Things to Know About Google Word Coach

Google is known as one of the most user-friendly platforms on the internet. Apart from the search engine, Google has a whole lot of products, ranging from Gmail to Google Analytics to Translator and word coach. 

 Google has products for end-users, developers, freelancers, business owners, marketers, and just about everyone. And the best thing is that the products are available for free. A majority of us use the free versions, blissfully ignoring the paid versions for businesses and enterprises. Google word coach is one such online product developed for end-users and available for free of cost. It helps people improve their vocabulary and learn English words and their meanings. Let’s read more about this useful tool offered by Google. Shall we? 

What is Google Word Coach?

Google word coach game was first launched in Feb 2018 to help non-native English users learn words and their meanings in English. Citizens from many countries like India, Africa, etc., read, write, and speak in English though it’s not our first or second language. 

We used to rely on dictionaries to learn the right meaning of a word and use it. The advent of technology has made it easier to search online rather than turn the pages of a dictionary. The easiest way to lookup a word online is to search for it on Google. You just need to enter the first few letters, and the word will show up in the suggestions. 

Select the word, and Google will display the meaning with an example and synonyms as the first search result. You can expand the result to learn more about the word like its origin, history, and even translate it to other languages. 

We can say that Google word coach is an extension of this. It is a game designed to help users learn the correct meaning of a word and test their knowledge. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert in the language. Anyone can play the game. Some do it for fun. Some play the game to test themselves. And some people use the word coach game to expand their vocabulary by learning new words. You must admit it’s a fun way to learn, especially since no teacher is asking you to spell the word fifty times. You make mistakes and learn on your own. It’s empowering! Many Digital Marketing Company are nowadays using google word coach by help of SEO services professional to attract heavy traffic to their website.

How to Play Google Word Coach?

Playing Google word coach is super simple. Before we talk about it, let’s see how to open Google word coach and access this interesting game. 

The game appears on your screen in different ways. It also depends on the device you use. For example, the word coach game might directly show up when you search for the meaning of a word from your mobile phone. It’ll be a small dialogue box in the center of your mobile screen. You can start playing the game straight away. 

It also appears under the ‘dictionary and translation boxes’ during a mobile search. Google word coach has been developed for mobile browsers. You can’t find the game through desktop and laptop browsers (though there are browsers with similar features and allow you to play the word coach for free). 

Open the chrome browser on your mobile phone and enter the keyword, ‘Google word coach’. The game will be displayed as the search result and start right away. You’ll see a question with two options, one of which is the right answer. You need to tap on the option you think is the correct answer for the question. 

If you give the correct answer, the next question will be displayed. If your answer is wrong, Google will show you the correct answer and explain why it is the right choice. You continue to play the game and learn for as long as you want. 

High Score, Levels, and Types of Questions 

Google word coach is an endless game. There is no restriction to how long you can play or how many questions you can answer. There are multiple rounds, with five questions in each round. You’ll earn points for every correct answer. The final tally will be displayed when you decide to end the game. 

There are only two levels in word coach Google. You need to answer the five questions in the first round, after which you are eligible to enter level 2. Once you start level 2, there is no endpoint. The questions get tougher as you play, and you earn more points for every correct answer. 

Moreover, you have the option of skipping a question. If you don’t know the answer or don’t want to risk choosing the wrong option, simply tap on ‘skip’. 

What if you want to know more about the question? You can do that too! There’s a tiny drop-down arrow with each question. Click on that arrow to know more about the question. This will help you understand and choose the correct answer. 

Make sure to end the game after a round is complete. This will allow you to share your game score to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or email. 

A word of caution: If you close the browser at any point, the game will be erased. You have to start from first again. 

If you are determined to touch a high score, don’t close the mobile browser with the game. Keep it open and play when you can. Turning off your mobile phone might erase the game. Also, you need an active internet connection to play the game. Make sure to play the game by signing into your Google account. This way, you can store the word game’s score in your account for a limited time and continue from where you left. However, the score doesn’t last forever. It’ll be erased after a while. 

There are three types of questions in Google word coach- 

  • Synonyms (similar)
  • Antonyms (opposites) 
  • Image description (the word that best suits the image) 

You don’t have to worry about wrong answers as it’s a chance to learn, and there are no negative points for it. You can continue the game irrespective of whether your answers are correct or wrong. Google doesn’t judge you for it. It’ll only show you that the answer is wrong using red color as an indicator. The green marks denote correct answers. 

Right now, you can use Google word coach in English language only. The search engine plans to release similar quiz games for other languages as well. 

Google Word Coach App and Shortcuts 

Is there an app for Google word coach to download on the mobile phone? Sadly, no. Even though word coach is sort of an app, it is not downloadable. It runs only on the mobile browser. You cannot find it in Google Play Store or anywhere else. 

It may not always show up with the translator box, either. Since word coach is not available in all countries, some of you may not be able to access the game. 

Still, there is a round-about way to add Google word coach to your phone’s shortcuts. When you open the game and play it, you might notice a tiny symbol at the bottom left corner. It should resemble a mobile phone with a curved arrow. This symbol is to create a shortcut button on your home screen to directly open the game next time onward. You may not always find this option. It depends on the make and model of your android mobile phone. 

To Sum Up  Word coach is an intuitive little quiz game developed by Google to help users learn and enhance their English vocabulary. The game is currently limited to mobile phone browsers and can be played anytime as long as the phone has an internet network. Use Google word coach to improve your English vocabulary. 

FAQs about Google Word Coach

1: What is the purpose of Google Word Coach?

Answer: Google Word Coach is a game-like app and its purpose is to help its users in learning vocabulary and meaning of English Words. It is a very useful tool and can help you learn the words and their meaning faster than any dictionary, in a fun and exciting way.

2: When was the Google Word Coach launched?

Answer: It was launched in February 2018 and it’s getting attention from all kinds of English speakers, whether they are at beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Although it was launched in some major non English speaking countries like India, Google is now working to expand it to other countries as well.

3: Where can I download the Google Word Coach?

Answer: All you have to do is search “Google Word Coach” from your phone and you will find the option to download the app somewhere on your screen, so scroll to that point and tap on it. You can download from there.

4: What’s the process to change the language on Google Word Coach?

Answer: After you search Google World coach and open it, you will see that on the right side You can use it in your language.

5: Can I Learn Other Languages on Google Word Coach?

Answer: Google Word Coach is basically designed to help people learn English and become better at it. Currently, that’s the only language you can learn and there is no Declaration of future updates by Google.

6:  Is Google Word Coach only available for Android?

Answer: This is widespread rumour, that Google Word Coach is only for Android, but that’s a lie. Android, iOS, Windows, it is available for all and you can use it on mobile, laptops, personal computers as well.

7: What types of quizzes exist on Google Word Search?

Answer: In the Google Word Search, there are 3 kinds of quizzes exist right now;

  • Synonym Question Quiz: In this Question quiz, you have to choose the word with similar meaning to the word asked in question from the options given. Select the correct word and you will get points.
  • Antonym Question Quiz: In this question quiz, you have to select the word which is opposite to the word asked in question from the options given. Select the right word to earn the points.
  • Image Question Quiz: In this question quiz, it’s about selecting the suitable image which fits the word given in the question from the options.

8: How many questions are asked in each quiz in the game?

Answer: Each quiz consists of 5 questions.

9: How much does it cost to play Google Word Coach?

Answer: It’s absolutely free.

10: How effective is Google Word Coach in preparation of IELTS and TOEFL?

Answer: It’s a fun way to improve your English Vocabulary but for IELTS and TOEFL, you need to do more, so w

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