All there is to know about SEM

In the space of a few years, the Internet has become a practical, fun and above all, essential tool for most people. Indeed, thanks to the Internet, we can do almost anything. You can go shopping, make purchases, look for work, do administrative procedures, meet people, share your passions on social networks. The possibilities are enormous, and the potential of the Internet is particularly significant. But that’s not all because it is also possible to earn money and make a name for yourself through your website or blog thanks to the Internet. But to achieve this, there are specific rules to know; this is called the SEM. So, what does sem stand for? We will discuss it in this article.

Improve your reference to increase your visibility on the Web

As explained above, if you want to make yourself known on the Internet, you will have to master SEM or Search Engine Marketing techniques. Why? Quite simply because it will allow you to be more visible on the results of the search engines. And who says visible in search engine results necessarily says significant traffic on your site.

If you have an online store, that traffic can turn into customers, which will increase your sales. All this is called SEO and is very important in your marketing strategy.

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Different types of SEO

Concretely, know that there are two main categories of referencing: free referencing and paid to reference.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEO is what is called the owner. This technique aims to make you climb in the search engine results by using different keywords or phrases.

The SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is what is called SEO surcharge. The principle is similar to SEO, except that you pay out of pocket to rank better on search engines.

SMO (Search Media Optimization) is an optimization technique on social media (social networks like Facebook, Twitter… but also Youtube, Dailymotion). This technique is free and involves including sponsored links or descriptions on social media or your videos.

Thus, the SEM (sem stands for Search Engine Marketing) entirely represents all of these referencing techniques, whether free referencing or paid to reference. SEM is, therefore, not a referencing technique in the same way as SEO or SEA; it is simply the name given to all types of referencing used to improve the visibility of your products or services.

As you will understand, SEM is not a separate SEO category but all of the existing types of SEO. Anyway, if you want to survive on the Web, you will master these different techniques. The competition is very tough on the Internet, don’t forget that. You can’t just build a site and wait for things to happen on their own.

How does SEM work?

SEM full form is Search engine marketing is now considered the primary marketing channel online. The reason? SEM stands out from conventional forms of advertising. It is broken down into several techniques, such as sponsored links (SEA, paid to reference) or even natural and free referencing (SEO).

SEM is a sort of pull marketing and not push marketing. The push is the traditional form of marketing which consists in pushing a product towards the consumer. The consumer does not necessarily think of buying your product; it is up to you to create a need in him. In the case of SEM, it is a question of pull marketing, that is to say, of “pulling” the customer towards your product. In this instance, the consumer is searching for specific data according to his needs. The intention to buy is already there, unlike pull marketing. SEM, therefore, makes it possible to generate highly targeted advertising that is perceived more positively by Internet users.

Search Engine Marketing on Search Engines

In most countries, one search engine dominates the market: Google. The Californian giant holds more than 95% of the market share in France. Alongside this monopoly, competitors such as Bing and Yahoo do poorly. For this reason, the SEO strategy in France mainly focuses on adapting to Google’s SEO algorithms. In the Americas, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has a larger market share, between 10% and 30% depending on the source. Russia and the People’s Republic of China are exceptions to Google. These two search engines are specific to these two countries and are leaders in their market, Yandex for Russia and Baidu for China.

How Long Is Search Engine Marketing Longevity?

Compared to other online marketing channels, SEO has the significant advantage of being sustainable over the long term. Indeed, the results achieved by SEA campaigns are way more ephemeral because their visibility ends when you stop funding the campaign. SEO is, in contrast, a long-term approach. Whether in the case of on-page or off-page, a website’s SEO endeavours are rewarded in a stationary and lasting way, even over several years. However, you have to work regularly on your SEO because the competition is also active. It is also essential to take into account that Google’s SEO algorithms are subject to change. 

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