SEO Services like never before!


SEO Services like never before!

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Expert SEO Company In India

Looking for SEO services to optimize your online presence? Obiyan Infotech is the SEO agency in India that simplifies your life by ensuring your business’s excellent online visibility and improving your company’s digital reputation in a way that is rational, progressive, and simple to manage.

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Get Ranking, Traffic, And Sales For You with SEO Services Company In India

Obiyan Infotech is an SEO agency that offers efficient solutions to those who want or need to consolidate their presence on the web, start a path of digital innovation, create e-commerce, optimize their site for search engines or improve their search results in every sector

What do you get by hiring Obiyan Infotech as your SEO service company in India?

  • Permanent access to premium SEO tools
  • Dedicated and skilled project managers and SEO experts
  • Practice white hat SEO
  • customized SEO package
  • Competitive pricing and timely reporting

Our SEO Process

At Obiyan Infotech, we follow a comprehensive SEO process that can guarantee you high-level results and constant growth and that fits perfectly with your commercial offer:

How Do SEO Services Help?

Doing SEO in 2023 no longer means focusing on a small group of keywords but indulging in the user’s research intent. Among the dozens and hundreds of SEO proposals on the market, Obiyan Infotech wants to be first of all clear and transparent, then sustainable, and finally successful: we study and implement all those activities useful for influencing the organic positioning of a site within the main search engines. 

Ranking high on Google certainly has many benefits. Attract quality traffic to your website and increase your earnings. To do this, the Obiyan Infotech SEO team develops a structured strategy that includes organic positioning (SEO) activities, Google Adwords campaign development, and an SEO editorial plan to guide your company’s content strategy.

In Other Words, SEO Services Results In

Maximum visibility

Over 75% of websites are visited today via search engines

Brand reputation

A well-positioned site often identifies a leading company in its market

Targeted searches

SEO allows you to work on target searches with your business and your product

Unrivaled numbers

No marketing channel today can compete with search engines

Why should you invest in SEO Services?

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet, and Google has indexed around 30 trillion pages. The only way to get your page to show up when internet users start searching the web is to apply search engine rules to optimize your page.

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but without SEO, your website will likely remain invisible. Investing in our SEO services will offer you a multitude of benefits:

Promote your credibility

By gaining positions in search engine results and obtaining links from quality sites, our SEO services can help you gain reference status on your subject … And you get ahead of your competitors.

Capture more qualified traffic

An adequate SEO strategy generates long-lasting results and quality traffic on the website. Investing in SEO services is essential for any company that wants to be found on the internet.

Improving domain authority

Improving SEO positioning is not possible without increasing the authority of a site. Choose our SEO services to improve your domain authority with high-quality backlinks.

Increase your conversion rate

t is necessary to know your targets well and to capture their needs. By understanding what your targets want, our SEO services help you show them what you have to offer and convert through your website.

SEO Services

Do you want to appear first on Google? Performing SEO (search engine optimization) improvement is a complex activity to improve your website’s visibility to achieve the highest possible search engine rankings. Every business has competitors on the Internet, and ranking high in searches for the products and services it offers is a competitive advantage that should be invested in to achieve meaningful results in the medium to long term.

There are many ways to get SEO results with SEO, and they are constantly updated. So, in most cases, we recommend contacting Obiyan Infotech SEO agency, which can perform an advanced analysis of your website in its current state and create a list of interventions with priority indicators.

What are SEO services?

Obiyan Infotech SEO services are multidisciplinary and can be very complicated to explain. In short, there are a set of basic SEO activities that you should perform on your website to optimize it for SEO. In general, these are one-off improvements. But at a higher level, page, article, or content creation plays an important role in SEO. SEO is, therefore, continuous improvement and requires constant work to create and improve new pages. Finally, link-building is another crucial aspect that should not be underestimated. This means promoting websites through links on third-party websites, portals, and web directories.

How does SEO works?

SEO is based on the use of elements that cannot be set aside or underestimated when it comes to optimizing a web page. The first step to follow is to use the right keywords or keywords, which must be original but, at the same time, consistent with the content of the website.

