Career Prospect As A Web Designer

Web Designer: Have you just passed college? Wondering what to do next? This is a crucial moment of your life where you need to decide about your career. Gone are days when becoming engineers and doctors were the only option that people would look forward to. With the development of technology, web development and designing have become a trendy and profitable career choice. You can have your web design company Delhi, India, provided you have the skills of a web designer.

Who is a web designer?

A person who plans to create and builds a website or a web page with his coding capabilities by combining texts, images, sounds, and videos is known as a web designer. In short, a web designer creates the layout of a web page or website. One of the primary attributes that a web designer should possess is a creative bent of mind along with his technical skills. If you are creative and prefer technology, it is high time that you start providing web design services India.

There is a saying – ‘Strike while the iron is hot’ – which is apt here. In the present scenario, the web designing and development industry is booming. If you prefer to be a web designer, this is the appropriate time for you to utilize. Every industry goes through a lifecycle where it grows and reaches a peak after introduction into the market and then recesses. Before the web development and designing industry falls, learn web designing and take complete advantage of it.

Eligibility criteria

To get into a web designing course, you need to qualify bachelor’s or master’s degree in web designing. There are several diploma courses in web designing that you can pursue. Although work experience is not required, it would be considered an added advantage if you have any.

Skills required to become a successful web designer

If you want to taste success as a web designer, you have to possess specific skills. These skills can be divided into technical skills and soft skills.

Technical skills

Let us take a look into the technical skills that you need to master:

1. Visual design

When you are a web designer, you require designing skills. What do designing skills mean? Well, it is nothing but your visual capability. In short, you have to possess the insight to know how your website or web page will look after the completion of the designing process. When you learn the designing skills, you automatically get to know the basic principles of designing.

2. UX

UX or user experience is how the user feels while using or looking at a website. Being a web designer, it is your duty to offer a smooth user experience to every web visitor. For this, you need to utilize a sitemap and lay out all the pages.

3. Design software

Just like any other craftsman, you need the appropriate tools to do your work correctly. Although you can design a website in a web browser, however, using special tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator will yield better results. If you do not know how to use them, you can go through a few YouTube tutorials.


Knowing HTML or Hypertext Markup language is a must for all web designers as this knowledge of HTML allows you to enter the textual content in your website. This means you can use the HTML to write the headline, break content into paragraphs, use footer content, etc.

5. CSS

Another branch of HTML is CSS or Cascading Style Sheets that decides how browsers will format and style HTML content for web pages. To put it simply, CSS is the driving force behind making a web page look presentable. CSS allows you to adjust color, add a bright background, change fonts, and many more. This is where your creativity comes to work.

Soft skills

Besides the technical skills, here are some soft skills that you need to have to make your web designing services effective:

1. Time management

Once you set up your freelancing business as a web designer, you need to maintain time. Clients will give you projects and ask you to submit them within deadlines. The more you fail to maintain deadlines, the more you will lose clients. Also, if you sit with a project for months, you are losing the scope to work on other new projects as well.

2. Communication

It is crucial to stay in touch with your clients. When you have taken the responsibility of building up a website on behalf of your client, it is your duty to report to him every day about the progress of the work. If you have any doubts, ask your client then and there.

3. SEO/ digital marketing/ social media

Although search engine optimization skills should be honed more by a marketer than a web designer, having a fundamental knowledge of SEO will help you craft better websites.

4. Business or client management

Irrespective of how you work, either as an employer or as a freelancer, it is profitable to maintain a good relationship with your clients. The better relationship you maintain with your clients, the more dependable they will become on you.


Therefore, if you are at the turning point of your career and are confused about what to do in life, head straightaway to becoming a website designer. You don’t need to possess any former skills. However, in case you have any, it will be considered beneficial.

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