Online Reputation Management Services in India

The Leading Online Reputation Management Services in India

Obiyan Infotech is the leading and the most reliable online reputation management company with a team of expert online reputation management. We are the only destination to meet the needs of the ORM. Our entire team of digital reputation management experts is creating effective data-driven strategies for repairing your damaged online reputation and building the most positive brand image to attract new customers.

Backed by years of experience, we have aided several businesses across varied industry domains, helping them withstanding their brands in the competition and establishing a new brand value for the top-notch online reputation management services.

Importance of Online Reputation Management for Businesses

  • Attracting High-Intent Prospects

Customers are always evaluating their varied options. About 97 percent of the consumers are reporting the business reviews that are influencing their buying decisions. In this similar context, 95 percent of travelers read online reviews before booking accommodations. Internet reputation management involves the reviews for monitoring the reputation management, allowing you to amplify the positive reviews for the business and positioning them in front of the targeted audience.

  • Generate Positive Business Reviews

Online reputation management ensures your business has a constant flow of verified online reviews to guide the customers’ purchase process. The reputation management firm even uses advanced reputation management software to build the strategy for review generation and availing the best reviews from satisfied clients.

  • Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Selling to potential clients is about six to seven times cheaper compared to the generation of new customers. But, one of the major challenges that companies are encountering in recent times is to retain satisfied customers for a longer time. Brand reputation management offers a unique way of promoting transparency and building client trust. The reputation management companies are leveraging both the negative and the positive online reviews showcasing the commitment to meeting customer satisfaction and building stronger client relationships.

  • Attract High-Performing Employees

The team is always playing the most integral part in keeping the business thriving and alive. You should even ensure employee satisfaction which is one of the most important priorities. Online reputation management allows you to measure the employee experience and engagement and gather every actionable insight for further improving staff retention and acquiring strategies.

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

Irrespective of your own eCommerce store, there are multi-location companies, even the brick and mortar businesses, where you need help from web reputation management, safeguarding the brand’s image, and building new businesses. You can build better relationships with prospects and maximize the several interaction channels to help convert them into better-paying customers with effective search engine reputation management.

  • Boost Your SEO Efforts

SEO reputation management is a great way to create awareness about the brand by amplifying the customer voices online and boosting the search rankings. The best reputation management companies integrate these UGCs into the GMB profile and related marketing campaigns to showcase their trustworthiness and improve the CTRs and Google ranks.

We Strive To Boost Your Brand Reputation Online

  • Reputation Management Software

Is the current online reputation monitoring system involving much time and effort? At Obiyan Infotech, we cover them all! Our state-of-the-art reputation management software aids in facilitating your reputation management online and streamlining your review marketing efforts. Our software supports localized email and SMS campaigns across each scale with regular online reputation monitoring and social media reputation management across different locations.

  • Online Reputation Repair

Our experts for online reputation marketing experts are mitigating and repairing the damages of the negative reviews by checking out their origin and offering reputation marketing solutions for fixing them. We start implementing the online reputation management SEO strategies by sending the requests to Google and the related reviewing sites to take down the offensive comments related to the brand and boost the entire digital reputation management efforts at building and strengthening the brand image.

  • White Label Reputation Management

Our company is offering white label reputation management solutions to help improve the daily operations and aid you in focusing on the main business practices. After signing up for the white label reputation management service, you are accessing the software and the reports for brand reputation management online to present to the clients.

  • Review Response

Offer the right and prompt responses to your customer reviews and convert the negative online feedback into the best marketing opportunities. Our company analyses your customer sentiment by crafting well-thought and sincere review responses.

  • Review Monitoring

Are you in search of help with your online reputation monitoring? Our company creates a program for alerting and monitoring the latest reviews, whether they are negative or positive, allowing you to recognize where your online reputation is standing. We help to leverage the online reputation management software speeding up the process of online review monitoring.

  • Review Generation

Every additional one-star or Yelp rating and customer review helps to increase the revenue by as high as nine percent. Our team for review management implements and builds the automated processes and systems driving new, positive reviews for the businesses every month. We never rely on paid reviews allowing you to build trust in us that are truthful and honest.

  • SEO Reputation Management

The process of online reputation management is extensive and complex. You should familiarize yourself with varied online reputation management SEO components to drive campaigns’ success. Online reputation marketing involves promoting positive and desirable content, controlling the content and information accessed in the online community, gaining reputation control, and positioning you as the market leader.

