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At Obiyan Infotech, our strength lies in making everything on WordPress. Our main task is rendering exceptional WordPress theme development services to help transform the themes into riveting, versatile, and all-inclusive solutions. While structuring the themes to meet your business domains, we consider every factor, making your website more responsive and compatible across varied platforms. We deliver services that make the development process a pleasant affair without entering into the trap of the standard solutions of theme customizations.

We use top-notch tools and technologies; Obiyan Infotech presents you with the best solutions to answering every query that comes out of the exercises to modify the WordPress theme. At the same time, we start to address the complexities linked with these processes by breaking them into smaller pieces and preparing the site for better growth. We also ensure that the outcome fulfills your expectations and meets the recent trend of the market with greater perfection. Our WordPress theme customization can help you reach out to the end users with a qualitatively optimized website.

What We Offer

Hire our WordPress theme development services to attain functional, beautiful WordPress sites for your business.

  • Completely Customized Designs

We offer entirely customizable designs to meet our clients so that they get whatever they want apart from any type of options.

  • Meeting the standard compliance.

We build our sites with the help of a team of experts fulfilling compliance with the W3C standards.

  • Better Installation & Configuration

We offer you complete access to the configuration and installation so that you are using WordPress to its full potential.

  • Mobile Responsive Websites

Start driving the traffic from every Internet-enabled device with the help of our responsive mobile-first WordPress theme development services.

  • Customized WordPress Theme Development

We start creating better magic by customizing the WordPress theme based on your needs offering a different boost to your business.

  • SEO-Optimized sites

Our team of expert WordPress Developers is generating search engine-friendly sites, allowing your business to rank higher and achieve organic traffic.

  • Greater scalability and flexibility

The WordPress experts at Obiyan Infotech can aid in creating each kind of website, and it can be for the online community, a news website, a business site, a non-profit website, a personal blog, and even site networks.

  • On-Time Deliveries

Our WordPress Theme Development services offer an entire team known for their on-time deliveries under strict guidelines without compromising the quality of work.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

At Obiyan Infotech, we offer you WordPress-based eCommerce services that aid your business reach the top to create attractive and user-friendly websites.

  • Client Satisfaction

Our main focus is to deliver satisfaction to our clients. It is more than just a word meaning a lot to us; it has been the motto since the beginning as we have gained a lot of trust from our clients reaching the top.

  • Customized Solutions For Everyone

Our WordPress theme development experts are building websites specific to business needs, allowing them with lesser coding than any pre-made templates with reduced loading times.

Our Result-Oriented WordPress Theme Development Services

  • WordPress Theme Development

The files working together to create the site’s functionality and design are the WordPress themes. We are offering pre-designed themes for large-scale sites for the community, multi-vendor marketplace platforms, selling online courses, and more.

  • WordPress Theme Customization

When you use a free or a premium WordPress theme following every WordPress coding standard, it is easier for the developers to customize. Hiring our top-rated WordPress theme designers are here to customize the existing WordPress theme to meet your requirement.

  • WordPress Theme Set Up

WordPress is highly popular since setting up the site with the theme is easier. These premium themes have several inbuilt customization options that require expert advice in implementing and setting up the site. Hiring our WordPress experts offers a smoother theme setup.

  • Custom WordPress Design

Even if you possess a rough idea about the new website, speak to our experts to design the mock-up idea across every format, including AI, PSD, Adobe XD, and Sketch, while transforming them into an exclusive WordPress site.

  • PSD to WordPress Theme

If you wish to convert the prepared site into a WordPress theme, we can help you. We offer advanced theme customization options that are RTL ready, widgets, translation ready, entirely responsive theme, and pixel-perfect design.

  • Migrating to WordPress CMS

Migrating the website from one platform to another is never easy. It is never done using tools available in the market; however, hiring professional web developers for this purpose is better.

  • WordPress Speed Optimization

We are an entire team of WordPress developers and web designers working on the Internet for the last decade. We specialize in creating custom themes, plugins, and related extensions, helping you make your site user-friendly and load faster.

  • WordPress Theme Support

We can help you with any issues that may come up. Our support team is available round the clock through email and tickets, and we are happier to help you in every manner.

  • White Label WordPress

Whenever you wish to create a perfect website solution that you plan on selling to varied customers who requires the site, we can create them for you. Every solution offered by our theme is white label, and you can look at our White Label Community solutions powered by the BuddyPress and Reign Theme addons.

