How To Start A Freelance Web Development Business?

Web Development: Today, when the whole world is running digitally, why not take advantage of it! If you have the time and interest in online marketing, you can initiate your own web development company in India. Gone are the days when everything was done manually. Now, people look for comfort and convenience before anything else. To meet the market demands, get into the business of web development to create innovative websites for easy access of people.

Before opening your website development agency Delhi, India, having a clear idea about freelancing as a web developer is necessary.

Freelance web developer

Freelance web developers are those who create a website without working for any parent company. N short, they are self-employed coders who charge clients based on the project given to them. Since they do not work for any organization or company, they create their terms and conditions regarding a pricing policy, working strategy, and other work-related disciplines. Most of you wonder how long it takes to become a completely established freelancer. Well, there is no perfect answer to this question as the time required to become a freelancer is entirely dependent on few topmost parameters like:

  1. Your coding skills
  2. The business strategy you follow
  3. Amount of time you dedicate each day to your work

For one person, it may take only a couple of months to become a successful freelance web developer, while for some others, it may take few years. Whatever be the time required, you need to have patience and be consistent to shine as a freelance web developer.

Essential things to make money as a freelancer

Of course, when you work as a freelancer, you have two goals set in your mind:

  1. Become a successful and popular freelancer
  2. Make money

In order to get the desired popularity as a freelancer, you need to have specific skills, which will be discussed later in this blog. Let’s come to the second part of your goal. It is possible to make lots of money as a freelance, provided to do it right. If you try to make money without having any idea about the fundamentals of web development, you are sure to get doomed soon. There are three essential things to keep in mind while you make money as a freelancer:

  1. Understand the value of the service that you provide to your customers and take charges accordingly. The value of your service should be directly proportional to the charges you levy.
  2. Know that if you have to make money, you need to invest more time and learn high-valued activities to incorporate them into your services and charge more.
  3. If you have a full-time job and work as a freelancer along with it, you need to learn to balance the two.

Skills required to become a freelance web developer

A freelance web developer should possess two fundamental skills – coding and business skills.

  1. Coding skills

A freelance web developer should have adequate knowledge about HTML, CSS, Java, and various other programming languages. If you start right from scratch, you can go through specific offline or online courses or tutorials. With the programming languages, you can use CMS as an added service.

  • Business skills

Most freelance web developers fail to realize that they do not recognize their freelancing service as a business. Developing a business requires a set of skills that are pretty different than just coding and creating websites. You need to build a brand for yourself, set the right price, build up contacts, learn to talk with clients, and many more.

Tips for beginners to ace as a freelance web developer

Now that you have gotten a basic idea about freelance web development, here are some tips to guide you through the path to glory as a successful freelancer.

  1. Investing in your freelancing business

Since you do not work for any parent organization, you have to fund your business. This means there has to be some capital investment to get your venture started. However, the initial cost for every startup is nothing beyond imagination. An important point to keep in mind when beginning to freelance is you have to make peace with the fact that some of your money will be lost, and there is nothing to be worried about. 

  • Deciding the niche that you want to serve

Before you decide about the kind of clients that you want to serve, you need to find the answer to this question: Why you want to serve a niche? Once you have explained this to yourself, it is time for you to move on to the next step – How to choose the niche?

  • Opting for the services you want to offer and their respective prices

Once you have got the niche you want to serve, move on to the list of services you want to offer. The more services you offer, the more charges you can levy. Instead of charging by the hour, opt for the flat fee as customers find it more convenient. 

  • Having a rough draft of your business

Now, it is time to structure your business, meaning you need to decide how to run your freelance business. Note down the terms and conditions, and have liability protection for the benefit of your business.


Finally, the better you serve your customers, the more likely are they to return to you. Also, follow a discipline while working. Over the years, you are sure to sharpen your skills more and create a brand of your own.

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