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SEO Services In India: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most effective method to attract new customers and potential leads to your business website, however, it is true only when done right!

At Obiyan Infotech, we do not believe in guesswork, assumptions or hopes for the best with your Search Engine Optimization Services. We strive to develop our SEO strategies through extensive research and scientifically-proven data. And, we prove with our effective results.

A few SEO companies use unproven and outdated methods. Our team of SEO experts analyzes each aspect of your website, business, and customer base prior to crafting a custom strategy based on hard-earned data allowing us to know that you will get proven results.

Are you planning on achieving first-page rank on the search engine results pages for keywords matching your brand or business? You are missing out on your potential leads if not sp. SEO is no longer a fad or an option to simply not wonder about it if you are looking to expand your business. It is the most indispensable part of any plan for marketing products or services and bringing in more sales and qualified leads.

Our Comprehensive SEO Services in India

Get Discovered Online & Increase Your Search Rankings

Keyword Research

Keyword Research & Strategy

Obiyan Infotech is the leading SEO Company in India as we understand your business's domain and help boost the rankings for the specific search terms. Our SEO specialists review the right keywords for your site that ranks, taking your keyword suggestions and conducting additional keyword research, building an entire list making great sense to your site under the competitive landscape.

Link Building

Backlinks are considered the major element to help your rankings in search results. It is why you should partner with us, as we have a team of dedicated link-building experts having proper connections across different relevant and high-quality sites.

local seo services

Technical SEO

We help improve your page rankings with optimization at the site's back-end, including the page's enhanced speed. You can get the errors fixed as it is easier on the search engines whenever they crawl on your site. Whenever you are making it happier for the search engines, the rankings will make things happier for you.

Local SEO

The statistics reveal that about 64 percent of customers search for local businesses online. Improving the local SEO ranking of the company with GMB or Google My Business optimization can help attract customer intent. We help in optimizing your GMB profiles to help manage the online reputations for growing your following locally.

On-Page SEO

You can improve your online visibility and start earning high-quality traffic. At Obiyan Infotech, we ensure that our services align with the best practices of the search engines that help boost the site's reliability. Our experts publish unique, informative content optimized for the headlines and HTML tags using high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO

The off-page optimization is important to establish the brand's credibility by increasing its online exposure. Partnering with the right SEO company in delhi will allow us to demonstrate our industry expertise. We leverage social media marketing, influencer marketing, and link-building tactics to generate positive ratings and qualified links.

Franchise SEO

Supercharging the franchise marketing efforts with the SEO services in Delhi at Obiyan Infotech serves businesses across several locations. We leverage Nextdoor advertising, create geo-specific content and develop custom web designs. We are the leading SEO company to help you maximize the impact of your brand and increase sales and leads.

8 Ways to Enhance Your eCommerce Customer Journey

Shopify SEO

Strengthening the digital presence of the online store and expanding the market reach is essential. The SEO experts offer round-the-clock customer support to meet your urgent concerns and needs. We offer paid advertising, Shopify web design, and Shopify SEO audit by reviewing the response publishing services to optimize the Shopify customer experience.


eCommerce SEO

We offer our customers the round the clock convenient shopping experiences to help increase the retention rate of your client. We also launch the targeted email marketing campaigns and optimize the site for voice and mobile search creating personalized brand experiences.

Digital Marketing Packages

Price may fluctuate on the base of Number of Keywords 

The Need for Specialized SEO Team

Search engine algorithms keep changing to provide better search results to users. This affects the website rank and can push your business out of focus if you don’t pay attention to the changes. Google is known to regularly update the algorithms and tweak regulations to detect suspicious and dangerous websites. According to Wikipedia, Google changes its algorithm 500 times a year! 

Trial and error, black hat SEO techniques, are no longer helpful. In fact, such practices increase the risk of getting the website taken down or banned by search engines. Having a reputable and legitimate SEO company on your side is imperative to optimize the website and increase brand credibility. Professional SEO experts keep track of the changes and know how to optimize your business website to retain and improve its search engine rank. 

Benefits of SEO Services

Obiyan Infotech has professionals with years of domain expertise to provide your business with a range of SEO benefits. 

Random website traffic will not bring sales. You need to know who the target audiences are and how to take your website to them. A Web design company knows all such intricacies, from identifying audiences to segmenting them and increasing organic traffic, our SEO services bring the right users to your business. 

