Google “Add me to search”: Give a Virtual Identity to your Business with Google People Cards

Google Add me to search: Until recently, it was still normal to exchange business cards: a small card with all the essential information to present yourself professionally. Now, the ticket has gone out of fashion with the digital means at our disposal. An essential website, a contact (email or WhatsApp), or an Instagram profile dedicated to your business is enough to describe who we are and what we offer.

Google, perhaps moved by nostalgia, tries to relaunch them by proposing the People Cards. Not only are they useful for work, but they will also be the official presentation of our online profile and what we want to share.

People Card is an India-specific offer from Google that allows you to post your profile online. Imagine your business card transformed into a virtual card. It contains the same information as the physical card but adds other ways to share your work/hobbies using social profiles and a short bio you want to share about yourself.

Google people cards have a feature, i.e., add me to the search that makes it much more convenient to find out information about a person, especially if they share a name with many other people. However, with Google ID cards, people have the ability to customize what information others see when searching for their names on the network.

So here’s what the Google People Card is, how this work and how to create one for yourself!

Google People Card: how does the feature work?

The business card was born in France in 1700 with the aim of signalling a visit among nobles. It was used both to indicate that one had gone to someone’s house without finding him and to communicate the desire to want to meet and open the doors of one’s home to the recipient of the ticket.

In the modern world, the note, whose shape, the etiquette has codified size and materials, is used to present oneself to someone mostly in a professional manner. Usually, the name and surname (or company name and company name), job title or job title and personal data, for example, address and telephone number, are indicated.

In the digital age, tickets have now fallen into disuse, with more direct means available to communicate their data. However, Google tries to relaunch them by proposing the People Cards, virtual tickets that can be filled in with all and only the information you want to share with others.

What is the use of cards? Their function, if used correctly, is extremely useful: Currently, when you search for a person on Google, you will find the different social profiles that are, however, to be viewed and contacted one by one. The cards are indexed by Google and will be the first result that will be obtained by carrying out a search. The card will contain all the public information that the person has decided to share and through which she wishes to be contacted. Of course, you can also add links to social profiles.

How is it different from Google Maps?

The Google Maps feature is more about where rather than what. So if your business has a strong offline presence, listing your location on Google Maps with your phone number can be a good option.

On the other hand, the People Card feature is just a new way to share your business card. Google people cards contain the basic information about you and your work. In addition to that, if you are a freelancer, artist or other similar jobs that do not have a fixed address, this option is ideal for quickly creating your Internet portfolio. (If you can’t create it yourself you can take help of SEO services professional to get it done.) For example, if you are a musician, rather than adding your location (sensitive data), using the People Card feature, you can share your SoundCloud or YouTube page in addition to the biography.

How “add me to search” option is effective?

Google provides news to all users. Google, the internet giant, has a feature called People Cards featuring the “add me to search” option. 

Google launched People Cards to help anyone who needs them increase their online presence, such as artists, influencers, freelancers, or companies looking to market their work.

Google add to me search feature strives to complete the search when you Google a name with a short description, photos, contact forms and profiles on social networks so that you can locate who you are looking for more quickly, directly and reliably.

Finding information about famous people by using the “add me to search in Google” feature is simple: just type their name, and millions of results will appear in seconds.

However, whether you are looking for your name or the name of an unfamiliar person, the Google search engine loses its usefulness due to the lack of information-rich results.

If you’d like your name to appear with your personal information in search results, let’s see how to create and use these Google virtual business cards.

How to create a Google people card?

First, you need to perform a Smartphone search on Google using the term “add me to search” or by searching for “add me to search India “. This will display the option to create the “Google People Card” at the top of the search results. To proceed to create a Google people card, you need to click on “Start”.

Next, you must accept the terms of the product and fill out the form with the necessary information. On this page, you must enter all the information you want to display on your People Card. You need to fill in some basic details such as your name, location (rough), about yourself and your occupation. On top of that, you get an array of optional fields like job, education, hometown, website, and phone number.

You may also include information on your social network profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud and YouTube. Except for the email and phone number, which Google will immediately collect from your Google account information, the information can be entered manually. You can see the card before formally completing it once you have filled in all the required information. You just have to save the results after you are satisfied with them.

You don’t have the option to change your name and email id, so you have to be careful which id you use is automatically retrieved. The part is adding many social media profiles, which include most platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. There are no restrictions on adding social media, so you add all platforms to the list. After that, just tap the preview at the bottom, make any changes, and click save. You are ready now!

People Cards can be a great way to get recognized, but they are useless if the information displayed is insufficient. (You can take help of Digital Marketing Agency to create this professional feature.)

How to make the profile simply irresistible?

Each market has its own characteristics, but there are a number of common characteristics that all candidates and professionals should adhere to, as provided in a guide from this social network.

The first thing to consider is the image: a beautiful photo is essential, and to achieve this, you need to discover a balance between a visually appealing self-image.

Summing it up;

The new People Card feature is a great way to boost your online presence. In my opinion, it’s a great way, especially for start-ups, freelancers, musicians and other artists, to tie up all your work in one space. This will help to collect all the information and links to a person’s social profiles in an orderly manner, keeping them in one place. The more data you enter, the easier it will be to find a person and contact them.

To limit the risk of fake profiles and spam, it will be possible to create only one card per Google account, and it will be possible to report the cards deemed false. At any time, it will be possible to delete your card from Google.

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