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Advantages of Using WordPress for Website Development

WordPress is widely recognized as among the best Content Management Systems. It offers a number of advantages for website development. Besides, it’s an excellent platform for the bloggers.

WordPress is employed in multiple ways to reap the maximum of the advantages while developing websites. And it would not be difficult for an established WordPress development company to utilize all with great expertise.

WordPress is ideal for starting a blog or developing a business website. You may also start with an online store. A membership website can also be built using WordPress. Besides, WordPress can be used for selling online courses.

Thus, WordPress can be used in a highly creative manner when it comes to developing and putting the websites to various uses. However, the major advantages of using WordPress for website development are as described below (though with a smart use, you may find several other benefits of WordPress website development):

1. Free Software
As WordPress is a free of cost software, you may download, install, and employ it as per your requirement without having to pay for it. You may use the software to develop multiple types of websites. However, you would require a domain name and web hosting for installing WordPress.

2. SEO Friendly
WordPress is coded in a manner so that its semantic makeup brings it to the good books of Google, apart from other search engines. Thus, the websites developed in WordPress usually rank higher in the search engine results.

3. Easily Manageable: WordPress enjoys an in-built update management system, allowing you to update your plugins, apart from the themes from the WordPress admin dashboard.

4. Safe and Secure: Though WordPress has gained recognition for being a highly secure platform for running the websites, it’s advisable to exercise caution for once any kind of information is there on the Web, it might get open to the public eye, in case you are not careful enough to opt for preventive measures.

5. Compatible with various media types: The use of WordPress is not limited to creating the textual content only. It’s equipped with an in-built media uploader that allows you to manage audios, images and video files.

What’s more, WordPress also supports embed enabled sites. Thus, you may embed the YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, Tweets, and Instagram photos, etc. all you have to do is just specify the URL on the post editor of WordPress.

6. Simple Mobile Optimization: Most of the WordPress themes are optimized for the sake of the mobile devices. And they fit suitably well into a screen of any size. If the WordPress theme is a responsive one, the features including the website design encompassing image scaling are automatically optimized.

So, you do not have to worry about the screen-size. Just use the WordPress plugins and themes to create the mobile friendly websites. And it’s great to know that it would add up to Google’s preference for your site for the search engine assigns a higher rank to the websites that are mobile friendly.

7. Great Community Support: WordPress is usually popular among all who are keen on tutorials, and knowledge development, apart from troubleshooting.

8. Social Media Integration: WordPress provides various solutions for Social media integration including SumoMe, Jetpack sharing etc. And it should not be forgotten that search engines also consider a site’s popularity while assigning a rank to it.

Thus, it’s the great versatility of WordPress that counts in its favour, making it a favourite for the website developers. Besides, the software is free. It’s compatible with various media types., apart from offering a number of other advantages. And it’s easily manageable as well. What else do you look for in a software for developing websites?

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