8 Ways to Enhance Your eCommerce Customer Journey

eCommerce: According to the Microsoft State of Global Service Report, excellent customer service is “very critical” to a growing proportion of consumers. Pricing and quality are expected to replace customer service’s critical differences between companies in 2021.

To build customer trust and encourage repeat purchases, it is essential to provide an exceptional experience for the customer. On the other hand, poor customer service may result in lower sales, a damaged reputation, and negative reviews on online review sites.

In the global marketplace, 60% of consumers say they stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience. For individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, the percentage jumps to 68 percent.

Maintaining current clients is more expensive than recruiting new customers, which is why it is so important to keep your present customers happy if you want your company to succeed in the long term.

To succeed in e-commerce like Amazon, you should follow the company’s customer service philosophy.

With this in mind, here are some suggestions for enhancing your eCommerce company’s customer service, whether it is new or established.

Develop a Multi-Channel Strategy.

A high-quality omnichannel customer experience has a 91% greater chance of keeping current customers, according to research from the Aberdeen Group. Using the many lines of contact you establish with your customers, let them know you can help them. Customer service should be universally outstanding throughout all your channels; therefore, make it your goal. An online retailer’s goal is to deliver top-notch customer service no matter where they are located and guarantee their absolute pleasure.

Take steps to avoid having your customers repeat the same thing.

More than six out of ten of us believe that waiting on hold or delivering the same information to many customer care representatives is the most unappealing element of the procedure. All of us have experienced it at some point or another, and the annoyance is compounded by the wasted time of everyone involved. To provide outstanding customer service, customers mustn’t need to repeat their inquiries or wait for long periods for a response.

Keep tabs on the proportion of consumers that are happy with your service.

Any effort aimed at betterment necessitates the use of measurements. When a customer’s degree of happiness with interaction is measured, you can tell whether or not the engagement was a success. The Customer Satisfaction Score, or CSAT for short, is the most often used method because of its simplicity of use.

Customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) are often employed in customer satisfaction surveys to determine how happy consumers are with a product or service. “How happy were you with the overall quality of your experience today?” and a scale ranging from 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 are often included in these surveys. You may learn a lot about your company by listening to what your customers say about it.

Set up a Live Chat System.

According to studies, more than three times as many conversions may be generated with live chat than without it. Sales may be boosted by using live chat. With instant messaging software, customers may receive a response quickly, rather than waiting up to twenty-four hours or more for an email question to be responded to. Client satisfaction rises when response times are sped up, and customer loyalty follows suit. With the help of customer care employees, the procedure is more efficient and less costly than traditional phone support.

Consider using a Help Desk Application.

The right software might be more important than having the right people or processes. When appropriately implemented, customer service software like eDesk may be a critical factor in retaining current customers and maintaining their level of satisfaction. Consumer service representatives may respond to customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently with the aid of help desk software. Keep everything in one place by integrating with many social media platforms and contact forms on your website.

Use a Variety of Social Media Platforms

Providing customer support through social media is becoming more and more frequent. If your customers can’t reach you via phone or Live Chat, they’ll likely turn to social media instead. You must also demonstrate a degree of receptivity. A whopping 42 percent of people who reach out to companies through social media expect a response within an hour. It’s possible for customers to vent their dissatisfaction with a company’s goods or services on social media. When you do something well or go above and beyond, it may be a productive outlet for brand aficionados to sing your praises. Social media platforms allow for direct engagement with customers, forming relationships, and building brand loyalty.

Enable the internet dissemination of relevant data.

One of the most frustrating things that may happen when you are going to make an online purchase is not being able to get the information you need. Because it will help reduce customer support requests and boost search engine optimization, having a knowledge base is a good idea.

Seasonal staffing is a good idea.

The fourth quarter is the busiest time of year for most internet merchants. Returns and customer service will increase due to a more significant number of purchases. Preventative measures, such as an online knowledge base and a frequently asked questions section, are critical to reducing the quantity of customer help required. To avoid losing money and customers, you should consider recruiting additional employees to handle the increased workload and maintain your excellent customer satisfaction levels.

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