SEO Services and the generation of leads
Best seo services in delhi

SEO Services and the generation of leads

What is SEO?

SEO i.e., the search engine optimization is the process to optimize the flow of traffic to the websites by means of utilizing the results of the search engine results.

Whenever any information is searched for on the internet, the traffic moves to a website depending on the results displayed that may be of the following kinds:

  • free
  • organic
  • editorial or
  • natural

What is the lead generation in SEO?

Net surfers make use of a number of search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. All of these search engines produce the primary results that include the following:

  1. web pages
  2. videos
  3. local listings

The point to be noted is that the search engine results are displayed and ranked as per their relevance to the users. In sharp contrast with the paid search ads, no payment is involved here.

Best seo services in delhi

Best SEO services in Delhi India

Our team of experts at ObiyanInfottech Pvt.Ltd. provides the best SEO services to our clients across India. Not only are our services customized to suit the requirements of our clients, they are the most economical when compared with any of the service providers.

SEO Lead Generation Services Provided by Us at Obiyaninfotech Pvt.Ltd.

We help you grab organic leads!

We help you grab organic leads. A lead that is generated directly from the website is an organic lead. An organic lead can be generated in several ways. We help you do the same by one of the following ways as and when required:

  • newsletter
  • squeeze page

(A squeeze page is often made use of to solicit the e-mail ids of the potential leads.)

  • e-book (free of cost)
  • anything that exists on the web pages of your website or for that matter, is even related to it.
  • contact information (free of cost), etc.

So, an organic lead is highly important. We see to it that your website should have a lead-grabbing entity in some form or another as listed above.

  • We employ inbound marketing to help you gain organic leads.

As already said above, we provide customized services to our clients and as the requirements vary from one business website to another, it is obvious that the same lead generating methods may not work for all the websites. So the methods listed above might not work for your business website

As a result, we make use of inbound marketing to generate leads for your website, if so required. Inbound marketing, if employed successfully is known to generate more of the organic leads than any other method employed for the same purpose.

Inbound marketing, as employed by us is a balanced blend of the following features:

  • marketing techniques
  • advertising
  • content

Miscellaneous ways our team helps you gain lead

  1. Content Marketing : We employ content marketing for the sake of our clients and that plays a far greater role than you might perceive initially. Apart from the uniquely developed content, blogs and the content at the social media platform(s) also help gain the leads to optimum.
  2. Call to Action: Just getting a lead does not serve the purpose unless you manage to pave the way for conversion. The lead gained by you should add to the list of your clients.

Thus we employ the Call to Action technique so that the lead takes more of the interest in the products and/or services offered by you and matures into a client.

The purpose served by the Call to Action is that you are getting some contact information about the lead that he/she is supposed to leave at your website for the sake of, say a newsletter.

How do our efforts to help you gain the optimum of organic leads result in SEO for your website?

Greater numbers of organic leads signify that your website is gaining popularity and that gets registered with the search engines including Google. It further adds to a feather in the cap for your website would rank higher in the search engine results as compared with the one(s) of your competitors.

So one must not ignore the fact that the organic leads serve to enhance the success and even work simultaneously with the inbound marketing and social marketing strategies.

SEO Tools

Apart from the various strategies as specified above, we employ a number of effective SEO tools so that your website stands search engine optimized to the optimum and generates the maximum number of leads. The major SEO tools used by us are as listed below:

  • On-page SEO and off-page SEO: Both the on-page and off-page SEO is highly crucial. We use the following strategies for the same.
  • Audit: We use Site Audit and Back link Audit.

The Site Audit is employed to check the website for technical problems including warnings as well. Once the problems are diagnosed, we fix them at the earliest.

Back link Audit is used to get rid of the back links that might levy search engine penalties.

  • SEO Checker: We use SEO Checker strategy to find all about the optimum issues for the pages of your website that you prefer to get optimized.
  • Scoring an edge over competition: We use the following strategies to discover why your competitors are staying ahead of you, if that be the case.
  • Keyword analysis: We thoroughly take the keywords used by your competitors into account in order to find out what keywords are drawing huge traffics to their websites.
  • SEO Checker: We analyze the top ranking websites in the search engine results in order to target various optimization strategies used by them and implement them further in your website as required.
  • An insight into the organic traffic: A sharp insight into the organic traffic paves the way for effective search engine optimization. It includes the following strategies opted by us:
  • Apt keywords
  • Getting back links
  • Avoiding the back links that may prove to be toxic and result into penalty from the search engines, also looking for such links, and in case any toxic back links are found, then getting rid of them immediately so that your website does not suffer any kind of action from the search engine for that would be more detrimental to your search engine ranks than what you may perceive of. It can also damage the inter-related benefits that might have been gained by your business website by means of search engine optimization.
  • Back link checker: Apart from what has been stated above, the back link checker service provided by us also takes care of the following features:
  • We make a list of the websites that may be of use to provide your site with back links, it would help boost the effects of SEO tremendously for your website even beyond your expectations!
  • We not only enhance the best SEO services for your website, but also look for the keywords that are semantically related to the major keywords that are often employed by the net surfers looking for information on the search engine.

This addition to the list of the keywords would further serve to enhance the following benefits for your website:

  • increase the flow of traffic to your website
  • a higher rank in the search engine results
  • more of the leads
  • far better SEO for the entire website and specifically for the pages that want to be optimized with specific focus i.e., they draw greater numbers of the traffics than the remaining pages of the website.
  • Looking for the keywords that are semantically related to those that you have been using also provides you with the opportunity to discover, or rather rediscover the keywords that you might have been using in the past. In case those keywords had been drawing traffic to your website, they may be employed again to enhance the SEO effects and hence make your website rank higher in the search engine results.
  • Content that adds up to SEO: We analyze the top ranking pages from various high ranking websites in order to create templates for content that rank high as far as SEO goes.

Monitor the position for SERP: We monitor the SERP position of your website as it helps you assess your position vs. those of your competitors as far as search engine results are concerned

It should be noted that SERP is a search engine results page that carries the results responding to the search strings. The SERPs are frequently studied by the web designers so that SEO is considerably enhanced and your site(s) and/or pages appear either at the top or near it on the SERP page. And isn’t that wonderful!

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Avail the best of the SEO lead generation services by us

Finally SEO may work wonders for the generation of leads as we do not spare any efforts for the sake of your business website(s), but it would be done in the best possible way if you avail our consultation services by us at Obiyaninfotech Pvt.Ltd.

Our consultants would be glad to help you. Besides, once we get to know your requirements, we would do our best to provide you not only with the best SEO  service, but also the inter-related facilities so that you score an edge over your competitors.

Apart from the best of the qualitative services provided by us, we at Obiyaninfotech Pvt.Ltd. take proper care that the deadline is never skipped over. Moreover, you would find that you are not only able to retain the number of leads that are already being generated, but also add up to it.

Besides the generation of new leads, our team at ObiyanInfotech Pvt.Ltd. would be glad to help you regain the lost leads or for that matter the leads that might have been getting diverted towards the website(s) of your customers for various reasons.

Though we have explained various methods, strategies and SEO tools in brief, we would be glad if you discuss all the lead generation issues that you have been facing with our team of experts. It would let our experts give the best of their services to you and you will find that the best SEO services provided to you not only enhance the number of leads beyond your expectation (making you beat the competition), but our services are also customized so that they would be almost tailor made for your business website.

Moreover, our SEO services, not only for lead generation, but whatever inter-related services you trust us with, would be provided to you at the most economical fees compared with any other service provider(s).

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