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Top Technical SEO Services in India – Obiyan Infotech is a well-respected company that provides technical SEO services in India and has a team full of skilled professionals with years of experience. They have a wide variety of technical SEO solutions that have assisted many businesses in reaching their online marketing aims. They provide several services like making website structures better, improving how fast a site loads, putting in schema markups, ensuring proper indexing and crawling, and making sure websites work well on mobile devices.

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Obiyan Infotech makes sure that the websites of their clients stay in tip-top shape for search engine checks through regular SEO reviews and continuous watching. Using plans that focus on data and results, Obiyan Infotech is a dependable friend for companies wanting to boost how they appear online and bring specific visitors to their websites. Pick Obiyan Infotech for your technical SEO needs and relax, knowing you have a trustworthy, expert partner.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a key action that helps make a website’s tech parts better to help it show up more on search engine results and get higher positions. This approach uses various strategies like improving the website setup, making sure it’s friendly for mobile users, boosting how fast pages load, and ensuring it can be easily crawled and indexed. By making these tech aspects better, companies make sure their website does what search engine rules want, which ends up giving higher spots, more focused visitors, and more money earned.

A strong technical SEO plan is an essential part of a complete SEO strategy and is super important for businesses that want to do well in the very competitive online shopping world.

What Do Technical SEO Services Include?

Technical SEO services are super important for helping a website show up better and rank higher in search engine results. These services include different strategies like making the website structure better, making sure the site speed is fast, putting in schema markup, and making sure indexing and crawling happen correctly. Technical SEO services also make sure the website works great on all devices, including mobile phones. Usually, a detailed technical SEO check (audit) is done first to find what needs to get better, and then regular checks keep making sure the website stays optimized.

Putting to use helpful technical SEO services, companies can greatly boost their website’s spot in search engine results, bring in the right visitors, and make their online presence and earnings bigger. Teaming up with a professional that offers technical SEO services is super important for businesses that want to keep up and stay competitive in the always-changing online world.

Our Technical SEO Services Include

  • Auditing Redirects
  • Checking HTTPS Status Code
  • Creating an XML Sitemap
  • Eliminating Duplicate Content
  • Fixing Duplicate, Submitted URL Not Selected as Canonical
  • Fixing Page Not Found Error (404)
  • Fixing Server Error (5xx)
  • Image Optimization
  • Implementing SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Optimized Website for Mobile
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Removing Spam Backlinks
  • Running a Crawl Error Report

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What Does a Technical SEO Audit Entail?

Technical SEO audits act like health check-ups for websites. These important checks review a website’s total well-being and find spots that need to get better. The audits look at technical parts like how the website is built, how fast pages load, if it’s easy to use on mobiles, and how well search engines can read it, to spot any problems that might make a website show up lower in search engine results and get seen by fewer people. After the audit, a thorough report is made that points out what was found and suggests steps for making things better.

Technical SEO audits give important information about how healthy a website is and assist businesses in making sure their website stays tuned up for search engine rules. By doing technical SEO audits regularly, businesses can keep their website in good shape and competitive on the internet, which helps to get higher places in search results, bring in the right visitors, and make more money.

Page Speed Optimization

Enhancing the speed at which web pages load, known as page speed optimization, is crucial for how a website performs. This can really affect how users see the website and where it shows up in search engine results. To make pages load faster, several steps can be taken. These include making image files smaller, lowering the number of HTTP requests, simplifying CSS and JavaScript, using browser caching, and making server response time quicker. This important task makes sure that visitors have a smooth and quick browsing experience, which search engines also reward with better rankings.

Optimizing how fast a webpage loads, known as page speed optimization, is super important, especially since quicker websites often get higher spots in search engine results and draw more visitors, which can boost profits. Keeping a regular check and working on page speed is key to staying competitive online and giving users a wonderful time browsing. When businesses focus on page speed optimization, they make sure their website stays tuned to what search engines need, which helps achieve better positions in search results, attracts more focused traffic, and improves conversion rates.

Image Optimization

Making sure pictures on a website are optimized, which means they aren’t too big or slow to load, is an important step to help a company’s website perform better and be more noticeable online. Image optimization is all about shrinking the file size of pictures without losing their good quality, which helps web pages to load faster and improves how the whole website works. Businesses can use different methods to optimize images, like squishing image sizes down, changing their dimensions to match the page, and choosing the right file type, all to help images load quicker. This not only makes visitors happy but also helps pull more focused traffic to their website.

