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Digital Marketing Services


Obiyan Infotech is a Digital Marketing Company that supports you in your digital strategy, e-reputation, and increasing your turnover. Our expertise extends to the major levers linked to the development of your digital visibility and to growth hacking, namely: the creation of your website, the optimization of your google visibility through natural referencing (SEO), and paid referencing (google ads and google shopping), improving your presence on social networks, and optimizing your presence on google.


Each company has a different problem in relation to which our Digital Marketing Company brings its expertise by opting for synergies between the main digital communication channels. Depending on your needs, our expertise in growth marketing covers the main digital levers linked to improving your digital growth and e-reputation.

Creation of a website: Website design is an important component of your development strategy. Websites are a key tool for visualizing your business on the Internet. Not only does an effective website enhance your attractiveness, but it also attracts and retains new customers. If you have ambitions to accelerate your growth and increase your income, working with our web design agency will benefit you from a profitable and tailored continuous sales vector.

SEO: natural referencing: We analyze and define the keywords searched in google relating to and essential to your business development, the objective being to be visible on the first page of google. Then, we apply an SEO strategy, also called natural referencing, to optimize the 3 pillars of SEO: the technical performance of your website, the relevance of the content, and the popularity of the site.

SEA: google ads: Being visible on Google when you type in a keyword also means being visible in the advertisements displayed in the search engine results of the firm mountain view. The goal for your brand? Acquire new visitors to your site and then convert them into customers.

Social media advertising: Social networks offer different types of advertising depending on the objectives of each business. Awareness, sales, or loyalty campaign; social media advertising is designed to strengthen every pillar of your marketing. Depending on your market and your needs, our social media agency will help you determine the most suitable objective.


Our approach is part of a global strategy, aiming to adopt your brand’s ideal combination. This is why each step is important. Therefore, Obiyan Infotech supports you from the construction of the Digital Marketing strategy to its execution. Overall, we readjust every detail together to effectively meet your expectations.


During the first contact with our customers, the communicated objective is to become number 1 in their sector of activity. The role of our digital consultants is to frame this need in order to adopt a pragmatic approach aimed at making our partners leaders in sectors where they bring real added value. A digital marketing strategy will only be effective if you choose your battles. You can’t win everywhere. Becoming a leader also means developing your knowledge of web marketing and gradually becoming independent in the management of your digital strategy. With this in mind, Obiyan Infotech offers Digital Marketing Services covering the main communication channels such as SEO, SEA, and advertising on social networks.