We employ our considerable experience to plan each of the projects at hand into well considered milestones. A thorough analysis encompassing all the major factors and documenting the entire scope of the project mark the initial stages for each of the projects that we finally decide to undertake for the sake of our clients.
The documentation is highly essential as it cements a mutual understanding among all the parties concerning the major goals to be achieved and all that is inter-related with the project by any means. Besides, it eliminates any probability for the cancellation, reversal or dispute over any project in future.
As all concerned would agree that apart from resources, time and effort are also invested in order to achieve various milestones while completing each of the modules of a project, it is not feasible to refund for the tasks that have already been accomplished/finished.
Also, in case, a project stands terminated on mutual grounds, and the client is in control of all the work that is completed, no deposits or payments made previously will be refunded.
It must also be noted by all concerned that there would be no refund for any of the payments once the client approves of the mock-up and/or proposed designs and we begin to work on the development of the project.
Besides, there is no provision for the cancellation and/or refund for the services provided by our marketing department on any of the specific occasions.
However, although the Digital Marketing Packages and/or the SEO services/packages do not entertain any provisions for refunds, the client may get them cancelled with a written notice submitted 30 days prior to the cancellation.
Also, it must be noted by all concerned that there would be no refund for the deposits or payments for any of the projects that have either been abandoned or have been dormant for a period of more than 30 days.

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