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5 Website Duplicate Content Checking Tools & Fact

The success of a website largely depends on high-quality, informative, and original content. If you are a website owner, you must ensure that the content posted on your website meets these requirements. Plagiarized content can reduce the credibility of the website and lower its ranking in the Search Engine Ranking Page. The site can even get penalized and this can land the website in a very tough situation. When a penalty is imposed on the website, its very existence becomes questionable. 

Some other possibilities may arise when other sites publish your website content without seeking permission from you. There is no dearth of unscrupulous digital marketers engaged in such activities. When they come across a website ranking high in search engine ranking pages and getting high traffic, they do not stop to think before using your content trying to overtake your website. Sometimes, they succeed in outranking your website on search engines. 

Duplicate Content- A Few Facts

According to the Google Search Console Help Centre, duplicate or plagiarized content means content blocks across or within domains. It may either be appreciably similar or completely matching other content. 

Such content from e-Commerce sites or another source providing descriptions of generic products from suppliers is something that can be anticipated. The problem is pronounced when similar content is hosted by several website pages. This not only leaves a negative impact on the ranking of the website but can push it completely from Search Engine Ranking pages. 

Here, it is important to note that search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., do not show multiple pages of the same content, rather they show the website pages that match the precise query of the viewer. Moreover, if several pages are being pointed by inbound links containing duplicate or plagiarized content across several websites, it results in dilution of the strength of the inbound link. When looking for an online plagiarism checking tool, you will come across a lot of options. Many tools can be used for free while some tools are available for a free trial and later on, it asks for payment for continued use. Here, we bring you the top 5 tools that can make duplicate content checking easier and convenient on websites. 

5 Duplicate Website Content Checking Tools

An online duplicate content or plagiarism content checking tool is the best way to find duplication in content. Users can use any of the free duplicate content checking tools or applications available on the internet. It is prudent to choose the best tool so that accurate results can be founds. Know more about free duplicate content checking tools available on the internet. 


It is one of the high-end online duplicate content checking tools that has been listed by Google as It is a free and user-friendly tool. The tool offers three options when checking plagiarized content. 

  • Copy and Paste Text in a box.
  • File Upload
  • Website URL to check website pages

This tool carries out a deep search and comes up with a comprehensive duplicate content report sheet. When plagiarism is detected in the content, it provides plagiarism percentage and displays related meaning percentage. The left column displays the content that needs to be checked and the right column shows sites that have similar content. The results report can be printed.

It is the second-best plagiarism checking tools available online for free. It is listed as This tool provides two options for duplicate content checking. Firstly, it allows copying and pasting of content for checking and secondly it allows entering the web page URL that needs to be checked. There is a third option as well which is an excluded URL. When checking content for plagiarism, users can skip a URL. 

The report shows the results of the duplicate content check along with sentence wise results and uniqueness percentage. The sentences that show duplication are red-flagged. Users can also compare the results using a compare button. Clicking on this button will display the details of the site containing the same content. This report is also printable. 

Plagiarism Detector

The third-best in the list of top 5 duplicate content checking tools, Plagiarism Detector is listed as This tool gives the option to exclude URL, copy and paste text, and check by URL. Users can use either of these options to check duplicate in contents. Plagiarism percentage and unique indicators are displayed in the results. The text that is entered for checking is displayed in the left column with sentences that are duplicate highlighted in red. The plagiarized sources are displayed in the right column. This report can be downloaded. 


Next in the list of 5 tools that help to check duplicate content in websites is Copyscape. It is listed on Google as When using free, this tool allows checking by entering the URL. Many website managers use this tool to check if a specific URL has content that is already on other websites or very similar to the content. The content is displayed in the results report along with websites showing the same content. When any of the URLs are clicked, a detailed report is shown that has copied sentences highlighted in red in another browser tab. 


The last in the list is a tool listed as It also provides plagiarism checking by URL. As the user enters the URL that he wants to check, the tool scans app URL pages and check them if it is duplicate. The plagiarism report shows the results of ‘your pages’ and ‘your top issues’. The report displays duplicate content under your pages and compares the results from the site. When duplicate content is clicked, it displays duplicate content from other sites and shows the percentage of plagiarism. 


If you want your website content to stay unique and yield excellent ranking and traffic, it is important to carry out regular checking of the website content. This way, you can ensure your content is not scraped, stolen, or duplicated. 

Here, it is important to note that many of these duplication issues can be rectified. In the case of external plagiarism cases, the site that is using your content without permission can be contacted. A DMCA Badge can be acquired post-registration. For every site that they take down for plagiarizing your content, they charge you but it is money worth spending. The display of the DMCA badge is enough to deter content copiers and scrapers. 

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