SEO: Selecting the Right Keywords to Rank #1 in Google

Keywords to Rank: It seems like you want more traffic to be approaching your website, isn’t it? Well it’s obvious, the more people visit your website the more profit you will earn.

That’s not always true actually.

Keywords to Rank: Having more visitors is a good thing but it doesn’t guarantee more profit in monetary terms. Actually, if you are getting wrong visitors who are not favorable to your website, there will be a decrease in the amount of the profit you generate.

So your goal should be to get the right traffic or visitors to your website and that will automatically increase the revenue you generate in your business. One very effective way to make this happen is by making your website rank higher in Google search by using the right keywords.

Why is it important? Because it has proven that a website which appears on number 1 search result on Google has 31.7% chances of being clicked on it. And this is 10 times higher than the website appearing on page 10.

So where do you want to make your site appear? Page 1 or page 10?

We know the answer already.

Now let’s look at how the keyword ranking for SEO works and how it can benefit you;

What does keyword ranking actually mean in SEO?

When you want to get some information about something, you type some words or phrases in Google or Bing, those typed words or phrases are known as “keywords” in SEO. Normally, in a search engine the results will be shown according to what the person is looking for. The “keyword ranking” here basically means the position where your search result is found when someone enters the terms or phrase in the search engine.

Here are some fundamentals about keywords;

  • On an average, a keyword gets 989 searches per month approximately.
  • 14.1 % keywords are in form of a question
  • Keywords may be shorter or longer but the average length is around 1.9 words.

Let’s assume you are selling herbal supplements for weight loss naturally, which are in the form of powder and capsules. Now think about what people should type in Google so that they reach your website. One example could be “herbal weight loss powder”. It’s always important to select the right keyword and this will make your website appear higher in the search results on Google or Bing. This process is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

The Importance of SEO Keywords Rankings:

Keywords to Rank: Natural searches do bring traffic, In fact the recent data suggests that around 53% of traffic comes from natural searches.

If you want to grab this traffic you need to enhance your SEO Keyword Rankings.

But the main thing you need to remember is, you don’t just need any traffic but the right traffic that converts into customers.

You definitely desire that number 1 place in the rankings of your keyword so that it helps you in your business growth. To make this happen you need to make good strategies in what keywords to choose and how you utilize them in your digital marketing campaign.

The Data Points you need to keep in mind, while Choosing the SEO Keywords;

It’s not an easy task to select the right keywords which enhance your Google keyword rankings, so here are some data points you must consider before choosing your keywords.

  1. Search Volume: By definition, search volume means how many times in a period of time a particular keyword is being searched on Google. Search Volume is the way through which effectiveness and popularity of the keyword is determined. Here is the thing you need to remember, if a keyword has high search volume there is more likely that you will be getting a lot of low value traffic even though you get a lot of traffic.

But, if you choose a low search volume traffic, you won’t be getting enough traffic in the first place. You need to remember that 50% of the people do not click on the results in the search engine. So, select a keyword after considering all of these things.

  1. CPC: CPC stands for Cost per Click, this Is the amount of money you will be paying per click when someone clicks on your paid ads. So how will you decide on a suitable CPC for you?

Here are few things you need to consider:

  • Decide your revenue margins.
  • Choose a CPA( cost per acquisition) target,
  • You should determine your price accordingly after selecting revenue margins and CPA target.
  • Decide the conversion rate.
  • Figure out your CPC max, which is maximum cost per click.
  • Roughly calculate your traffic.
  • Determine and calculate first paid bids
  • Change your CPC Max accordingly
  1. SEO Difficulty: SEO Difficulty score is the thing that makes you aware of how well your keyword performs in the search results.

The keyword with low SEO difficulty is easier to rank higher in the search results, but it could also mean that the search volume of the keyword is not that high.

Higher SEO difficulty is a sign that the keyword you have chosen is high in demand and there is tremendous competition for that, so ranking higher would be a struggle for you among these big competitors. The only thing which can make you outrank them is creating quality content, so always focus on that primarily.

3. Paid Difficulty: Paid difficulty reflects how easy or difficult it is to make the keyword appear in the rankings of paid search results.

If the keyword has high paid difficulty, you have to pay more for the keyword as it may help get quality traffic.  On the other hand, low difficulty one can help you get the rankings easier but it won’t be worth your money, as the low quality traffic will be a lot on your website.

How to select the Keywords that will take you to Top Position, in Google Rankings;

  • Do your research of content ideas, select the topics that are suitable for your needs and assemble them into a list, you will get good keywords from the list.
  • After selecting the potential keywords, use Ubersuggest to check the profitability of the keywords. Ubersuggest is a wonderful tool in this regard.
  • Examine your content carefully, that will help you in selecting good keywords, you can check their potency on Ubersuggest later.

FAQs: Keywords to Rank

  1. How different is paid keywords rankings from organic SEO keywords rankings?

Answer: In paid, you select keywords to make them appear in paid display ads. And in organic, you use SEO effectively to make your Google keyword ranking better.

  1. Can I check my SEO keyword ranking?

Answer: Yes, you can. Google Search Console and Ubersuggest are wonderful tools for that.

  1. Mention the top factors that determine Google Keyword ranking for SEO keywords.

Answer:  Here are the factors,

  • Search intent
  • Search volume
  • Content quality
  • How many backlinks are there
  • Authority of Domain
  • How quickly the page loads
  1. What are the best tools for selecting SEO Keywords?

Answer: Some of the useful tools are;

  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  1. Which is better? Low SEO keyword difficulty score or High SEO keyword difficulty score?

Answer: You should begin with Low SEO difficulty score keywords. But don’t totally discard the high difficulty score ones.

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