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PPC: An Effective Tool to Advertise

Anything that pays and that too in cash (rather than in kind) naturally draws people, and more of people! And PPC i.e., Pay Per Click forms no exception! Thus by getting the maximum of the traffic to your business website, you get a valuable opportunity to score an edge over your competitors.


How can we help you employ PPC effectively?

We at Obiyan provide you with the best of the PPC services in more than one ways as listed below:

  1. High ROI: We believe in providing value for money. Needless to say, our count for ROI (return on investment) is quite high.
  2. Team of Experts: Our team of experts is there to provide you with the best of the services irrespective of your budget
  3. A High Rank as Per SEO: Our effective use of PPC, besides a number of other peerless strategies, would see to it that you rank high in the search engine results. That of course would help draw greater crowds of traffic to your website.
  4. Highly Economic: When an ad is put on Google, the advertiser is required for all the clicks on the ad made by the visitors. However PPC proves to be greatly economical as it allows you an opportunity to manage the budget as per daily as well as monthly requirements.


What else does our PPC service comprise?

  1. Google Account Setup
  2. Setting up Campaign Structure
  3. Extensive Keyword Research of Profitable Keywords
  4. Negative Keywords Identification
  5. Audience Targeting
  6. Regular Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting


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