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SEO is far from being a simple activity. The variety of factors that need to be considered make it a complex exercise. Whenever a business aims at achieving the pre-decided objectives, specifically the topmost rank at the SERP i.e., the Search Engine Result Page, a balance needs to be struck among a number of factors.

In case, there is a startup, or say a small business that is to be launched, it is advisable to hire the SEO services for small businesses. Search Engine Optimization, if carried on efficiently, helps to draw a sizeable traffic to website. Thus, you not only get more of leads, but also get listed at the top of the SERP.

We always make it sure that the SEO services that we offer for small businesses and/or start-ups are thoroughly practical. Thus, we make a thorough assessment of the client requirements, first. Next follows the formation of a proposal and a quote. Both of these documents are shared with the client in question.

Obiyan Infotech is a highly economical small business SEO company. We always make it a point to get a thorough understanding of the business requirements of our clients so that the strategies formulated by us are based on a solid foundation. No wonder, our clients begin to get benefitted by our endeavours in a very little time. Besides, we see to it that all of our strategies are implemented in the best of the practical ways for the sake of our clients. 

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Why Choose Obiyan Infotech?

Easy CRM Tools

The CRM tools employed by us are quite easy to be used and help develop a good professional relationship with our clients as they are provided with regular updates for various tasks.


It is the traffic that is drawn to your website searching for some details or another. It does not include the traffic attracted by the paid ads. If your website is listed on the first of the search engine result pages, there is a greater likelihood that it is visited by most of the visitors to the web.

Guaranteed Results

Though no established SEO company would guarantee that your business website would be listed on the first page of the search engine results, we will see to it that it does!

Dedicated Project Manager

We always make it sure that each of the projects for all of our clients is completed under the expert guidance of a dedicated project manager so that all of the projects function with flawless perfection.

Performance Tracking

We provide our clients with regular updates that track the performance of their websites. Besides, we keep our clients informed as to what they should expect in the forthcoming months.

Why do Small Businesses and Startups Need to Invest in SEO?

Most of the start-ups and the small businesses are usually not fully aware of what the SEO services can do for them. To begin with, if you focus on online advertising, it’s  better to seek the inter-related SEO services for the same.

The team of expert  professionals would make a thorough assessment of your website and help you further with keywords and a lot more as required in order to make it SEO compliant.

Apart from drawing a huge traffic and hence leads, SEO services provide with a highly economical and effective manner of advertising, the more so if  you would like to draw the traffic and retain the leads by means of the social media platforms. Apart from building a good reputation for your business on the web, you may also beat your business rivals even offline.

Link Building Services & Why Are They Important for SEO?

Link building refers to getting the hyperlinks from other websites. The link building services are highly important for all businesses in order to acquire a rank higher than their business rivals in the search engine result pages of all the prominent search engines, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

A great many SEO experts are of the opinion that the most commonly visited links serve to make the ranks for a business website go higher in the search engine result pages. Obiyan Infotech offers the link building services to its clients at very economical prices and thus helping you to take the lion’s share of the business from your competitors.


Our link building services are not only highly qualitative, but also contextual, which is none other than one of the frequently used techniques to achieve search engine optimization. A flawlessly functioning website and highly qualitative back links are some of the aspects that give a major boost to your business presence online. The smart use of the back links is a sure way to outsmart your business rivals!

What do Our Link Building Services Include?

SEO Packages for Small Business & Startup

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