be noted is that all the results that appear on the SERPs figure there solely based on the search strings used by the net sufers. So if you want your website(s) to enjoy a high rank on the Search Engine Result Pages, then best seo services content employed by your website must not be ignored. It may make your website gain the topmost position on the search engine result page.


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