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Obiyan Infotech is a prominent web and mobile web application development company that aids start-ups, enterprises, and scale-ups grow with an amazingly functional website.

As professional website designers and developers, we offer India’s best web development services. Our expert team works closely with you across each step of the project to ensure that you achieve your business goals through the website by understanding the objectives of your business to create the perfect web development solutions for conversion rate optimization and visitor tracking. We start constituting the best web designers and developers to help develop impressively and lead-generating websites that suit our customers’ business requirements as we are a prominent web development and design company.

Rendering Full Stack Web Development Services

We specialize in developing scalable, interactive, business-ready, and brand-oriented custom web solutions. We aim to build profitable digital products engineered to spark creativity and boost the Return on Investment.

  • CodeIgniter Web Development

CodeIgniter is the prominent PHP framework aiming at building applications on the Internet, and it helps in the rapid development of dynamic and unique websites. CodeIgniter comes with many libraries for general activities and an intuitive user interface with a logical framework for accessing the libraries.

CodeIgniter is a highly adaptable and robust framework for building sophisticated web applications. The binary data uses the framework of CodeIgniter, offering full web development services. Our web developers are extremely experienced and competent, having a massive range of technical talents allowing them to offer high-quality web development services. We use our entire experience with CodeIgniter to offer a massive range of web development solutions.

  • Web Development in PHP

We start conducting extensive studies on the objectives and requirements of the businesses. Our highly skilled developers work tirelessly to create an engaging PHP website for you. PHP is used on more than 70% of websites, and PHP is considered one of the highly popular and massively used server-end programming languages.

We start to alter the extra scripts to maintain the codes and fix errors quickly with the PHP web development services. We have the competence and extensive experience to work on varied projects based on these massively used server-side languages. We start offering 100 percent high-quality and original custom PHP website development service, the tried and true PHP development methodology.

  • Open Cart Web Development

OpenCart is considered one of the most straightforward and user-friendly eCommerce development platforms. The OpenCart CMS is a strong content management system commonly used across eCommerce websites. One popular and widely used eCommerce shopping cart solution is the Open Cart.

The content management system is used across various online shopping businesses making the selling part for products and services quickly and simply. It has visually appealing interfaces; however, it has a CMS that is friendly to the search engine. The applications and websites are built using OpenCard, which is optimized for several search engines. Our professional developers offer OpenCard modification services that are easier, faster, and of the greatest quality.

  • CMS Web Development

It is no longer a complex task as numerous CMS make them easier to design and administer your site. It is simple to manage the website’s content, and search engines appreciate the well-designed and well-reorganized information. The smaller businesses now get content-rich and dynamic websites at cheaper costs due to the varied Content Management Systems available.

The smaller business websites, social networking websites, community sites, online portals, and various websites are all part of the CMS web-building services. We are backed by different years of experience to help design the website using varied content management systems that include Joomla, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, and several other prominent open-source CMS.

  • Magento Web Development

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is stronger and more frequently used. It is the second most popular e-commerce software in the world. Magento even offers a diverse set of modules, themes, and plugins to aid you in building exactly whatever you require for the e-commerce site. Magento is an easier user interface with advanced Order Management, Catalog Management, Checkout, Payment, and Shipping tools. It is useful for corporate performance analytics and reporting.

The platform for Magento is pre-integrated Mobile HTML5, allowing you to create mobile-friendliness for the e-commerce website. The e-commerce sites are designed on a platform that works effectively across the device, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, and more. Magento websites are optimized for search engines. Our Magento website developers help you to create your e-commerce website at the moment. Our professionals are backed by years of experience to aid you in meeting your business requirements.

  • WordPress Customization

We have started specializing in professionalizing and customizing WordPress sites. The fantastic and unique CMS is used across websites. We are committed to developing a strong, engaging, and effective site. Our skilled website developers are conducting in-depth analysis to meet your business demands and generate a highly beneficial website. The team uses updated technologies to help you stay ahead in this competition.

Why Choose Our Website Development Services

We aim to deliver the best practices to our customers as we streamline our processes based on the requirements and scale. We dream bigger, give in-trend designs smartly, and develop faster across devices, projects, and industries. We even start by mapping the best strategies, building the right prototype, developing the beta, and finalizing the product. Being a recognized web development company, we consider the points here.