Also, having images that are optimized can give a boost to where a website appears in search engine results because pages that load quickly are often favored by search engine rules. By ensuring images are just the right size and quality, businesses can use less internet bandwidth, which might also save them money on website hosting costs. So, it’s really important for companies to focus on image optimization if they want their website to work well, be easy to find in search engines, and offer a great experience to visitors. Putting effort into image optimization helps businesses stay one step ahead and ensures customers have a fantastic experience when they visit their website online.

Fixing Broken Links (404 Error)

Fixing broken links is a key part of making sure a website and its SEO are working well. Broken links can create problems by stopping visitors and search engine trackers from getting to the content they’re looking for, which can make the user’s experience less enjoyable and can also lower the website’s place in search engine results. Broken links can happen for different reasons like old content, redoing a website, or changing the addresses of pages (URLs).

Fixing broken links starts with finding them, which website owners can do using tools like Google Search Console or online checkers for broken links. Once they know where the broken links are, they can either update them to go to the right place or take them out completely. Making sure to check and fix broken links regularly is a key part of keeping a website working well. By doing this, website owners make their site easier and nicer for visitors to use, which can also help their website show up higher in search engine results and bring more visitors to their site. So, making sure broken links are fixed should be something website owners make sure to do to help users have a smooth experience and to help improve where their website shows up in search engine results.

How Do We Optimize Websites For Better Technical SEO Score?

In improving websites to get better technical SEO scores, we follow several steps:

The initial step involves conducting a detailed technical SEO audit, examining several website components like speed, mobile compatibility, and page design to spot any issues that might affect search engine rankings. Upon identifying these issues, we act to rectify them and boost the website’s overall technical SEO score.

Making sure website content is optimized is another key step to lift technical SEO scores. This means checking that the website’s meta descriptions, title tags, and header tags are set up right with important keywords and arranged so that search engines can quickly figure out what’s on the website. Using on-page optimization tricks, like putting alt tags on images and making URLs better, can also help make technical SEO scores go up.

Having a good setup of links inside the website is also really important for making technical SEO scores better. Making sure that the links inside the website are set up well and easy to use helps search engines figure out the website’s layout and how different pages relate to each other. Also, using the HTTPS protocol helps make the website more secure and can help raise technical SEO scores too.

Lastly, keeping a close watch and updating the website often is key to keeping technical SEO scores up. By keeping pace with the newest SEO good practices and making important changes to the website, those who own websites can keep improving their website’s technical SEO scores and, in time, increase natural visitor traffic. Don’t forget to check out our website maintenance services.

Why Obiyan Infotech For Best Technical SEO Services?

Obiyan Infotech is your top pick for Technical SEO services in India. Our team, filled with seasoned SEO experts, guarantees that your website meets all the technical standards search engines require for superior rankings. We provide SEO services that encompass an in-depth technical SEO review, fine-tuning your website content and layout, mending broken links, and enhancing page speed. Our SEO toolkit involves tools for analyzing keywords, on-page SEO instruments, and technical SEO utilities.

We also guarantee that your website boasts a smartly organized internal link network and is safeguarded with HTTPS protocol. Our team consistently stays abreast of the most recent Google algorithms to provide the most effective tactics for boosting your website’s technical SEO scores. By choosing Obiyan Infotech, you can expect elevated search engine rankings, a rise in organic traffic, and a website that adheres to the utmost standards of technical SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Technical SEO

Technical SEO is vital for enhancing a website’s technical aspects to increase its visibility and position in search engine results. This strategy involves various approaches, like optimizing the website’s structure, ensuring it’s friendly for mobile users, boosting page load speed, and making sure it can be easily crawled and indexed.

Essential components of technical SEO encompass optimizing website speed, ensuring mobile compatibility, organizing page structures, facilitating crawlability, designing internal link architectures, and implementing HTTPS protocols.

On-page SEO focuses on enhancing elements like title pages, meta descriptions, header tags, content, visuals, and internal link frameworks. Conversely, technical SEO emphasizes refining aspects like the speed of the website, compatibility with mobile devices, site architecture, XML sitemaps, robots.txt files, canonical tags, structured data, and the implementation of HTTPS protocols.

For big websites with lots of pages and technical problems, the check-up process might take several weeks, or even a few months. How long it takes also depends on how skilled the person doing the check-up is and the tools they use to find and fix issues.

Technical SEO services are crucial for enhancing a website’s presence and position on search engines. These services include several strategies, like refining the website’s framework, boosting its loading speed, applying schema markup, and making sure it’s indexed and crawled correctly.