How Brands Can Take on Social Issues on Social Media

Given the scenario of our contemporary world, the consumers of the younger generation expect their brands to get in and have a say and to state their point on many social issues like climate change, racial inequality, and others. For instance, the brand team at LIFEWTR, a premium water brand, felt compelled to raise their voice when hundreds of thousands of people in the USA and around the world came to the streets to protest against the murder of George Floyd’s and supported the protest of black lives matter in the pursuit of justice. Michael Smith, who is also the head of marketing. The communication said that their brand wanted to do something about the protest.

Brands can tackle social issues: How?

Communicating by your values

Taking a stand just by a post or a tweet isn’t always enough for a brand. The young population demands more commitment from the brand as a consumer. It is not just about last summer or a black month. It is about what their brand stands for and their commitment to the cause. It is about the values on which the protest stands on. It is not just about black lives, and even the LGBTQ community is also where many brands can take stands. For example, local cake brands and the wedding industry can offer discounts for same-sex marriage to promote same-sex marriage.

Concentrating on different issues in different parts of the world.

There are so many problems all around the world. The government can’t take care of them alone. That is where many core business companies of whatever industry they are in, is positive for people and for society as a whole needs to have meaning and a positive way to impact the deepest of the places around the world. Like when the Amazon deforestation took place, many butchering companies in Europe refused Brazilian meat supply as a sign of protest against the Brazilian govt.   

Advertising/marketing through your thoughts

Solving your problems is what business does the best does. It is also essential to spread awareness within the population across the globe. For instance, a condom company can promote birth control which is quite a problem in Asia. On the other hand, Climate change is an erupting issue; asking people to minimize the use of carbon or promote electric cars through their advertising and marketing department can be a progressive step. You would be intrigued to know that in India, a few years back, a medicine company promoted organ donation in its subtle way. Electronics brands and paper-based companies can promote stopping deforestation.

The use of sanitary napkins or buying sanitary napkins is still a taboo issue in many south Asian countries. Therefore, it’s a joint duty of the government and companies who sell these napkins to educate people, promote their use, and make the rest of the population aware of using them.

Using social media for good

Social media has become a giant for spreading every sentiment in every corner of the world. If a brand believes in a cause, it must not be shy and come up with it. Today’s world demands authenticity, and so does social media. If not more. Startup a social network discussion if the issue is close to your brand’s heart. Pledging support to a campaign that is important for the brand (ethically) and raising to the cause will show positive effects. That shows courage and strong sentiments about the issue. And ask your consumers to do the same.  

Collaboration with other brands who share values

True strength comes from working together. Working with renowned brands who share the same values as yours can help promote their own business and help in spreading awareness. Imagine company A in the USA and another Company B in India launching a product. But both company needs each other’s help. Collaborating for a social cause with the market leaders of their respective continents does give them an edge when it comes to business. 

Magic happens when a single vision meets among different teams. The work gets better when you execute against a shared purpose and have a shared vision. Every baby step helps, especially for social causes and donations and charity events.

Raising awareness by the brand.

With an emotional angel that could highlight a vital and influential social issue, the chance of going viral gets significantly higher. When people care for a cause, they want to spread it far and wide. A great example is when the government of many countries asked many athletes and other celebrities around the globe during the pandemic to promote and urge the standard population for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, it played a long way.

Gaining buyers trust and loyalty

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more afraid about their mental and physical health, financial concerns, and their family’s welfare. But, according to a study, brands that reduce this panic are way more trusted by the population. Did you know that so many consumers only consumes their product due to their trust? Furthermore, so many more are ready to speak and to recommend, repost for those brands.

To sum it up

Understand your customer and believe in them. Tring to attract the millennials and Gen Z for social causes can be a healthy step. In general, people of this age group are more concerned, and they care a lot about what companies and what the people who work for those companies care about. That’s important to them. And authenticity is also important to them. Companies today have such a big part to play in people’s lives, and they do have such scale that it is not only an opportunity, but it’s a responsibility to do good things in the world. Doing business is also to make the world a better place for those underprivileged and oppressed. Our species have to speak up when the occasion calls for it.

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