How can you make Video Without any help from a Professional?

Videos work as a tremendous tool that can help the companies a lot in promoting their products and services. A lot of customers now prefer videos over text when it comes to getting information.

On a daily basis, a person is continuously bombarded by a lot of content. In all this content he or she might skip the written text, a video might catch the eye and generate curiosity and there is a high possibility that the person will watch it. All the consumers want is that they get the desired information in less time, in a creative and interesting way, a video fulfills all this.

If you still didn’t realize how beneficial video marketing would be to your growth in business, it’s time to really drop all the misconceptions and consider making a video to enhance your business. And you can learn it by yourself, there will be no need to hire a professional.

Advantages of Using a Video

The best way to gain attention and provide awareness about your brand to your target audience is using a video. Videos are definitely a great way of presenting your content.  When you do it right, it will improve your SEO\ really fast and has a lot of potential to go viral. Customers engage more in videos, they will share, they will comment, and they also be more enthusiastic about it as compared to text.

After seeing a person, with face and voice, which they can see and hear, customers will connect better with a company and brand. Only written text won’t be able to make such an impact on them. Their loyalty, engagement, and interest will be much higher, they will develop a relationship with you, because you are the face of the company and their trust towards the brand will be increased.

There is a high possibility that customers will not read the entire text but will watch the whole video. Most of the people have better capacity to learn through visuals than to the written matter.  This is the main reason why video content is booming and getting viral so quickly on social media platforms.

Let’s Begin the Process of Making a Video

If you decide to make a video by hiring a professional, it can cost a lot of money to you and this much expense you won’t like doing. But you can make a decent video for your brand by yourself at a fairly low price. YouTubers often make videos just by using their phones and do very well in attracting a lot of audience.

A smartphone is a wonderful tool, you can make a very decent video from it and there are apps you can download for editing the video, e.g. iMovie is one such app. You can use other gadgets too, like laptop, tablet, or a DSLR camera.

A DSLR camera will give you the clearest video quality. And you can use it to make videos for your website and other marketing purposes.

The Techniques to Transform your Amateur Videos into Decent Professional Videos

You can be an amateur video maker, but you can still make your videos look professional and profound in quality. There are a lot of techniques that very much improve the quantity of your videos even if they are made by using simple equipment. During the period of Covid-19 people were forced to stay home and work from home, a lot of people already utilized that time to learn these methods or techniques and learnt how to communicate well to the world through a screen. These techniques are as follows;

  1. Use Good amount of light:  You can use artificial light or go outside and make sun your source of light, make sure you use plenty of light while making a video. You need to keep in mind that the light is not directly behind your subject. If you are shooting your video outside, the sunlight is best early in the morning and in the evening. And when it comes to using artificial lights, you can create a good set up by using work lights or clip lights.
  1. Make your equipment set up well: Put your phone or the device which you are using for shooting a video in a stable place, otherwise sudden falling or movement can spoil your video quality.
  1. Keep the device closer: By doing that you will automatically improve your audio quality and background noises also will be much less.
  1. The background: The white background or solid color background is the most ideal for your shooting. If you have such a wall in your house, use it, as it will be less distracting and viewers will focus on you and your message.
  1. Sound: Selecting a large space can create a lot of distractions so choose a small room or area, your sound quality will be better by doing that. Make sure that people are not going in and out and creating chaos in the room, no phone calls, no other sounds, there should be total quietness.
  1. Presentation: While recording, turn the phone so that you can also look at yourself, and make sure that you are being your best self when it comes to presenting in front of the camera.

Tools that will help in your Video Creation

If you are limiting yourself by thinking that you don’t have what it takes in making a decent professional looking video, you should really drop those self-limiting beliefs because these tools will give you a lot of features that will make your video high quality and very well presentable in much simpler ways. You can use them for free or at a reasonable price. Some of these tools are as follows;

Animoto: With Animoto, you can combine your video clips, pictures, text together and also add background music. The music you can select from the library available in Animoto. Customized templates are also available, you can use them too.

Adobe Spark: You can create an engaging video using Adobe spark by video clips, icons and photos. This tool is perfect for you if you are just a beginner and have zero idea about designing and video making.

Ripl: You can create short exciting videos to stimulate the engagement of the viewer by using Ripl. You can combine photos and text, select a design, and then add captions, hashtags and share with people.

Canva: Canva is already wonderful for graphic designing and all. There is one wonderful feature in canva which is called customized video templates, you can drag your video clips, add music, images, and elements from the library and you are good to go.

Now Lets Start Making the Video;

Having clarity about what your theme will be is the most important thing. So, before everything, make that clear in your mind. Your video should focus on one thing and that is to how you can add value to the life of your customers, avoid forceful and aggressive marketing where you are trying to sell something.

Do a test video first for a few seconds, you will know how it’s going, remove distractions and noises etc. if you find any in the test video before making the final video. Writing a script is very helpful, doing that will help in being focused on what you are going to speak and help you deliver your help in the best way possible. Avoid rambling and going out of context. Put the notes of key points in the line of your vision so that you always stay focused and never get distracted from your message.

Don’t talk in a plain tone all the time, add humor, add excitement, this will make people engage better. Monotonous or boring sounding video will put the viewers to sleep and they will turn the video off after a few seconds.


  1. What is considered a good video?

Answer.  A good video helps connect with the audience better and make them excited about your brand. Use such content, which is interesting, engaging and also delivers the whole information to the audience.

  1. Is video production a good marketing strategy?

Answer. Video production is the best way to connect with the audience. It will help you tremendously in enhancing your business.

  1. How can I promote my video to reach more people?

Answer. Here are few ways to promote the video;

  • Add an attractive thumbnail
  • Share it on social media
  • Don’t miss SEO
  1. How many stages are there in video production and what are these?

Answer. There are basically 5 stages in video production. These are as follows;

  • Idea Selection and developing the the theme of the video
  • Scripting
  • Actual shooting
  • Editing
  • Promotion
  1. What is the most important part of making a video?

Answer: Although every part is really important in producing a video. But if we really have to select one it will create and develop the theme for the video, because it will help the audience have clarity in their minds while watching the video, which will not only keep them engaged but chances of converting them into customers also will be very high.

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