HubSpot found that more than 50% of the users found a new brand through mobile search. It is vital for your website to be optimized for the web and mobile versions to reach more users. Mobile search is popular in local SEO. 

The more users see your business on the first SERP, the higher the chances of attracting them. Users want brands with a legitimate presence in the market. Your ranking on search engines plays a crucial role in determining your brand image. We are one of the best SEO company in India and our SEO services will help you increase brand credibility.

A user-friendly website increase user experience just the way quality content does. SEO services include content-building strategies that help optimize the content on your website to provide something worthy to the users. Higher user experience results in better brand authority. 

Keeping a step ahead of the competitor will make you ever-ready to grab the market opportunities. Our SEO services help you understand your competitors and find ways to do better than them. 

Obiyan Infotech’s Agile SEO Methodology

Stepping onto Digital Success

Why Choose Us?

Your Business will thrive with our Best SEO Practices

For more than a decade, Obiyan Infotech has helped various businesses across different niches to expand their online presence and boost their ROI. We have client success stories and expertise supporting businesses of any size who wishes to boost their online traffic and attain more sales. Several of our SEO experts have been industry-recognized for more than a decade.


We stay true to our job to make complicated, technical, and at times, overwhelming SEO processes as simple as possible for our client understandings. One of the various ways we are accomplishing it is by offering every client a single touch point at managing your project. Join us as we know your business and its unique requirements.

Relationship and Results are the two primary values that we implement in our strategies. We have a team of experts specializing to help businesses of all sizes to achieve exponential growth. Our SEO organization strives to understand owning the voice of our clients working hard each day to prove it.


SEO is always evolving with the latest Google Algorithm updates. It is changing due to the multiple updates of Google each year and we always follow the latest news and trends. Our company believes in constantly adapting to new techniques and staying updated to stay ahead of the competition.

We implement honesty and integrity in whatever we do. We always play a fair game using the White Hat SEO techniques to drive better results without gaming or spamming the system leading to being fined by Google. We always adhere to the rules and will never keep your business in harm’s way.

We always strive to maintain complete transparency allowing you to check out the way our efforts are helping you increase your online revenues. Our in-depth reporting includes round-the-clock access to the client portal online, a report from Google Analytics offering a complete overview of SEO performance of your site, a monthly breakdown of SEO tasks we have performed, daily updated keyword rankings, and a monthly video summary to review SEO strategies and improvements.

SEO Services We Deliver At Obiyan Infotech

Offering greater ROI to Businesses

Every entrepreneur wishes to attain a greater bang for their buck. Everyone wishes to obtain better margins of profits. SEO is a cost-effective solution to help you save money. SEO can never clock out nor does it call in sick as your employee. It also does not take a leave. SEO works for your 24/7 even while you are asleep.

SEO will surely come to benefit businesses by increasing their brand visibility. When done the right way, it will help you narrow down customers to your site and place them in front of your products, brands, and services.

We have attained exponential growth being the fast-paced SEO Agency in Delhi or  SEO service company in business for several years. We imply best SEO practices to help your business attain the result that you want to achieve.

We drive the best out of the organic search results as we believe in SEO a lot to depend on it as it is the driving factor of our business.


Q1. How long does SEO take to produce results?

Answer: SEO is a long-term process and takes around 4-6 months to show organic results. Any company that claims to provide instant SEO results is not trustworthy as it could be using black hat SEO techniques. SEO requires time, energy, and patience. Nevertheless, the results are well worth the wait. 

Q2. What are your charges for SEO services?

Answer: Our SEO services are affordable and customized to suit the varying requirements of our clients. We offer tailor-made solutions based on your business goals. Our charges are flexible and depend on what you want for the website. Talk to our team to get a quote. 

Q3. How to choose the best SEO company?

Answer: You need to be really careful when choosing an SEO company. Talk to the team, the previous and existing clients before you finalize an agency. Look for SEO companies with in-house teams. Don’t fall for agencies that promise cheap SEO services in less time. 

Q4. What do you expect from the client?

Answer: After the initial meetings, we require the clients to approve our suggestions and changes to optimize the website. We’ll have more interaction during the first 2-3 months where things are in motion. After that, we’ll send you periodic reports about the website and handle the rest. You can reach us any time. 

Q5. How to measure SEO results and ROI?

Answer: You don’t need to measure the SEO results. We do it from our side using popular SEO tools in the market. Then, we’ll send you the detailed reports and analysis. You can compare our SEO reports with your internal sales reporting for further analytics. 

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