  • High Performance

The page’s loading time is the primary factor for the entire website’s performance. To keep the speed at a minimum, we aim to reduce the minify, HTTP request, SSD hosting, and cookie-free domain to help maintain the speed.

  • Scalability

Our customized web development services offer you the best benefit to selecting the right technologies on which you wish to build the website. Later it helps you to scale your business and update your site to meet future business requirements.

  • Security

A website lacking any protection causes security risks to its customers by spreading malware. The site created by our website developers is greatly secure. The customers have the peace of mind where the site is trusted, and the information is kept safer.

  • Customized Package

The option for custom website development services offers you the best opportunity to pay only for the required functionalities. Therefore, there is no bank-breaking budget where you can easily plan for a money timeline before the development phase.

  • Agile Approach

We render and execute our projects based on the agile approach taking away the time-consuming affair. It performs frequent sanity inspections and ensures that you do not spend much time on things that do not add value to your project.

  • Content Management

The Web Apps get customized that are comprised of simple site management tools where the members who are non-technical of the company, like the content editors, managers, and other team members, make the necessary changes to the site without any technical help.

Our Methodology

The primary success of every project depends extensively on the processes that give it a push, and the consistency of the projects leads to better results, business growth, and quality. Let us check out the main stages involved in our web development process being the main ones determining the way we work:

  • Strategy

Before starting any project, we have brought together the most comprehensive proposal, including the entire breakdown of the requirements, cost of the projects, time scales, and project milestones.

  • Design

Our team of web designers helps in creating the most sophisticated user experiences and a modern web interface for every functionality and element to aid in driving better conversions and delivering the brand image. During this stage, we offer you better recommendations, sharing the earlier experiences and supplying the designs, allowing the customers to share their feedback and shape the project collaboratively.

  • Built

The building stage begins once we have received a better confirmation on the designs supplied. Our development team sets up the entire project on the development server and installs the framework and relevant systems to help build. Our developers started coding the bespoke front-end site adding the custom admin functionalities. It aids in accessing the grants to the CMS systems to offer the clients earlier access for the addition of the content.

  • Testing

We start running the comprehensive pre-launch testing program following the entire project build, feedback, and content integration. It will help ensure the site is usable, effective, and reliable across various platforms and browsers. We inspect the features, including cross-browser compatibility, content optimization, mobile responsiveness, analytics, contact forms, data gathering, and custom scripting.

  • Launch

After the final approval, we make your website live, where the site is moved through the staging environment and is made public on the production server.

  • Support

We offer ongoing support and guidance for our clients for backups, security, and web hosting.


  1. What is the cost involved in developing the website?

There are numerous answers to this question. Every project is entirely different as it requires resources. Each website is unique as we design and develop custom websites to meet business requirements. We offer you the estimate based on the project assessment based on our discussion. Always get in touch with the right kind of web development project cost estimations.

  1. Which technologies do you work with for website development?

We specialize mainly in Firebase, Vue.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Google Cloud, and more. We choose the databases, cloud technology, and frameworks based on the functionality and complexity of the site.

  1. Will the website get optimized for search engines?

It can become a scale-up or a start-up, corporate, or enterprise website where our designs comply with the guidelines of SEO. Get in touch with us as we are happier to explain them all.

  1. Does your website design premade with templates?

Each website we design is unique and is made specifically to meet your business requirements. We never implement any premade templates or themes.

  1. What resources do you use for creating a website?

Our team of web developers includes UX, UI, and requirement analysts, programmers, and stack web developers. Quality assurance engineers and more, our team works in favor under the right supervision of the project manager.

  1. Do we get to check the site when it is in progress?

Surely, we offer you greater access to the web servers with the ongoing website assignment posted on the stages. We start believing in greater transparency and a flexible strategy for development as we invite suggestions across each development stage.

  1. Why should we hire you?

There are several reasons for it: we help build the most stunning, powerful, and cost-effective websites, emphasizing simplicities, round-the-clock availability, incorporating the best web designs and web development techniques, offering professional quality standards, and making sure of the on-time delivery for the projects.

  1. Who owns the source code after the completion of the project?

After the website is completed and delivered, you become the source code owner, and we offer you entire transparency and security throughout the project.

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