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Do you want to improve your site’s ranking on search engines? Writing web content has become one of the main criteria of natural referencing. Our SEO writing service ensures the production of original content or the optimization of your existing content. Web pages, blog articles, product sheets, or white papers… your web editor adapts to your field of activity and your editorial project. The goal: write web content that reflects your image and captures the attention of your readers, customers, or prospects.

Once the content has been written and validated, our editors can continue their mission with the integration of the content on your CMS. We also work with web agencies to complete their site creation offer. The agency takes care of the design and development, and we write the content for a tailor-made, turnkey site!

So, what are you waiting for? Benefit from the support of an Obiyan Infotech expert to write your content. Our content writing packages package allows you to solve the problem of the lack of content on your website and thus optimize your referencing on Google. 

What services do our content writing packages include?

Web page content writing

The SEO editor can intervene at different stages in the life of your site: creation, redesign, occasional updates… The content of a web page is an essential element of the referencing of a site on search engines. From a subject and a keyword, the Obiyan Infotech editor will proceed to write an original text taking into account strict editorial rules.

Web blog article writing

Obiyan Infotech offers you subscription packages to animate your business blog. The blog should be a gateway to your site. Articles must be easily found on search engines and hold the Internet user’s attention. The writing of content must therefore be SEO-optimized (keywords, titles, layout, etc.) and impactful. But beware: the blog remains an ideal marketing tool for your SEO only if it is updated regularly!

Web writing product sheet

Do you have an e-commerce site? You know how essential the information transmitted to the Internet user is to convince him to make a purchase. For the reader to become a customer, the writing of your product sheets must therefore be optimized. Obiyan Infotech web editor will write a detailed and convincing description with the keywords necessary for the good referencing of your page.

White paper web writing

Do you want to distribute an effective and credible white paper in the eyes of your customers or future customers? Don’t wait any longer and call on our expertise in web writing. We determine the content and form of your document, respecting your objectives and your editorial charter. With the white paper, you position yourself as an expert in your business and strengthen your brand image.

Why hire a web editor for the content of your site?

Working with Obiyan Infotech web editor to write your content means:

  • Optimize the SEO referencing of your website and gain visibility on the Internet. Search engines like Google are indeed extremely sensitive to the quality of the content of a web page.
  • Provide Internet users with quality and structured information that makes it easier to read your content.
  • Generate qualified traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field in the eyes of the Internet user.
  • Be in line with your content marketing strategy (content marketing ) and your editorial charter.
  • Benefit from an external and objective look from a web writing agency on your business.

Contact Obiyan Infotech now and explore our Content writing package.

The audit of your website has highlighted its lack of content. Not sure how to write for the web? Do Your teams not have enough time to do it? Do you not have this skill within your company? In order to always serve you better and with a view to providing you with the most effective solutions, Contact Obiyan Infotech and get affordable content writing packages in india.

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