The quantity and space in which they are inserted are also very important: they must not be too many, under penalty of being labeled as a spammer, and they must appear in the page headers in the more well-known H1, H2, and H3 and in the title tag. Obiyan Infotech uses a wide range of tools to improve the visibility of a site, are images and links, both internal and external.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Having an SEO-optimized site has three main advantages: visibility on the web, high probability of conversion, and long-term positioning.

An SEO-optimized site, in fact, will appear in the first positions of search engines and will be more easily accessible by users. Furthermore, being among the first search results, it will register more traffic and intercept more clicks, increasing the probability of conversion. Finally, optimization guarantees long-term results with the right attention and constant monitoring.

What are the different types of SEO services?

Since the advent of search engines like Google, search engine algorithms have gone through many updates and innovations. This is why many SEO agencies like Obiyan Infotech offer different types of SEO services to help businesses succeed in specific (and competitive) industries. Here are some examples of the most popular SEO services:

Local search engine optimization

E-commerce SEO

Improved voice search engine

SEO Audit

For many businesses, traditional SEO services offered by expert SEO agencies like Obiyan Infotech provide everything they need to succeed. However, for local stores or e-commerce, local e-commerce SEO services offer a competitive advantage that can increase the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. In some cases, SEO agency offers flowing SEO services for focusing on specific areas of SEO, such as:

On-page SEO focus on site-related improvements such as title tags, content, etc.

Off-page SEO focus on improving your online presence, such as backlinks to your website.

Technical SEO focus on optimization related to your website's backend, such as page speed, site structure, etc.

Successful SEO requires on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, so companies rarely invest in these services. Most people choose a full-service SEO package, which includes both on-page and off-page SEO and technical SEO, because these plans offer an all-in-one solution that allows you to spend your time on other things.

How much do our SEO services cost?

Talking about SEO costs is a very broad and varied topic, but we must always start from the conception that SEO is an investment in one’s business capable of returning the cost in a very short time and also allowing, and over time, to earn much more how much was spent. This is why well-done SEO, being able to pay for itself, basically costs nothing! Indeed it makes money! 

Contact Obiyan Infotech SEO packages to find out the prices of one-off basic SEO services and another on the prices of top SEO services; continuous for more complex projects, contact Obiyan Infotech to discover our offers.

Our SEO offerings

We offer dedicated solutions based on your business objectives and the type of customers you need to intercept through Google:

SEO for eCommerce

SEO activities are designed to improve the visibility on Google of category pages and product sheets of e-commerce sites, with the aim of increasing the volume of sales and not depending on PPC.

Local SEO

Solution indicated for local businesses and professionals who need visibility for keywords that include the name of the service plus the location (for example, "accountant India").

Link Building

We at Obiyan Infotech are experts in assessing the level of trust that Google attributes to each site, and we are able to start link-building activities that comply with Google's indications to drive traffic to the most relevant pages of the site.

Choose our SEO services.

Be on top of SERP, increase your visibility and grow your business

Skills and Experience

Obiyan Infotech has a team of experts who have the skills and experience of those who have been working in this field for years and know how to move to do an excellent job. In fact, you will have at your disposal a team of experts who work for you.


If your goal is to grow your business, then relying on Obiyan Infotech is the best way to do it, ensuring concrete and tangible results. 

In fact, our SEO services not only help you bring organic traffic to the site or position yourself better for a specific keyword but also with converting users into customers. 

Deep knowledge of SEO and its working method

Knowing SEO techniques and having an analytical approach are essential to have profitable effects on your business. Obiyan Infotech uses working methodologies similar to Google’s guidelines. In fact, there are spam practices to avoid that could give results in the short term but, in the long run, could penalize you a lot.

Well-defined timelines

at Obiyan Infotech, our SEO professionals will provide you with clear and well-defined timelines within which you can see results. In addition, we will allow you to save time without wasting it on activities that lead to nothing.

Continuous Reporting

Having punctual and constant reports is essential to understand if your investment is taking the right path. Obiyan Infotech will provide you with detailed reports on the progress of the activities, informing you of all the results obtained, both positive and negative. By relying on Obiyan Infotech professionals, you will get the right performance indicators, such as organic traffic to the website, lead generation, and positioning.

Result-oriented SEO services

Obiyan Infotech boasts a wide range of result-driven SEO services offered from which you can choose to define the best strategy for your business.

