Mobile SEO Optimization Services

Mobile referencing brings together all the practices that improve the positioning of web content adapted for mobile devices (website or mobile application) in the results pages of search engines or mobile application marketplaces. (e.g. Google Play Store or Apple AppStore).

Whether it is for a Responsive Web Design site, a dedicated mobile site, or a site serving different content depending on the device (dynamic serving), we will give you the keys so that Google considers your site to be Mobile-friendly. We can also offer you other implementation methods, such as Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or Progressive Web Apps, depending on your activity sector and needs.

How Mobile Can SEO Benefit Your Business?

Having a mobile-first approach means better managing the elements that influence the positioning of a mobile site. Analyzing the needs of your users, understanding how they interact with your content, and outlining the goal you would like to achieve through your mobile site are important for understanding how to intervene to improve the user experience.

The goal of a good mobile SEO is to provide a simple User Experience in which the site content is perfectly usable from a mobile device so as to best answer the question that users are trying to answer.

Making the site fast through the use of a number of tools will allow you to reduce the bounce rate. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you will enjoy higher Click To Rate and views; In fact, Google prefers them, presenting them at the top of the SERP search results. With a careful analysis of the search queries on desktop and mobile, it can be seen that many more geolocated and vocal searches are carried out on mobile, using longer sentences and real questions.

Reformulating your SEO strategy with keywords related to this news will allow you to gain an advantage on the SERP over your competitors. Therefore, defining a good content strategy will also allow you to significantly reduce your site’s bounce rate.

So, don’t think so much; contact Obiyan Infotech now for your mobile SEO strategy. We can help you by building a mobile site tailored to your goals and needs; creating a User Experience for your customer that is simple and effective; and ensuring, through analysis and monitoring, that your mobile site translates the objectives into concrete results.

What do our Mobile SEO packages include?

By analyzing with you the objectives to be achieved with the mobile version of your site, we will outline the most suitable strategy for your needs. Our goal is to be able to provide your users with a unique and valuable mobile browsing experience. To do this, we focus on User Experience and content.

Responsive web design: At Obiyan Infotech, we will create a responsive website for you in which all the contents and elements of the site, such as images, videos, or the navigation menu, adapt automatically and dynamically to the size of the screen in use. This is done by compiling the HTML code, which optimizes the page depending on the device. A responsive design can be created quickly and easily, and given that Google recommends its adoption, only benefits are obtained in the Mobile SEO field.

Dynamic Serving: dynamic serving changes the HTML code depending on the device in use. Therefore, the source code of a mobile page for a tablet differs from that for a smartphone. The URL remains the same, while the server provides the required HTML version based on the device type.  

Page created specifically for mobile devices: At Obiyan Infotech, we can also help you with Mobile SEO by creating a site exclusively for mobile devices, which looks almost like a reproduction of the page for the desktop version but is really just a template. In fact, it develops independently from this, and there are two different URLs and two different HTML codes.

Get customized mobile SEO packages at Obiyan Infotech.

Each Client and each SEO Marketing project is different in terms of objectives and needs. For this reason, our agency’s consultancy is not focused on tracking Google but on the quality of traffic, improving conversion rates, increasing the business generated, and optimizing the return on investment (ROI). Our mobile seo packages in india include fundamental analysis activities alongside those identified on the basis of the specific needs of the Client to achieve the best possible results for their mobile site.



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