Best PPC and SEM Reporting Tools for Agencies

SEM Reporting Tools: The PPC and SEM reporting tools are an integral part of your strategy. These tools provide the data insights organizations need to understand their campaigns’ relative success and demonstrate their efforts’ ROI.

PPC and SEM report also provide a chart that helps you fine-tune and improve your search engine marketing strategy over time, improving performance and increasing your ROI. By running different PPC campaigns across different ad products and platforms, the report can also provide guidance on balancing the marketing mix and prioritizing better-performing channels.

Generating PPC and SEM reports can be a time-consuming process if you’re creating one source at a time, but it’s still very important. Reporting is a way to share the results of your hard work with your customers. That’s why this blog is here to present the best PPC and SEM tools for agencies.

Importance of PPC and SEM reporting tools

Four benefits of the PPC and SEM reporting tools are:

Increased accuracy: Regardless of your age, you are human and can make mistakes. So instead of generating reports in Excel sheets to share reports at the end of the month, you can use the PPC and SEM reporting tools to check the accuracy of your formulas and data. These tools can help to remove doubts about accuracy and errors. Additionally, reports from multiple data reporting services can be customized. It saves you and your team brains, money, and time.

Save time on manual tasks: All data is exported from Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the same format using PPC and SEM reporting tools. You don’t have to spend any more time spent extracting, processing, and organizing report data. PPC and SEM reporting tools can help you automate your PPC reporting and save time.

Accurate analysis and comprehensive insights: If your campaigns are performing well on AdWords but not on Facebook, the PPC and SEM reporting tools can help you share consolidated reports in one dashboard. Whether you run single or multiple campaigns, all your needs are met by a high-scale alternative.

Increase productivity: You can save time and resources by integrating all PPC methods into one PPC and SEM reporting dashboard. If you are a PPC and SEM expert in a digital marketing agency, using PPC and SEM reporting tools will make your job easier and increase your productivity.

 The best PPC and SEM tools for agencies

Now that you know why you need PPC and SEM reporting tools in your marketing suite, let’s take a look at some of the best tools. Note that not all of these are necessary. But the tools mentioned below can help take your PPC and SEM campaign to the next level.


Semrush PPC Keyword Tool is the perfect solution to optimize your Google Ads campaigns. In addition to comprehensive reporting, this industry-leading solution optimizes ad campaigns based on keywords, combinations, and keywords. Advertisements, placements, etc.

With one of the best PPC reporting tools, you can easily generate negative keywords between groups, easily create ad groups, set up targeted ad campaigns with geographic placement based on CPC and search volume, automatically update keywords as needed, import existing google ads campaigns or recreate campaigns in one dashboard, and create multiple keyword lists to use in future campaigns.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a business marketing dashboard that serves clients and saves time. White label your dashboards and give your customers a personal ID so you can track the progress of great marketing campaigns.

This multi-channel PPC reporting tool allows you to automatically pull all customer data from multiple PPC networks like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Adroll, Facebook Ads, etc. The strength of AgencyAnalytics is probably the ability to annotate and target PPC data. This keeps customers informed of progress, specific changes, etc.

Report Garden

Report Garden provides end-to-end reporting automation software for small and medium-sized advertising agencies, including simple, easy-to-use PPC reporting tools to generate client reports from over 35 digital marketing channels.

With a single click, you can quickly create beautiful custom PPC reports with ready-made templates. Additional functions: Automation of reports, budgeting, invoicing, SEO site audit. Used by over 1,000 leading distributors, this PPC and SEM reporting tool offers 24/7 first-class support. Try it now!

Better Metrics

Better Metrics is a marketing reporting automation app that helps digital marketers collect all their Pay-Per-Click data (PPC) for easy in-depth analysis and reporting. The solution integrates with Google Sheets, Data Studio, and BigQuery, giving you full freedom to configure your reporting needs.

BetterMetrics is a platform that stands out in the market by extracting data every 30 minutes (as opposed to daily/weekly) for only $49 instead of $500 per month.

Many PPC and SEM managers rely on website analytics for PPC and SEM marketing. Well, there are a number of PPC and SEM reporting tools in the market that help you send attractive and detailed reports to your clients on a weekly and monthly basis, but it’s important to find alternatives for superior metrics that work within your budget.

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