A dedicated team of SEO experts

Obiyan Infotech has been in the digital marketing industry for years. Our dedicated team of SEO experts uses the latest technology to help your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

Results within the specified time frame

Obiyan Infotech is no doubt one of the best SEO agencies focused on results. We always value our customers’ time more. We always try to achieve the best possible results for our customers within the given time frame.

Cost-effective SEO service

We aim to create value for our clients through effective SEO services. We do not charge much for our SEO services. We provide affordable SEO services for business owners to purchase SEO packages.

Unfiltered Monitoring

One way to see if your SEO efforts are working is to check an overview of your SEO metrics. At Obiyan Infotech, we perform these checks frequently and provide transparent reports explaining our SEO strategy’s process.

Up-to-date strategies

Obiyan Infotech’s dedicated team invests in your brand knowledge in a way that helps lay a fertile foundation for you to work on your SEO strategy.

Trackable progress

at Obiyan Infotech, we implement effective on-page and off-page SEO processes and technology to improve your rankings and traffic. Not only does it promise to increase web traffic and awareness, but it also works to create a positive brand image for your business.

Obiyan Infotech’s unparalleled experience in providing SEO solutions over the years allows clients to reap the unique benefits of our foresight. We use our knowledge to help our clients achieve their desired results in a reasonable combination of time and cost.

What can we do to help you maximize organic traffic for your business?

The Obiyan Infotech method for optimization provides the following SEO activities:

Comprehensive SEO Tech Audits

We analyze the technical errors and critical issues that prevent your site from being crawled correctly by Google. Any examples? URLs are not optimized, pages are not indexed, images are too heavy, and servers are too slow.

Intense Competitor analysis

We study a strategy to differentiate you from the competition and optimize your site in order to make it stand out from the competitors. An ad hoc SEO strategy will include your vision of the business, the needs of your customers, and the requests of search engines.

Exclusive Keyword research and analysis

It is a fundamental part of the work of Obiyan Infotech SEO specialist. It is about identifying those keywords that are actually sought by users for that specific activity. Starting from these, it will be possible to make targeted strategies to optimize the contents and structure of the site in order to answer those precise questions so as to provide useful results for the user and gain trust in the eyes of Google.

Full-fledged On-page optimization of a site

By entrusting yourself to an experienced SEO agency like Obiyan Infotech, you will have graphic experts and programmers at your disposal capable of developing your project so that it perfectly meets the objectives you have set for yourself. At the same time, our SEO specialists will also work on your site to find the right action strategy and SEO copywriters for creating and optimizing the content and written texts.

SEO Content Optimization 

We write and optimize the contents of your web pages and create new ones to meet the needs of users. You may not take full advantage of a news feed or blog. Our collaborators will create a special Editorial Plan.

Intense Off-page optimization of a website

This is a set of processes performed outside of your website to improve your website’s authority, as seen by Google. This is a very complex activity. Google hunts down people who try to spam links on other sites. Therefore, it must be done in an artisanal way, naturally and professionally, just like Obiyan Infotech does it.


Key Qualities You Should Consider When Choosing an SEO agency

When choosing an SEO expert for your business, you should consider the following qualities:

  • Experience and expertise of the SEO expert agency
  • Ensure Quality of Service An SEO agency must be able to provide high-qualityhigh-quality services tailored to its clients’ needs.
  • Evaluate the agency’s response and confirm its ability to listen. In fact, there is nothing better than an SEO agency that listens to your clients’ needs.
  • Thoroughly review previous results to see if the agency’s services meet your expectations and can be adapted to your needs.
  • Understand the agency’s SEO strategy and evaluate the agency’s transparency. Starting with your project’s SEO audit, you need to be able to explain the types of actions you take and the purpose of each process, with pros and cons.

Why choose Obiyan Infotech agency?

Leading a web project requires many technical, strategic, and project management skills. The success of such a project lies in its multidisciplinary approach. Today, at Obiyan Infotech, we have sharp skills in terms of traffic acquisition, natural referencing, and content marketing. SEO is a profession in its own right, and we draw the complementarity we need for your projects by skilfully choosing our partners.

Our SEO agency is a group of experts who can help you increase your online presence. Our strength is the 360-degree coverage we can guarantee in the world of digital marketing. Our professionals are trained and specialized in a number of different areas and work together to enable interconnections between different activities. All this ensures maximum utilization of the hours and resources invested. 

