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These days, mobile app development is a necessity for every business. At Obiyan Infotech, we are the mobile application development company offering premium-quality standard mobile apps across every category. We have operated the entire diverse brands, companies, individuals, and startups, creating the most potential app for greater ideas.

Our team of expert mobile app developers can create apps for several platforms such as Android, iOS, and cross-platform solutions with React Native, Flutter, and Ionic. We have the expertise to develop mobile app development solutions to meet the requirement of your business, and it is one of the renowned mobile application development companies in India.

Our Mobile Apps Build Your Business

Being listed as among one of the top mobile app development companies in India, our team of developers tends to create experiences for our clients where they are connecting with people driving some meaningful outcomes for the companies.

We aim to deliver easier and more engaging mobile applications on Android, iOS, and several others. Our main expertise lies with the squad of professional and talented designers, business analysts, developers, and marketers who served their clientele across various parts of the world, adding them to the experiences.

Whom Does Our Service Target

For years, we have helped several entrepreneurs and startups bring their ideas to life and aid them in achieving the best results with exceptional ROI. Our expert team of professionals will aid you in creating innovative mobile apps for engaging, attracting, and retaining customers.

  • Startups

We have worked on several different startup projects, and we have the energy to develop some potential mobile apps across varied industries to help the businesses struggling to launch their lucrative businesses, meeting the marketplace’s needs. Every startup arrives with unique ideas, and we take up the challenges with cutting-edge technologies creating the most astonishing mobile app that grabs the world’s entire attention.

  • SMEs

The mobile apps have become necessary for smaller businesses to survive, attracting new customers and increasing the sales invested in these own mobile app development with several who plan to invest in building one. Do you wish to look at the proactive and transparent approaches to turning your business into a functional mobile app scaling on-demand? Our expert mobile development team has completed several mobile app development projects for clients from small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Enterprises

The enterprise mobility solution’s importance has increased significantly over the past decade. We start delivering the best-in-class on-demand enterprise apps that meet the highest enterprise-grade quality standards to stay ahead of the competitive curves, whether it is a productivity issue or a case for connecting with the employees. Being the reputed enterprise mobile app development company, we strive to develop customized enterprise app solutions at simplifying every challenging task for the clients and boosting the entire output.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

  • Android Mobile App Development

You should have a greater understanding and experience in developing custom Android apps. We have extensive industry knowledge and experience with Android app development using recent technologies to help transform business ideas into the best mobile applications.

  • IOS Mobile App Development

We offer the entire iOS development services that help your business to grow profitably from the conception to the phase of implementation. Answering the highly vital questions about the aptness of the mobile app, ROI requirements, and application requirements offer strong end-user iOS application solutions.

  • Mobile App Design Service

The UI & UX design is at the core of highly successful apps. But, we have recognized the importance of creating innovative mobile apps with easier designs and smoother operations. Our skillful designers will work harder to ensure that the brands are represented properly using custom features and distinctive interfaces.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

A bigger market penetration under budgetary constraints becomes an issue under the fragmentation of the mobile platforms. It is a great thing that at Obiyan Infotech, we recognize this and create a cross-platform for mobile apps, employing the latest frameworks and technology to help you achieve benefits where your users become ecstatic.

  • Progressive Web App Development

The progressive web application is considered a revolutionary technology that offers users an astonishing experience, guarantees great performance, and offers the same experience as the native apps. Our entire team of app developers offers the highest quality of mobile app development services that do not cause any burden on your budget. Being a prominent mobile app development firm, we offer top-notch modern mobile app development solutions to meet your business requirements.

  • Native Mobile App Development

In the world today, whenever you look to attract several users for your application where you have to pick the native mobile app. We aim to create faster, more responsive, and high-performing native applications working on iOS and Android. Our team of developers has greater experience to create attractive, high-quality native mobile apps based on their years of experience. We are the leading mobile app development firm offering end-to-end native mobile app development to our clients located across the globe.

Why Choose Us?

  • Clearer communication

At Obiyan Infotech, we started to streamline the communications between the teams and clients by creating better communication plans, scheduling and describing daily, weekly, and monthly calls and meetings. It is how we ensure that every stakeholder has a clearer vision for the objectives of the business.

  • Better project management

In order to avoid the budget overruns, it prevents the schedule slips to help minimize the project risks as we have created a robust Project Management Office whose main aim is to ensure the product we have worked on meets the customers’ expectations and the end-users. The project managers take ownership over the entire scope, budget, schedules, and team to deliver the products without any hitch.

