What Are the Key Differences Between SMO and SMM?

A social media campaign comprises both social media optimization and social media management. Both are examples of social media marketing strategies used by companies, although they take very different approaches. Although SMM and SMO are not the same, they aim to improve social media interaction.

What exactly is SMO (or “Social Media Optimization”)?

Optimising a platform like a website or a blog so that it may be shared on top social media platforms is the essence of social media optimization (SMO). SMO is illustrated by the prevalence of sharing buttons for various social media platforms at the bottom of online material. The site’s administrators want readers to find it as simple as possible to publish articles on their favourite social media sites.

SMO is crucial since it makes it easy for any website visitor to share content via social media. By including in-text sharing options, tweetable links for selected quotes, and unrestricted use of infographics, SMO may significantly enhance the ease with which content can be distributed across social media platforms.

Here are a few of the essential SMO strategies use:

  • Adding social widgets

Including social widgets and badges on your websites is a good idea. It makes it simple for your audience to distribute your content through the most popular social media outlets. The people who consume your material have a wide variety of options for sharing it.

  • Putting in social sharing buttons

Even if they want to, social media users may be unable to spread your content. The social sharing buttons are hidden or difficult to find, discouraging them from using them. Be sure to strategically position the controls so that they are easily accessible to your users across all of your content.

  • Start-up social sign-ins

Using a social sign-in service during the login process is another option to expand online identities. This is done because people who have social connections are more likely to interact with a company than those who don’t. There would be a simple sign-up procedure available for your company as well.

  • Introduction to Conversation

The more time you spend on social media, the more material there is for narratives. Your digital traces in the social sphere would undoubtedly grow as a result. Moreover, your audience will have access to more stories that may be shared on social media. Internet search engines use social shares as a form of voting. SEO benefits would follow naturally.

  • Making content that can be shared

Maintaining a successful social media optimization strategy requires producing high-quality content. Keeping your website and social media pages updated with new material is essential. Also, make sure they’re search engine optimised.

  • Regular content sharing

When your work is complete, distribute it across several platforms. The more you participate, the larger your digital footprint will become. Also, to maximise exposure, you can test out several presentation styles for the same piece of content. Pick only the networks that will help your company thrive.

  • Social media platform enhancement

Lastly, ensure your social media profiles are complete and accurate representations of your company. Your company’s logo, mission statement, address, and website URL are all included. Search functions vary among social media platforms. If you want more exposure, tweaking your social media presence is an excellent start.

What exactly is SMM (Marketing Via Social Media)?

Social media marketing aims to raise awareness of a business or product through various online communities. SMM encompasses all forms of marketing that take place on social media platforms.

SMM encompasses many actions, from publishing engaging content to buying promotional ads. It’s evident how crucial it is to a social media plan. SMM is vital for a brand to gain a decent social media following.

Managing a social media presence, including making updates, running campaigns, providing social media customer care, and promoting your business, is an ongoing activity. Although many of you may include SMO within the scope of SMM, the reality is that SMM begins when SMO concludes.

  • Social media strategy

This is the first stage of social media marketing. It entails determining the campaign’s end aim, success measures, ideal social networks, optimal posting times, and optimal content formats for making meaningful connections with target audiences. They have a lot of paperwork to read through and follow for the whole course of the project.

  • Analysing the Competitors

Analysis of the competition on social media is equally important for marketing on these platforms. You keep a close eye on the competition and their network to learn what works for them.

  • Social media style guide

No matter how big or small, every company needs a social media marketing style guide because it’s an integral aspect of branding. Simple. They consider the demographics of the site’s regular visitors (such as age, gender, and interests) and use this information to develop a distinct voice that complements the site’s aesthetic.

  • Social media content calendar

In social media, content is king. That’s why they prepare and make a content schedule that considers the client’s special dates. They also ensure that the client receives them to be aware of plans.

  • Audience interaction

In social media marketing, interaction is crucial. You can do this through paid advertising, organic posts, and social media campaigns. Plus, that’s not all. You keep a careful eye on everything being said about your social media community so that you can respond swiftly to any problems that arise. You could do this with the aid of social media listening tools.

  • Keeping an eye on relevant metrics

The journey is just halfway complete with planning and execution. A significant chunk of social media marketing is dedicated to measuring the success of your approach. You may lighten your workload with the help of analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Fanpage Karma, etc.

The Difference Between Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing

As was previously mentioned, social media optimization (SMO) focuses on making it easier for people to share information from blogs and websites through various social media platforms. The goal of social media optimization (SMO) is to boost visits to the source website or blog.

The only goal of social media marketing (SMM) is to boost participation in social media activities. The sole purpose of social media marketing (SMM) is to raise awareness of a business or product using social media platforms.


The main distinction between SMO and SMM is that the former pertains to internal changes to your website, while the latter focuses on external activity (on some other channels). In a summary, SMO can be interpreted as a means to inspire site users to engage in SMM.

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