10 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Enhance Digital Marketing for Your Business

10 Social Media Marketing Strategies

10 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Enhance Digital Marketing for Your Business

Social Media provides us with a platform to interact with the masses. Thus, you may communicate with huge audiences and send your message across. As a result, various Social Media platforms are being utilized for digital marketing by a number of businesses.

However, as the businesses vary, so do their target audiences. With a change in the audience that needs to be targeted, their requirements also change to a considerable extent. And so do the Social Media strategies employed for the digital marketing.

The prominent Social Media digital marketing strategies are as described below:-

1.    Instagram’s  IGTV to Market Your Business

If you aim at targeting an audience wider than usual specifically focusing on the younger crowds, then Instagram’s IGTV may be called the best option for you!

IGTV being one of the unique features is an influencer with a huge following. Most of the influencers do have a considerable audience. Thus, the brands need not build the audience from scratch.

IGTV is a mobile-friendly platform. Thus, apart from getting huge audiences for your website, it also enables you to convey your services/products/work ethics and in the nutshell, what all does your concern stand for in a highly convincing manner to all concerned.

 2.   Repost for Instagram

Post is a great tool for marketers as it allows them to Post instantly. Thus, it’s easier to repost the Post that you would like to present on the Instagram Profile or the Account. A third party application help might be sought, if so required, including Buffer, Repost for Instagram, Regrann, etc.  Besides, you might also make use of Hootsuite, Coschedule, etc., that offer quite a few useful features.

 What you are required to do?

  • Copy the link/URL (as the case may be) for the specific Post.
  • Paste the above into the third-party app.

You may also repost the photo or the video including the caption.

You may also either copy the link or the URL as and when required. Paste the same into one of the third-party apps that you find suitable in order to repost the video, photo etc., along with the caption.

3.  Creating Social Media Calendar

Many a marketers make the mistake of not saving or timely scheduling the content or the Posts. Thus, it is advisable to maintain and update a Social Media Calender as and when required. You may do so in the Google or Excel Sheet.

Your Social Media Calendar is where you might write or save all the Posts and schedule them as per the required date and time. Thus, it helps the marketer to get the required Posts ready within a day or two and schedule the same for the future use as required.

4. YouTube Stories Feature

The story feature by YouTube is quite similar to the one by Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram etc. The feature is quite useful for marketers and/or influencers. It helps upload the creative and/or unique promotional videos for the various business products and/or services.

The stories comprise the collection of brief videos. You may watch them on the mobile YouTube App. Each of the stories continues for a week.

This is what you are required to do:

  • Click at the mobile YouTube App at the top of the Subscriptions feed.
  • Go to the creator’s Stories tab either at the Home Page or the Watch Page(s) as the case may be.

However, the point to be noted is that there should be at least 10,000 subscribers if you aim at employing the extra feature. It aims at community engagement and channel promotion.

5. Twitter character limit, apart from automating and/or scheduling the Tweets

As Twitter has allowed a considerable increase in the character limit for the Tweets, your Tweets may include a little more of the contents. With an increase in the characters, your Tweets may make use of more of the hashtags as well.

It should not be forgotten that while posting the Tweets or Posts, scheduling them plays an important role. You may make use of the paid third party tools e.g., Hootsuite, Crowdfire, etc., in order to schedule and sequence the Tweets as required. It would help you ensure that the Tweet is posted at the most suitable time to the chosen Twitter Account.

The applications also help you analyze the previously posted content. And you may make a smart move by contemplating the best time when your Tweet is likely to get the most of the attention.

6.  Live Video Streaming

It is one of the prominent upcoming trends in the Social Media Marketing. It is an excellent way that allows you to connect with your audience. Thus, it helps you win their trust and enjoy a longer lasting, or rather we should say an everlasting customer relationship.

Live video streaming allows to answer the queries of the clients directly so that it establishes a mutual understanding trust from both the sides. Besides, it is excellent for a number of the Live Events including Seminars (including those in Colleges and various other institutions), Cultural Events etc. It leaves a positive impact on the audience motivating them to visit the event in future.

7. Video Content

As the video content is known to grow every year, it is expected to dominate over other forms of marketing this year as well. As per the human psyche, the visual content is more likely to affect the audiences rather than the content of any other kind.

8. Chat-Bots

It is the software one can talk to. The software can be used to guide the people on how to

(1) Use products in various messenger apps

(2) Navigate your site

(3) Create a personalized user experience for the sake of your brand. Facebook messenger Chat-bot is a brilliant example.

(4) Answer the customer queries

(5) Provide the customer support round the clock

You may also use Voice Search and/or voice commands rather than typing.

Most customer inquiries can be solved quickly. Employing the Chat-Bots, answering the queries and guiding the users as and when required serves to provide an instant customer support round the clock. Use Voice Search or Voice commands instead of typing or writing the content.

9.  Use Emojis to Express Yourself

Emojis enhance the personal touch that may be generated and maintained by means of the Social Media. Besides, you may make use of GIFs while messaging or texting to appeal to the customers effectively.

10. Use Different Titles for your Blogs and Social Media Posts

You may try the #1 Headline Analyzer. It is a tool that helps create better headlines. And anyway, using the same Titles for the Posts and the Blogs is more likely to result in a decreased traffic. Besides, the Titles should be impressively catchy.

You may make use of your own  Social Media strategies. But the ones listed above would definitely enhance the Digital Marketing for your business. 

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