website design and its future

Everything that marketers need to know about the website design and its future!

Businesses are not merely about having an ideal website. However, the process today is more of creative expression of the brand. As a result, the website should be aesthetic and optimally designed.

This allows the website to stand apart from the crowd and brand positioning endeavors. Moreover, it is the first step of successful engagement with the customer. Hence, it needs to be designed well to avoid potential issues. Similarly, a superior design augments your brand ethos and image.

Importance of good website design

The websites of 21 century are more than just informative content. Instead, these are today significant sources of brand communication and customer relations.

The same is easily observable in the following statistics –

  • In merely 0.05 seconds, your user forms the final opinion about your brand and website!
  • 57 percent of users assert that a website design that is not mobile friendly is not recommended by them to their friends and family.
  • Similarly, a majority of people feel that the laptop and desktop website design is sufficient. Hence, the same should be as conducive to their mobile devices as well
  • Moreover, 38 percent of such respondents believe that if the website layout is not attractive or content is not relevant, they will not stay longer on the website!

Implications of the above statistics –

From the above subject, it is clear that the website design is important to customer branding. Hence, the website should be clear and impressive in design. The lack of the same will not seem remarkable enough to catch user attention and engagement.

This is an important lesson that perhaps all of us marketers knew but refused to admit. This year has not been much different. The website design and development has jumped new leaps and strides.

Things to keep a watch on –

Here is the list of things that top marketers keep a close tab on –

  • Mobile responsive web design and development –

Mobile responsive website design and development is the new buzzword. Hence, the market is going to get stronger. Nobody can ignore the fact that the design must be conducive to their brand ethos. Hence, a large number of tools exist in the market to make the design mobile friendly. The ideal strategy is to select the best one that fits the needs.

  • Multimedia design and development –

The use of multimedia design and videos need to work on the idea of micro-interactive mediums. These must be designed to communicate the central message of the brand.

The simple and easy design along with icons must be innovative. The design must also be minimalistic. This must enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your business.

  • Integration of design and data –

Integration of design along with data is an important aspect of enhancing user experience. This is also a good source of relevant information. Subsequently, the design can be leveraged to make experience most suitable for attracting the customers.

  • Marketers need to value customer sentiments and user experience –

Marketers need to assess the user sentiments to get the best results. Similarly, they do not look for the generic content only. They desire the same to display the relevant and specific content.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the information is correct and personalized.

  • Understanding the Importance of Human Potential

The job of the marketers is to work on a website such that it exudes trust and confidence. The best way to go about this way is by treating human beings as one of the major assets with immense potential instead of bots. Every element of the website, whether its language, design, style, terms of use, privacy policy, and more must help in getting the brand message across in a streamlined and effective way.

Many companies are relying on artificial intelligence or AI and bots to make their websites more successful and effective. This trend is expected to gain more strength in the coming times. Here, it is significant to note that high-end user interface and interesting site elements will leave a lasting impact on the user. High quality content and its impressive presentation is the key to success.

Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) are currently the focus of website developers that can help them hone their skills. With quick progress in these areas, brands and marketers are all set to meet growing and evolving marketing needs of the present times.

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