What is the function of an SEO manager?

SEO manager: In today’s business world if an organization wants to be known by the customers, digital marketing is a must for that organization. Digital marketing is a vast field and it offers a lot of career opportunities for people and requires few skill sets. SEO expertise is one of the most demanded skill sets in digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessary tool nowadays to enhance the reach of an organization to the potential customers. So the skills of an SEO manager are highly regarded in the business world. Nowadays it’s not just about content creation or creating a good content strategy, which many of the experts are able to do, if they lack the right SEO, all the content will not be that useful and basically ineffective because it won’t reach to anyone in the online business world.

If you are looking for a career which is flourishing for you and for the organizations in today’s hyper competitive business world, joining a digital marketing community is the right choice, which you can do by being an SEO manager. Now let’s look at the function of an SEO manager and how it’s useful.

SEO for Newbies:

You open Google and you make a search for something, and this will rely on keywords. Keywords will decide what content is suitable for your search inquiry according to what words you put in the search engine. There are many search techniques which are used by Google to provide the best suitable information. Better sources of information will be visible first and the later will be shown in the rankings.

The very top spot which is highly desired will be very difficult to get because Google uses an ever-changing list of Google’s algorithms. It helps Google to give best results to the people who use the search engine for their enquiry. And that is why many of the companies remain unnoticed by the public. SEO helps in the optimization of the keywords and that ultimately helps the website easy to find on Google.

The more effective the optimization of the keywords, higher the website will appear in the rankings. As an SEO manager, your work is to lead the digital marketing team in many ways, like supervising the SEO optimization for companies website, help run ad campaigns effectively and also help the team manage the website, social media handles etc.

Establishing the position:

There are a lot of other aspects to online marketing than finding a position. No matter how much traffic you bring to the website, if it’s not converting into potential customers it’s totally useless for the organization.

After considering all areas and all aspects of the search an SEO manager provides all necessary strategies that will be beneficial for the visitor to get the service he/she wants and ultimately bring more potential customers for the company. SEO selects the right content that not only will bring the potential customers but also make them understand about the benefits and need of services the company is providing, so that they turn into buyers in no time.

What role does the SEO manager play in the company?

When you first look at it, you will feel that SEO manager and marketing manager have exactly the same roles in the company. As their main focus is to create brand awareness and enhance the sales for the company. But the role of an SEO manager is more specialized as it’s all about online marketing and making strategies for the success of the company in the online business world. Here’s the tasks performed by an SEO manager:

  • Optimization of content in website, social media, etc
  • Organizing and managing all the content online for the company.
  • Establishing and maintaining the online community.
  • Take decisions about backlinks
  • Makes SEO strategies
  • Planning and conducting the campaigns for the company online
  • The SEO manager makes observations and analyses the website.
  • Manages basically all the digital marketing projects.
  • Research about the suitable keywords
  • Analysis of the whole online market.

The skills and education required for becoming an SEO manager:

From the look of it, it feels like the SEO manager is a combination of two experts in one, the master marketer and the geeky tech guy. But in reality, an SEO manager is a person who acquires little knowledge about a lot of areas and is a master of one or few areas. As described by Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of Moz, what SEO manager does is called T-shaped shaped marketing (T- Shaped is the term which refers to light knowledge of many areas and mastery in one area.)

Mainly the role of an SEO manager is strictly driven on results, and it’s very important to provide the results in favor of the company which basically means helping the company reach higher rankings in search engines.

You need to provide the suitable content which helps the company to make its online presence noticeable to the vast majority of users and also make plans after research and thorough analysis of the data. You will be needing the tools that will make your job easier, especially tools like Google Ads and analytics

You also need to present that you have experience in managing the project when it will be required depending on the position. Some of the company owners may demand a bachelor’s degree in computer science, finance, marketing etc. And also prefer someone who has good knowledge in coding languages like HTML, JavaScript etc.

FAQs about SEO Manager:

  1. What are the expectations from an SEO Manager?

Answer: Your job as SEO will revolve around these tasks, which are as follows:

  • Research about suitable keywords
  • SEO in both regards on-page and technical as well
  • To develop and execute the content strategy
  • The SEO manager has meetings constantly with the clients to make strategies to help them achieve the mutual goals.
  • The SEO manager also does the data analysis using tools like Google Analytics, which helps him/her in selecting suitable keywords and developing content which brings more traffic to the website.
  1. What are a few skills that are must for a SEO manager?

Answer: Here are the few skills you will need as an SEO Manager;

  • Ability to develop good strategies, a perfect plan that will help the company reach its goals and objectives.
  • Ability to make tactics which ultimately help the main strategy it’s a must skill to have especially in this ever changing online world.
  • An SEO manager should be able to provide quality content that converts traffic into customers.
  • Analytical skills that help him/ her to get the best data for the company’s website.
  • Ability to manage and enhance the brand and its reach as a whole.
  • People skills like communication skills, leadership skills etc.
  1. How to get an SEO manager job?

 Answer. Here are the necessary steps you need to get an SEO Manager Job;

  • Develop the skills that are required for an SEO manager as mentioned above.
  • You will be needing an SEO Certification.
  • Get any job available in the SEO field like SEO content writer etc, and then progress your way up to SEO manager.
  • Begin working on your own blog, which must be SEO based.
  • After you have enough experience and understanding in the SEO field, apply for an SEO Manager Job.
  1. How much does an SEO Manager make?

Answer:  In India, an SEO Manager’s average Salary is around ₹7 Lac per Annum, which will increase as your experience in the field increases.

  1. Is SEO Manager a stressful job?

Answer: It will require a lot of your mental abilities so it is a challenging job, so in a way it’s a bit stressful job but if you are a dynamic, creative person you will love it.

  1. Can I see SEO Manager as a long time Career?

Answer: It’s a fantastic job which will give you a lot of rewards in your career. If you are a person who can develop your skills and be open-minded to learn and grow your skills and abilities required in the job you will create a great fortune for yourself as an SEO Manager.

  1. What will be the scenario of this job in the coming 5 years?

Answer: In the coming 5 years, all the SEO based jobs will be high in demand. One of the factors is that most of the social media platforms will merge with search engines. Facebook began it already. Only on Facebook, they have over 1.5 billion searches every day. Twitter is already in partnership with Google.

  1. How long does it take to reach the level of SEO manager?

Answer. As you progress in your skills and become better in understanding how SEO works overall, your possibility to become an SEO manager will increase, it will all depend on how well you develop the required skills and abilities, but you can say on an average it will take around 2 years. So focus only on the step by step process mentioned above, when you feel confident enough in your potential, you can apply for the job.

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