What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

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Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is called, is an essential part of any business or organization’s digital marketing strategy. This is because SEO improves your website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results like Google and Bing, leading to more organic traffic and sales. It can also enhance your website’s functionality and increase conversion rates and customer loyalty. SEO is of utmost importance to companies and businesses as it helps them attract quality traffic and increase sales.

What does [S]search for [E]ngine[O] optimize mean?

SEO is an optimization technique that consists of the following:

  • Optimize your website’s exposure and placement on search engine results in pages.
  • Optimizing various aspects of a website, such as website structure, content, and technologies used to make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand.
  • Increase organic traffic (i.e., organic traffic) to your web pages and improve the user experience when browsing.

SEO aims to help businesses attract their target audience and increase sales and revenue. This is an essential aspect of any digital marketing business plan.

How different types of businesses can benefit from SEO

SEO can help you reach your target audience, and increase website traffic and sales, whether you run an e-commerce business, service business, B2B business, or local business.

SEO helps e-commerce businesses promote their products and increase sales. Online stores can improve their chances of appearing in search results by optimizing product pages with relevant keywords when customers want to buy a particular product. For example, if you do e-commerce, then a positioning agency can help you become visible to your target audience in that particular area.

Service companies can also reap SEO benefits by optimizing their website for keywords related to their services. As such, it may appear in local searches for our services. B2B companies can use SEO to connect with potential customers. By optimizing their website for relevant keywords, B2B organizations can increase their chances of appearing in search results when other businesses are looking for solutions to their problems. 

By optimizing your website for local keywords and building a Google My Business listing, local businesses can increase their visibility in search results and attract customers from nearby locations. Therefore, SEO can help you reach your target audience and increase traffic and revenue, regardless of the type of business.

Tips for a successful SEO campaign


  • Find the best keywords and incorporate them into your site’s content and meta tags to help you move up the search engine results pages.
  • Organized and streamlined site navigation improves user experience and helps search engines better understand what your site is about. This is known as on-page optimization.
  • Off-Page Optimization: Building strong backlinks from trusted sites improves your site’s authority and ranking in search engines. For example, if you have an event agency, then an SEO agency can generate those links on relevant, reliable websites to promote your business.
  • Content Marketing: Creating interesting and useful content helps attract and retain visitors while improving search engine rankings.
  • Technical SEO – A technically strong website (fast loading speed, mobile friendly, etc.) will help you rank higher in search results.

You can improve your website and increase your search engine results by focusing on these areas.

Why hire an SEO agency to improve your website

There are several reasons why hiring an SEO agency is a better option than optimizing your website yourself.

1. Knowledge and experience: An SEO agency has a team of trained and experienced SEO experts. They have the knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest SEO trends and best practices and optimize your website.

2. Time and Resources – SEO can be time-consuming, and it may not be possible for business owners to allocate the time and resources required for SEO. Having an SEO agency handle the optimization process saves you time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

3. Holistic Approach – SEO agencies optimize your website, considering various factors such as technical SEO, on-page optimization, content marketing, and link building. Embrace this works better than optimizing your website piece by piece.

4. Measurable Results – SEO agencies can track and measure the results of your efforts and provide detailed reports on your website’s performance. This helps you understand the impact of your optimization process and make informed decisions about your future strategy.

While it is generally possible to improve a website on your own, an SEO agency brings experience, resources, and a holistic approach to the process, ultimately leading to better, measurable results. 

Essential to successfully implementing an SEO strategy: knowing how search engines work

The operation of search engines can be summarized in two steps: crawling and indexing. Knowing these procedures gives you a greater chance of achieving success with the SEO strategy.

 The tracking process

 This process starts with Google bots visiting a list of web addresses and sitemaps. Once accessed, the bots look for links to other pages to visit them. The bots decide which pages to visit, how often, and how long they follow a particular website, which is why it is essential to have optimal loading time and up-to-date content.

It is very common for a website to restrict tracking of some pages or content to prevent them from appearing in search results. For this reason, you can tell search engine robots not to crawl certain pages.

The indexing phase

 After a bot has crawled a website and collected the necessary information, the pages are included in an index organized by content, authority, and relevance. This way, when making a query in the search engine, it will be much easier to show us the results most related to your query.

Currently, search engines are sophisticated and base their indexes on hundreds of different aspects to position content, including publication date, if they contain images, videos or animations, microformats, etc. Now they give more priority to quality.

Once the pages are crawled and indexed, the algorithm reacts: Algorithms are the computer processes that decide which pages appear before or after the search results.  After the search is done, the algorithms check the indices. This way, they will know the most relevant pages considering the hundreds of positioning factors, and all this happens in milliseconds.


SEO is essential to any marketing plan for businesses of all types and sizes. Increase brand awareness and reputation, increase website traffic, rank higher in search engines, improve user experience and increase your return on investment. You can effectively optimize your website and reach your target audience by focusing on keyword research and optimization, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, content marketing, and technical SEO. In light of this, it may be wise to prioritize SEO in your marketing efforts if you still need to do so.  

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