How does your business benefit from SEO?

SEO is one of the essential methods to be competitive within the market and to bring your product, service, or brand to the attention of customers. This organic optimization strategy gives businesses the ability to bring their brand within reach of users. Investing in SEO today represents, in fact, an effective method for intercepting new customers. Being among the first among Google’s search results means, in fact, considerably increasing the reach of reachable people and, therefore, your company’s potential customers. 

In fact, having a professional approach and method allows you to make your way in the market, which is increasingly competitive, where those who are not keeping up are destined to stay afloat with difficulty. We at Obiyan Infotech offer you the means to create an effective and efficient SEO strategy oriented toward results and the growth of your business. 

Increase the awareness of your brand online

Link-baiting and link-building activities consist of SEO strategies to get links and mentions on other websites. In this way, it increases the site’s presence in search engines and creates trust in the brand in the presence of positive reviews and judgments about the quality of products and services provided to customers.

Increase brand equity

Reinforcing brand value is the goal of every business owner. SEO is perhaps the only digital marketing strategy that can guarantee sustainable results in the long run.

Improve visibility on the web

SEO optimization is what makes a site visible, making it appear among the first search results. The first advantage of an SEO-optimized site is visibility. A website with updated content, positioned for the right strategic keywords, with optimal internal and off-site link building, is able to position itself at the top of the SERP. 

Increases conversions

An SEO-optimized site, positioned in the first places of the SERP, will intercept many more clicks and high-quality traffic. By appearing among the first results, in fact, the site will more easily reach potential customers and, on the other hand, it will be more easily accessible. In this way, the meeting with interested users is more immediate, also increasing the chances of conversion.


The most used software is Search Console, which is also the most reliable, being a product of Google itself.

A serious and competent SEO Consultant always offers all his clients an Analysis Tool that monitors the actual positioning of his website. Just enter the site address in the first field of the form, then all the keywords you intend to monitor (one for each row) in the second box, and finally, click on “Find your Positioning.” The Tool in question will return the exact position of each keyword entered.

It could be a completely normal thing if the site in question has been published for a short time to be “indexed” and not “positioned” (two very distinct things). Google must first become aware of your existence, analyze you and register you in its indexes of Research. If, on the other hand, the problem is: your site has been online for several months, it is correctly indexed, but when searching for it by name, you don’t even appear in the first 20 pages of google, then it will be time to carry out more in-depth analysis by opening a ticket of assistance.

SEO promotion, like any service provided, has its cost. The price for optimizing and promoting your resource will depend on the amount of work carried out, as well as the age and type of the website. An important role will be played by the tasks and goals that need to be achieved. To order SEO promotion on the site, you don’t even need to leave the office. You can contact Obiyan Infotech in any convenient way and discuss all the details of future cooperation.

To request SEO services, simply fill in the contact form by entering all the requested information. Within 24 working hours, you will be contacted at the email address you have indicated to arrange a conference call with one of our SEO consultants (not with a salesman) in order to discuss your project and clarify the details of the service. Following the conference call and subsequent feasibility check, we will send you the quote and the agreement to formalize the start of the collaboration.

The SEO services we provide always include all aspects of SEO, including market and competitor surveys, technical SEO optimizations, and On-Page and Off-Page.

The SEO consultant will work closely with your webmaster or with your IT department to provide you with clear and comprehensive information about all the optimization interventions to be performed. Normally, these interventions will have to be physically performed by you or by your webmasters. If this is not possible, we will take care of providing you with alternative solutions, which could involve extra costs.

There is no standard answer to this question, and it would be trivial to give precise timing. On some sites, the results are noticeable after a few days by applying some precautions in environments that have never been optimized correctly. In other cases, it is necessary to carry out more targeted activities to appreciate increases in organic traffic over time. Very complex projects can take even a few months to get the first results. Ultimately, a good average can be 60-90 days from the application of the first SEO activities.

You can monitor the results obtained through the Google Analytics and Search Console panels and the smart-to-use dashboards specially created for your project. Furthermore, on a monthly basis, we will check together the results produced by the execution of the optimization interventions, and together we will evaluate the progress made in the process of approaching the set objectives.

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