  • Social Media Follower Growth

At Obiyan Infotech, we start leveraging positive online reviews for reputation marketing, building confidence in social media. Our social media reputation management experts create social media followers through the templates offering online reputation management tools used to launch limited email and text campaigns. Always reach out to the experts for reputation management and let us speak about the growth strategy to build your social media follower.

  • Online Product Reviews Management

Propelling the eCommerce business forward with our online product reviews management services. We are using smart online review management software to facilitate a highly efficient review monitoring process across the entire listing for products. We also aid in managing the eCommerce website’s review acquisition, streamlining the processes, and establishing social proof across the product pages.

  • Business Listings Management

You can now outsource the manual task to manage the manual citation with the help of our reputation management company, which helps in saving time, money, and effort. Our team of experts performs daily business listings audits to ensure every brand information across the local citations is SEO-optimized and updated. We aid your online presence consistencies across the web along with the addition of greater customer reviews and five-star ratings to local listings.

  • Email Marketing

Always reach out to the best customers at the right time with automated SMS and email marketing services. We build personalized emails and SMS review requests for the templates that aid you in gaining more customer reviews. Email and SMS marketing services support the survey campaign management besides review generations. We will help you retain the pulse on the customer experiences and launch the targeted campaigns on online reputation management through email marketing.

Why Choose Our Tailor-made ORM Services

  • Tailored Reputation Marketing Services

There are mistakes where a few review management service providers are committing to launch the all-encompassing reputation management services without knowing the client’s needs and the market’s standing. At Obiyan Infotech, we believe there are no approaches to meeting brand reputation management. Our marketing experts are performing in-depth market research and campaign analysis to create custom reputation services that meet the industries’ requirements, demands, and standards.

  • Comprehensive Monthly Reports

We treat our clients as partners in the entire business for reputation management. Being the dedicated online reputation management service providers, we will never keep you in the dark about the campaign’s progress. Our review management services offer you access to reputation management tools, campaign reports, and a dashboard, allowing you to track every online review anytime and anywhere.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Having the urgency-related concerns that meet the regard of the reputation management strategies. We start assigning dedicated reputation managers to handle your online review monitoring and campaign for reputation management. You should have a single point of contact for every concern in campaigns in this manner. Our entire support team for monitoring the reviews is available during the holidays and weekends to meet the urgent questions.

  • Robust Reputation Management Tools

Obiyan Infotech is associated with several companies aiming to develop the tools for online reputation management to aid in streamlining the ORM services. We make sure that the tools we use have undergone the best testing processes being one of the most reliable review management companies. Furthermore, we never use only such tools for launching the campaigns for the client along with other tactics.

  • Diverse Industry Expertise

Irrespective of whatever niche you belong to, we help you in all. Obiyan Infotech is one of the few reputation management agencies in our country, offering online reputation services across several businesses from every industry. These services are used across various digital marketing practices, including SEM, link building, and eCommerce optimization.

  • Smart Reputation Management Strategy

To help repair a bad online reputation and maintain a positive brand image, you need data-driven online reputation management services geared towards availing the entire market potential. Our company is performing an extensive reputation analysis to aid in determining the recent state of the online image and outlining the best ORM strategies to meet the reputation goals.


  1. Can the negative brand-related content arrive out of the search results?

Sure we will help you with this. But, it works mainly to select the right cases, including fake reviews for the customers, false and misleading press releases along with inaccurate blog posts.

  1. How easily can I remove something present on the Google search?

The companies for review management are varied ways of removing the negative content through the search results. You should contact the files’ sources to help format the complaints with the webmasters or search engines to edit and remove the damaged content.

  1. Does all review management companies offer broader ORM solutions?

It is not so. A few reputation management agencies aim to generate reviews and review the monitoring processes. It means that you must locate the other reputation management companies handling every survey campaign management and the followers across the social media.

  1. Major considerations in choosing the best ORM company?

The proper online reputation management company works closely with you, determining the primary strategies for reputation management for business. Always check out such companies offering access to the software for online review management, offering the review widget, and presenting the reputation management packages meeting your financial capacities.

  1. How easily can you remove the negative branding from search results?

Surely it is possible. But, it operates across similar cases with the removal of any fake customer reviews, bad and misleading press releases, and inappropriate blog posts.

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