  • Consistent delivery

We started to use varied mobile development methods and tactics that include several technological frameworks that depend on the size and the type of project for better output. The proactive and agile approach will allow us to deliver the projects on time avoiding any emergencies related to work, rework and schedule slips.

  • Scaling on demand

We better understand where our clients deal with as few worries as possible. It is why there are conditions that change everything where you have to increase the entire size of the team with the addition of several people required to finish everything on time. We have even gathered better multi-skilled professionals like you.

  • Faster onboarding

Our customers come to every corner of the globe, therefore we know the best way to establish and streamline communications and collaborations. Specialists with fluency in English continue to improve their language skills regularly. The main goal is to create greater differences in time, location imperceptible, and culture.

  • Our Decisions are based on relevant data.

Our Obiyan Infotech team performs business and market research to bring out the business objectives to life and create an app with greater demand on the market. The entire insights we attain through this is the research that allows us to form the feature list to satisfy the customers’ needs.

The Industries We Serve At

  • Social Media

We continue developing this part of the omnipotent sphere with the creation of real trendy social media platforms. Here we bring the users together, catering to their unique requirements with the aid of social media mobile apps.

  • Marketplaces

Our main element is to create the marketplaces. Our robust team of mobile app developers has assisted several businesses in developing and launching sophisticated marketplaces to win clients and generate better profits.

  • Education & Learning

Being the award-winning mobile app development company, we have started building some great software for learners and tutors. We start developing the entire education industry and making them accessible to all and everywhere.

  • Healthcare

We use the best practices in the entire health tech field to create the most innovative software bringing better values to medical care professionals with the patients.

  • Fintech

We start creating state-of-the-art and securing software to help our clients offer financial services professionally and efficiently. We even move across the financial industry ahead.

  • Travel & Hospitality

The custom booking systems, reservation platforms, and various other traveling mobile applications help revolutionize the hospitality industry with cutting-edge technologies.

Our App Development Process

  • Discovery Phase

The initial step is figuring out whether the product is being developed. Our team keeps in touch with you to discuss the product ideas and arrive at the best solutions. As an outcome of this entire phase, you should get the product prototype that is often a pre-made design, it is better-developed business logic and the tech proposals, including the entire estimation for the project timelines and the tech stack, proposed.

  • Development

Whenever you have the prototype, it is the time when you get down to the mobile app development. Our entire app development agencies bring together a team of seasoned engineers assigning dedicated project managers. Since then, we have started to break these processes into sprints and update the status by creating demos at the end every time, ensuring that people are on the same page.

  • Launch

Our main task at this level is to launch the app across the platforms. We start creating and filling out every account present on the Play Market and App Store sending the products on the reviews. Since it gets checked and tested by the publishers as we start to invite you to push the button while launching them.

  • Support

Since the product launch on the market, we have never stopped at giving up the project halfway. There are about two options one can try going with. Whenever the users are satisfied with the products, we start assisting you in keeping them functional by making smaller changes. Likewise, you may even start scaling your app by adding new features to meet the audience requirements.


  1. Why Choose Obiyan Infotech’s mobile application development services?

We have been in the entire niche of mobile application development for several years, and our experience has allowed us to create a process ensuring greater efficiencies and productivity. Obiyan Infotech always keeps the entire track of the emerging technologies to deliver fast-forward thinking solutions offering first-class mobile application development services.

  1. How much does it cost for the mobile application development services?

It is never an expensive one for what all may think of likewise. There is never a simple answer to this type of query due to several factors. There are varied rates for the developers, and the project complexities and time it takes to build the app greatly impact the cost to make this mobile application development.

  1. How much time does it takes to develop the mobile application?

It depends completely on the tech stack and scope, as mobile application development takes about three to ten months. It reduces the entire time at marketing with Obiyan Infotech, which initially emphasizes the features by focusing on the main ones. We will bring out the MVP app in about a couple of months while continuing to boost them iteratively.

  1. How to ensure about what you are building and never get any wrong?

According to our experience, the entire discovery phase is the primary reason the projects never succeed. Therefore, we even made several efforts to understand the requirement and the document to create the wireframes, used cases, and more.

  1. Never offer ongoing support, updates, or maintenance.

Surely, we offer each type of service. Our entire engagement model related to these services by offering the agreed number of hours every month. These hours are used and required for carrying forward even the month next, with additional hours required and agreed upon by the parties.

  1. Should I test even the mobile applications?

It is yes and even no. We consist of the quality assurance analyst testing the mobile application, with the QA being the vital feature for the development, including every project. But, how we consider and use the app differs from how it is. But, you must offer the support and the inputs to test the project.

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