How does voice search help evolve SEO further?

The voice assistants came into the picture in the year 2011 when SIRI was introduced. At the moment, nobody had thought that the novelty would soon become the driving force behind the tech innovation used as voice search. However, almost eight years later, huge numbers of the people have been using smart speakers across the globe. And if the current trend goes on, the number is expected to rise tremendously in the near future. 

The popularity of the voice based interface(s) has been increasing exponentially in most of the marketing sectors. Several brands, including Google and Amazon continue accelerating the trend further. The number of the visitors to the Internet searching for the specific details by means of the voice search has been on the rise. Voice search has increasingly been employed in banking, healthcare, etc., apart from targeting specific audiences and various other marketing purposes integrating the changing user requirements. 

The Role Played by Voice Search in the Evolution of SEO

Well, voice search allows you to search for the required information. But, the keyword search has also been doing the same. So, where lies the difference? And what makes the new medium take off more swiftly than expected? Not only the technology behind voice search has been evolving and getting popular rapidly, it has also been helping SEO evolve further. 

The search engines have been evolving over the years, thus, getting better to comprehend various language patterns and understand what the various user queries aim at. No wonder, the search engines, more often than not, provide the visitors with the information that their queries aim at.

Read on and you will discover for yourself how voice search helps you achieve better SEO


  • What makes Voice Search better than the keyword search?


Most of the digital assistants including Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana, apart from several others, are voice search enabled. The AI technology that powers the voice search has also been evolving rapidly. 

It’s the AI that enables the search engine understand the contextual perspective of the search, apart from the user intent concerning what does the search actually aim at. Besides, AI also tracks the information including the previous search queries as well as the past user behavioural patterns.  AI is also competent enough to analyze the queries comprising multiple steps. Thus, the user requirements are anticipated in a highly efficient manner. 

The voice search technology has been playing a significant role in the field of education as well. Many a students, or for that matter, anybody, who feels like searching the Internet for any information might not be able to do so easily if they are lacking in the language skills. For example, spelling errors made while typing might make it difficult for them to search the information easily. Thus, people with poor language skills can make use of the voice search to retrieve the desirable information from Internet as and when required. 

Besides, a query that is spoken (and not written) usually makes it easier for the end user to get the required information. The user may explain his requirement at length. And the speech recognition technology is only getting sharper and user friendly to a greater extent as the time goes on. 


  • Helps attain the position zero


Voice search helps you gain the position zero, the featured snippet that happens to be the most coveted position on the search engine results. The top most results at the position zero draw the greatest of the traffic. So, if you want to gain more of the leads, it’s better to consider the voice search better than what you might have been doing already. 


  • It’s FAQ content friendly: The AI as employed by the voice search queries can easily sift through the content of the FAQs and get the required information for the sake of the user. No wonder, B2Bs and B2Cs are increasingly making use of voice search as a part of their marketing strategy. 


    1. It helps study the behavioural patterns of the visitors: Voice search makes it easier to understand what does a customer actually look for? Thus, a business finds it easier to cultivate trust of the future customers and keep them loyal. It’s also because voice-search helps provide more of the precise answers and the visitor does not feel that his time is getting wasted.


  • Good for those who like to chatter: It might seem humourous, but a number of the people would prefer to talk rather than scribble down a few words. So, with the availability of voice search, they prefer to speak rather than type the queries on the screen. It obviously is a great motivating factor to use voice search rather than typing keywords. 


Thus, making use of voice search does and has been evolving SEO further. However, the manner you opt for in order to enhance SEO by using voice search depends on your business requirements as well. However, a well considered use of voice search is surely going to maximize the SEO advantages that your website might already have been enjoying.

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