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Shape Perceptions. Manipulate Emotions. Inspire Actions.

Political Advertising is not just about getting the message across. The art of political ads in India involves understanding the audience and tailoring the message to resonate with them. Creativity, emotional appeal, and relevance are important elements that ensure the effectiveness of political ads.

For Election advertisements we carefully craft stories that weave together elements of a candidate’s personality, the party’s ideology, and the aspirations of the people. We at Obiyan Infotech aim to present a vision of the future that the voters can align themselves with.

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Our Range of Political Ads in India Include

Political Campaign Advertising

Political campaign advertising is instrumental in shaping electoral contests. It facilitates communication between candidates and voters, disseminating key messages, policy proposals, and candidate credentials. Its function includes shaping voter perceptions, influencing public sentiment, rallying support, and mobilizing voter participation, all essential in determining election outcomes

Social Media Marketing for Politicians

Social media marketing for politicians enables direct, timely communication with constituents. It’s used to share policy positions, campaign updates, and engage with voters. The function involves fostering dialogue, shaping public perception, mobilizing support, fundraising, and real-time monitoring of public sentiment. This strategy enhances voter outreach and influences election outcomes.

Facebook Political Ads

Facebook political ads provide a platform for politicians to target specific demographics with tailored messages. They are used to inform about policies, solicit donations, rally support, and encourage voter participation. These ads can influence public sentiment, shape political discourse, and potentially impact election outcomes, leveraging Facebook’s vast user base.

Google Adwords Political Campaign

Google AdWords for political campaigns enables targeted online advertising to influence voter perceptions and actions. Utilized for disseminating campaign messages, promoting fundraising efforts, and mobilizing voter turnout, it’s pivotal in shaping the electoral narrative. By leveraging search trends and analytics, it facilitates strategic, data-driven decision-making for impactful campaigns.

Pre-Poll Survey

Pre-poll surveys serve as a tool to gauge public opinion before an election. They assess voter intentions, preferences, and perceptions, providing insights into potential election outcomes. Their function includes informing campaign strategies, predicting voter behaviour, and shaping political discourse, thus playing a significant role in the democratic process.

Voice Call Political Campaign

Voice call political campaigns enable direct, person-to-person engagement with voters. These calls, made by campaign volunteers or automated systems, disseminate campaign messages, rally support, encourage voter turnout, and can even solicit donations. They are pivotal in shaping voter sentiment, personalizing outreach, and impacting election outcomes.

WhatsApp Political Campaign

A WhatsApp political campaign provides a platform for direct and personalized voter engagement. Used to disseminate policy proposals, campaign updates, and voting instructions, it’s instrumental in shaping voter perceptions and mobilizing participation. Its function extends to real-time interaction, query resolution, fostering dialogue, and facilitating grassroots support for the campaign.

SMS Political Campaign

An SMS political campaign uses text messages for direct voter engagement. It serves to disseminate campaign messages, rally support, solicit donations, and encourage voter turnout. Its function includes personalizing campaign outreach, instant communication, addressing voter queries, and mobilizing grassroots support, impacting overall election results.

Digital Display Political Campaign

A digital display political campaign uses interactive, visual platforms to disseminate political messages. It aims to attract voter attention, communicate policies, and promote candidates. Through engaging imagery, video, and interactive content, it shapes voter perceptions, encourages political dialogue, and influences electoral behaviour, playing a significant role in election outcomes.

Digital Remarketing Political Campaign

Digital remarketing in a political campaign targets individuals who’ve previously interacted with campaign’s digital content. It functions to remind, reinforce campaign messages, and prompt actions like donations or voting. This strategy personalizes the political dialogue, enhancing voter engagement, shaping electoral sentiment, and potentially impacting election outcomes.

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Learn The Pattern of Political Advertising – It’s An Art To Reach Voters

From political rallies and posters to radio jingles and television commercials, political advertising has come a long way. It’s no surprise that the world of political campaigns has shifted with the digital tide, allowing politicians to reach voters more effectively and directly than ever before. Here we will try to develop an in-depth understanding of the art and influence of political advertising, particularly focusing on the contemporary and fascinating landscape of political ads in India.

Political Advertising in the Indian Context

Political advertising, in its essence, involves the use of media by political entities, primarily candidates for public office, to influence the selection of leaders and the direction of public policy. This strategy leverages the power of communication to shape perceptions and manipulate emotions, influencing people’s choices at the ballot box.

In the Indian context, political advertising has a unique flavour, reflecting the diversity of the nation. Political ads in India harness the cultural, linguistic, and religious diversities to connect with the electorate. The use of local dialects, emotive issues, and iconography that resonates with the masses make these advertisements compelling and memorable.

Advent and Impact of Digital Campaigns

The advent of digital technology has transformed the landscape of political advertising in India. Digital advertising for political campaigns has brought about a paradigm shift in the way political messages are disseminated. Candidates and parties can now reach out to a broader audience, personalize their messages, interact directly with voters, and even track their campaign’s impact in real-time. The effectiveness of this medium was witnessed in the 2014 and 2019 general elections, where extensive digital campaigns played a crucial role in shaping public sentiment.

Artistry and Effectiveness in Crafting Political Ads

It’s not just about getting the message across. The art of political advertising also involves understanding the audience and tailoring the message to resonate with them. Creativity, emotional appeal, and relevance are important elements that ensure the effectiveness of political ads. For instance, election advertisements in India often use powerful narratives of development, progress, or nationalism to appeal to the audience’s emotions, making them more impactful.

The Double-edged Sword of Negative Advertising

While political campaign advertising has the potential to inform and influence, it also harbours certain problematic aspects. One of the most contentious aspects is negative advertising in political campaigns. Negative advertising, also known as attack advertising, involves criticising opponents, their policies, or even their personal attributes. It is often employed as a strategy to instill fear or doubt in the minds of the voters regarding the opponents. While it can be effective in some instances, it also contributes to the rising polarization and cynicism among voters.

Understanding and Navigating the Role of the Audience

The role of political advertising in shaping public opinion and driving voter behaviour cannot be undermined. From sparking conversations to shifting loyalties, the influence of political advertising extends beyond the obvious. In country like India, where political literacy is not uniformly high, political ads often serve as a primary source of information for many voters.

Political Advertising: A Social Media Perspective

The final frontier for political advertising, especially in a country as digital as India, is undoubtedly the realm of social media. Given its vast user base and the power to engage directly with audiences, social media has become a fertile ground for political advertisements. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have witnessed a surge in political ads, which are carefully curated to capture the voter’s attention and engage them in meaningful discussions.

The key to a successful social media campaign is the ability to generate shareable content. Virality has become a new benchmark in political advertising, with campaign strategies often designed around creating content that can be widely shared by supporters. In doing so, not only do political parties manage to spread their message, but they also create an army of online advocates.

To conclude, the art of storytelling is at the heart of any successful political campaign. This becomes even more important in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-regional landscape like India, where diverse narratives exist side-by-side. The narrative that strikes a chord with the voters, speaks to their aspirations, and addresses their concerns, often proves to be the most influential.

We at Obiyan Infotech have a team of experienced Political campaigners. When creating advertisements for elections, we meticulously construct narratives or stories that intertwine elements of a candidate’s personality, the party’s ideology or philosophical beliefs, and the aspirations of the people. Our goal is to portray a forward-looking vision that the voters can identify and connect with.

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