Making yourself known within your market sector and promoting the increase in brand awareness among your target audience is essential for every type of company. The most appropriate way to do this is to communicate your value proposition in a coherent manner, respecting the company’s values ​​and identity. Integrated marketing is the ideal solution to implement a business strategy focused on the transfer of a message and a linear image of the brand on the various communication channels, the aim of which is the promotion of one’s business and the incentive of the target to all ‘purchase. In this article, let’s see everything you need to know about integrated marketing and why it’s a win for your business.

Integrated marketing: definition

Integrated marketing is a business approach that involves sending a single message through the use of different communication channels. It is also generally known as multi-channel marketing or integrated marketing communication, and its main purpose is to reach your target audience frequently and effectively across various touchpoints.

The latter, in fact, is the main element that differentiates this solution from traditional marketing. The potential customer is placed at the center of every business activity; therefore, it is only after the definition of its buyer personas that the company proceeds with outlining its marketing strategy.

The idea behind it is that, through a solution of this type, the target user is prompted to take an interest in the company and the products or services it offers and is naturally led to carry out an action that is truly relevant to the brand (a purchase, filling out a form, downloading an ebook).

The transfer of a coherent image of oneself, therefore, gives the company the possibility of increasing its notoriety, strengthening its position in the market, and increasing the number of sales.

But let’s see in more detail what are the advantages of an integrated digital marketing strategy and how important its implementation can be for companies.

Five reasons why integrated marketing is a win for your business?

While digital marketing has become a key way for many companies to reach their customers, it by no means covers all bases. Traditional marketing remains an important and personalized way of building relationships with your customers, and you should aim to integrate both methods into your business’s marketing strategy.

1. Distribution of the marketing message

According to experts, potential consumers must hear your message seven times before taking action. This means that one marketing channel is simply not enough. Integrated Internet marketing allows you to spread your marketing message through multiple channels and increases the chances of it being heard. It’s best when customers participating in multiple channels spend more than other customers. Therefore, spreading your marketing message can increase your ROI.

2. Customers are looking for fresh content

It is important to understand what influences the modern consumer. People have access to unlimited information on the Internet with the click of a finger. Because of this, they will quickly find a new source if your business doesn’t have the answers they are looking for. If you can provide fresh content across multiple platforms, consumers are more likely to find and lean on you.

3. Internet traffic comes from everywhere

Traffic to your website can come from anywhere – organic searches, social media links, QR codes, email, mobile and blog content, etc. This means that there are many ways to get people to your site. If you only use one of these platforms to refer customers to your site, you are limiting the number of customers you reach and, therefore, your sales. The more channels you use, the more customers you reach, and as a result, the higher your conversion rate.

4. Marketing is constantly evolving

The digital world is constantly changing, and digital marketers are at the mercy of changing algorithm updates at Google, which means the strategies used must constantly adapt to change. Having multiple channels means your marketing will adapt to whatever changes come to your mind. If your strategy for one channel needs work, you can count on other channels at the same time, and you won’t lose touch with your customers.

5. Competition

One of the main reasons for implementing integrating marketing is that your competitors are probably already doing it. Many companies are ramping up their multi-channel marketing. This means that customers expect it, and if your business doesn’t use multiple channels, you may be left behind.

The type of marketing channels your business uses will ultimately depend on the type of business you are in. Whatever channels you choose to implement, it is important that you integrate them with a consistent brand exchange to ensure you get the most leads.

Integrated marketing: channels and advantages

Before knowing in detail what the benefits deriving from the development of an integrated marketing approach are, it is good to mention the channels that a company can use to communicate its value proposition in a coherent manner.

Digital has opened up a world of opportunities for companies and has given them innumerable available tools to interact with their audience. In particular, the online places frequented by users have increased considerably, and channels that today might appear obsolete have rediscovered a new role. We refer to tools such as social networks, search engines, emails, and text messages which, through accurate techniques and adequate solutions, can be integrated to convey a coherent message to the same consumer target simultaneously and on several fronts. This will allow the potential customer to have a unified and uninterrupted experience and the company to increase the chances of intercepting its target audience when it manifests a particular need.

Overseeing the various platforms with an integrated marketing strategy allows the company to have an advantage over its competitors. Being regularly present in the places most frequented by its target, the brand will be able to anticipate the moves of its competitors, converting its contact first.

Besides that, another important benefit is increasing brand awareness among a large audience. In fact, the brand will be present everywhere, and the more the contents conveyed are consistent with the brand’s identity, the more the users’ perception will be unified. The factor that will help to strengthen the customer’s memory, to lead him to loyalty over time, and to favor the increase in sales.

Finally, when a company conveys a clear and cohesive brand message to a very large audience on several touchpoints, the number of contacts tends to grow, and the efforts made by the company are repaid with growth in turnover, the achievement of excellent results, and the achievement of a high return on investment.

Therefore, it can be said that the use of an integrated marketing approach, which sees the coherent union between the different channels and platforms, can guarantee high performance for the company. If you are also planning to develop an integrated marketing strategy for your business, rely on Obiyan Infotech, a digital company that specializes in developing an integrated marketing plan for partner companies that provides a perfect combination of the best marketing tools. The goal is to help its customers achieve important business results and guarantee them the improvement of the corporate image, an excellent positioning of the brand on the market, an increase in sales, and a high ROI.

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