YouTube SEO Guide: Top 10 Tips to Rank Your Videos on YouTube

Amongst all ways of creating an online presence, YouTube is one of the most popular ones. Not only does it drive traffic, but it also increasesthe engagement of your audience and makes them aware of your brand. To help you utilize YouTube to the fullest, here are some YouTube SEO tips that you can follow.

But, before getting into the tips and tricks, let’s take a quick look at YouTube SEO.

What is SEO in YouTube?

YouTube SEO means optimizing your YouTube channel to suit the needs of your target market. This has two meanings – one, specific keywords are used that can generate organic traffic, and second, to get your videos featured in the YouTube suggestion list.

How YouTube SEO works?

You must be wondering how to do YouTube SEO, right? YouTube judges every video based on several factors. Besides, how engaging the video is for a query also makes a difference. Therefore. When creating and uploading new videos, one has to match the user’s search query and make relevant and engaging video content.

How to get the best rank of videos on YouTube?

Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of social media, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get the desired rank in YouTube if accommodated.

1. Choose keywords carefully

If you have to compete with your rivals, conducting proper keyword research is a must.

2. Video title should have keywords

As you are creating videos for your potential audience, having a keyword in the video’s title will make you easily accessible to them.

3. Video files should have keywords

If your video file has the relevant keyword, you have a better chance of being visible to your target market.

4. Optimization of video description

As per the rules of YouTube, you need to use the most important keywords in the first few sentences of the description. Make sure that the description is not longer than 200 words.

5. Video hashtags to draw more traffic

Hashtags are trendy in social media now. Use relatable hashtags in the description of your video by using preferred YouTube SEO tools.

6. Categorize video

The content that your video has must surely fall into a category. The SEO for YouTube channels says that when uploading a video, you need to categorize it so that people find you easily.

7. Customization of a thumbnail image

Thumbnails attract the attention of the people. Therefore, having a potential and attractive thumbnail can give your video a better rank and grab viewers’ attention.

8. Add closed captions and subtitles

If a video has subtitles, people from different spheres who speak a different language can watch them. Closed captions are for those who cannot hear the audio.

9. Upload longer videos

A study has shown that less than 2 minutes of videos are not given a good position, while the ones that are more than 10 minutes get featured amongst the best five videos.

10. Promotion of channel and video

Making videos and uploading them is not enough. If you do not tell people about your work, they will never know that your channel exists.


Therefore, following the tips mentioned above is sure to make your YouTube video trending.

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