Create Better Business Identity With WordPress Theme Development Services

The design and theme can set the distinctive look for your finished website, and you need to keep the appealing and attractive. However, several themes are readily available on the platform WordPress, as you can pick out the themes that are never a good decision here.

Why is it so? Since these are the themes used across several websites in the market today and are not offering anything new. Therefore, attracting these themes will lack its unique appeal. It is something that one will distinctly remember and whatever you wish to offer your visitors with the refreshing and new websites. Therefore, WordPress Theme Development services become the perfect course of action here.

The website theme is developed from scratch, offering the distinctive uniqueness you wish to have to make your site stand out from the crowd creating your own domain in the marketplace. Furthermore, you have the liberty to design the theme based on your wish. Therefore, you can easily start to incorporate the requirements and needs of the business in the theme to come up with something distinctively identical to the business model.

Why Choose Us?

  • Maximum Efficiency

The best WordPress design agency has several years of experience that never gets compared to figuring them out on your own. Experienced WordPress web designers will never be able to create or redesign the site’s efficiency to prepare your site and operate sooner. WordPress was designed for the rapidly building site, and the WordPress design company operated at greater efficiencies to get the website project lives.

  • Custom-Fit Design

The WordPress theme development services are created easily, but it helps craft the best online representation of the brand. WordPress theme development companies start scheduling regular consultations with your team to understand the entire requirement of your project. The major goal here is to deliver the perfect site by having a dedicated design team with a thorough knowledge of WordPress design services, making them possible.

  • Worry-Free Management

We aim to create the staging site to ensure that your WordPress website design meets your expectations. You should start to communicate with your WordPress developer about the changes you plan on making your website without the risk of any unnecessary edits. Working with an effective WordPress theme development company will render you worry-free about the issues that involve your site.

  • Multi-Layer Support

Any trustworthy WordPress theme development services understand that an effective site never ends with a sound design. It has a strong foundation relying mainly on SEO, and the rapid page loading speed will ensure mobile responsiveness. These are high-quality strategies, and the WordPress design service companies should start to handle this for you.

  • Dedicated Developers

Our WordPress developers are capable enough of developing the better-quality and the complete-scale for the WordPress sites rendering the better industry standards following the latest trends.

  • 100% Fully Responsive Website

We identify the challenges faced by mobile-friendly website development by having the requisite skills and knowing how to overcome them most effectively. We ensure that you get the site compatible with each internet-allowed device.

  • Quality WordPress Maintenance Services

Our WordPress theme development services are designed to allow you to focus on the business allowing us to take care of and safeguard your site around the clock by freeing up the rest important work.

Our Commitment

  • Excellent Quality

We offer the best WordPress solutions that are rich qualitatively, and we do not compromise with the quality offering better suggestions to our clients.

  • Proven Methodologies

We have extensive knowledge about the proven tactics for WordPress development as we start creating the ideal combination of using the traditional modes with innovative ideas that bring out better outcomes.

  • Better Price

As long as WordPress theme development goes, we offer an end-to-end deal by creating the website from scratch at affordable prices.


  1. What is the cost involved in developing a robust WordPress theme?

It involves a higher cost in terms of developing the WordPress theme. You can finish the job in less time; however, the final theme becomes unattractive, buggy, and basic at its core. If you plan to build a good and responsive site, you should start investing a great deal of money.

  1. Do I get a customized WordPress Theme development service for my site?

It is easier for our developers to customize the free or premium-grade WordPress themes to meet every WordPress code standard. Hiring one of the premium-grade WordPress theme designers will help adapt to the existing theme meeting your specifications.

  1. What time is taken to develop the custom theme for the site?

The time involved entirely relies on your requirement and needs regarding the customization and the theme. We should analyze and discuss the project as we reach an estimated time frame. Therefore, contact us to discuss your project in detail and arrive at the respective time frame required for finishing your site and scale to expand.

  1. Who is the owner of the source code for your theme to develop a site?

You need to have ownership and authority over the source code built by us for developing the site’s theme while using the source code the way you please.

  1. Can I turn my existing website into a WordPress theme?

We can assist you in turning your existing website into a WordPress theme. We offer sophisticated theme modification options with RTL readiness, widgets, pixel-perfect designs, translation readiness, and an entirely responsive theme.

  1. Do you offer support after purchasing your WordPress theme development service?

We can effectively help you with the issues that start happening. Our entire support team is available round the clock through email and ticket, and we help you in every manner. You should reach us whenever you have an issue with our WordPress theme or any other third-party theme you bought.

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