At Obiyan Infotech we help in the services like:

  • We help your site gain greater visibility
  • The traffic of your site has reduced in recent time, and we help to increase the footfall.
  • We help increase your leads and incoming calls.
  • We help ramp up your business quickly for your new website

These are a few points where the leading SEO Company in India like Obiyan Infotech comes to your rescue. There is always a reason why we are serving hundreds of SEO clients in recent times, offering optimized solutions as an answer to the ever-changing algorithm of Google.

Let us start witnessing it. You understand your needs; however, you are nowhere near knowing about them. Our SEO specialists are hearing it over and over from SEO clientele who gets in touch with the renowned services of Obiyan Infotech.

Our SEO Services

Start increasing your search rankings and attain greater brand visibility online.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research & Strategy

Obiyan Infotech is the leading SEO Company in India as we understand your business's domain and help boost the rankings for the specific search terms. Our SEO specialists review the right keywords for your site that ranks, taking your keyword suggestions and conducting additional keyword research, building an entire list making great sense to your site under the competitive landscape.

Link Building

Backlinks are considered the major element to help your rankings in search results. It is why you should partner with us, as we have a team of dedicated link-building experts having proper connections across different relevant and high-quality sites.

local seo services

Technical SEO

We help improve your page rankings with optimization at the site's back-end, including the page's enhanced speed. You can get the errors fixed as it is easier on the search engines whenever they crawl on your site. Whenever you are making it happier for the search engines, the rankings will make things happier for you.

Local SEO

The statistics reveal that about 64 percent of customers search for local businesses online. Improving the local SEO ranking of the company with GMB or Google My Business optimization can help attract customer intent. We help in optimizing your GMB profiles to help manage the online reputations for growing your following locally.

On-Page SEO

You can improve your online visibility and start earning high-quality traffic. At Obiyan Infotech, we ensure that our services align with the best practices of the search engines that help boost the site's reliability. Our experts publish unique, informative content optimized for the headlines and HTML tags using high-resolution images.

Off-Page SEO

The off-page optimization is important to establish the brand's credibility by increasing its online exposure. Partnering with the right SEO company will allow us to demonstrate our industry expertise. We leverage social media marketing, influencer marketing, and link-building tactics to generate positive ratings and qualified links.

Franchise SEO

Supercharging the franchise marketing efforts with the SEO services at Obiyan Infotech serves businesses across several locations. We leverage Nextdoor advertising, create geo-specific content and develop custom web designs. We are the leading SEO company to help you maximize the impact of your brand and increase sales and leads.

8 Ways to Enhance Your eCommerce Customer Journey

Shopify SEO

Strengthening the digital presence of the online store and expanding the market reach is essential. The SEO experts offer round-the-clock customer support to meet your urgent concerns and needs. We offer paid advertising, Shopify web design, and Shopify SEO audit by reviewing the response publishing services to optimize the Shopify customer experience.


eCommerce SEO

We offer our customers the round the clock convenient shopping experiences to help increase the retention rate of your client. We also launch the targeted email marketing campaigns and optimize the site for voice and mobile search creating personalized brand experiences.

Obiyan Infotech’s Agile SEO Methodology

Stepping onto Digital Success


We help you in SEO; we take a lot of time to get familiar with the needs of your business, expectations, and demands. In this phase, we build a meeting with the main stakeholders of your company to conduct the initial site review. Later, we identify the main performance indications, determine the conversion path and perform extensive keyword research; doing this allows us to gain thorough knowledge about the processes involved in the company, goals, and purpose of the site.


The analysis is the other step covering the competitive benchmarks, thorough site audit, and site analytics reviews building risk assessments for the risks. Under such a stage, we start collecting and analyzing every data of your business, determining the factors affecting your digital presence. We check out the historical patterns of the traffic, onsite technical issues, backlink strategies of your competitors, and techniques to build the backlinks.


After identifying the marketing opportunities and gaps, our SEO experts created the 60-day strategic online marketing plan. It includes the goals for the campaigns, expected returns across the marketing channels, and an estimation of the time taken to finish one. In the initial months of the campaigns, our company emphasizes the most vital aspects of SEO. It makes sure that every effort we make targets the results.


Under the phase, we start to execute the SOMP. We start optimizing your web pages and blog posts with high-performing keywords that enhance the structure of your site and manage the business listings. Our company leverages multiple channel strategies to improve the entire SEO outcomes. We even implement social media management campaigns to aid in reaching out to the third-party sites increasing the reach online.


We start to track your system as it allows us to monitor the online progress and understand the entire impact of the SEO campaign. We analyze and monitor the analytics, KPIs, and keyword rankings. Our experts check the organic traffic, local visibility, conversion, and click-through rates. We gain a few actionable insights to improve the optimizing strategies.


Our team aims to schedule daily consultations and monthly reporting with the project managers to update you about the progress. In this consultation, we present the most comprehensive report offering the entire overview of the site's performance. It includes the trends in KPIs, ranking, and the entire traffic. Each month we create a roadmap allowing you to know how the campaign does.


SEO involves the practice of making transformations to your presence online specifically your site making them attractive to the major search engines like Bing and Google. The search engines crawl through your site, understanding the information shared.

You should expect transparency in the services of the SEO companies being the client. It involves each kind of report like the competitor analysis reports, keyword research reports, link building reports, monthly/weekly work progress reports, link building reports, and more.

SEO helps greatly to enhance the visibility of your website on the search engine results pages. It involves a robust strategy, including the considerations about recognizing the search engines and their requirements for the target audience to enhance the website’s rankings.

Everything depends entirely on the condition of the site, with SEO activities that are performed on it involving backlink building and several more. To reveal the SEO results, every new website with fresh content consumes more time than the existing website. The processes of SEO are constantly delivering the best results.

The process involved in SEO helps in enhancing the visibility of the search engine to the site organically, while SEM involves the same, but you need to pay for it to get a higher rank on the SERPs.

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