Most Popular & High-Performing Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing method that creates and distributes content that customers find valuable and leads to the acquisition and purchase of prospective customers.

Through content marketing, you can gain fans for your company and secure a medium- to long-term revenue stream as well as a short-term increase in sales. A variety of things are covered, from online to offline.

Why is content marketing important?

The reason why content marketing is so important is because the way users acquire information has changed.

• Google

• Yahoo

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Facebook

With the development of search functions and the development of SNS, you have entered an era where users can easily obtain the information they need at any time. As a result, the competition to acquire customers is intensifying.

The current situation is that the conventional sales-type advertising method is difficult to pass when acquiring obvious purchasing customers.

In order to approach customers who have latent needs,

1. Give potential customers the information they need

2. Cultivate as customers/fans of the company

3. Develop into purchasing customers 

Content marketing is also very important in providing the information that customers need.

Types of content marketing

In content marketing, it is necessary to provide content that matches the segment.


infographics are drawings and graphics that allow you to understand the content of products and services visually. It complements the white paper, which is centered on the text and plays a role in deepening the user’s understanding.


This is an article that focuses more on products and services than a blog post, but it is a method to increase the credibility of the article by collaborating with experts from the time of content creation and incorporating comments and opinions. The volume of the article itself tends to be worth reading, and this is the content that is mainly developed in owned media.


A PowerPoint presentation, slideshow, or similar that provides dynamic content with a short gist of your product or service. Although it is classified as multimedia, it can also be published in owned media and can be used for various purposes.

Paid media

Paid media is traditional media where companies pay for advertising to advertise their services and products.

In particular,

• Magazine

• Newspaper

• TV set

• Radio

• Web advertising

• Sponsor at the event etc., fall under paid media.

The role of paid media is to increase awareness of services and products to potential customers and consumers who are not interested in your company.

Owned media

Owned media refers to media in which a company manages, operates, and disseminates information.

Owned by the company

• Blog

• Website

• E-mail magazine etc.

The role of owned media is to provide consumers with information about services and products that cannot be obtained from website information alone.

Earned media

Earned media is media in which users and consumers, who are third parties, such as followers and influencers, disseminate information.

As a medium to be transmitted by a third party

• Twitter

• Instagram

• personal blog

The amount of information sent by users themselves is increasing year by year, and it can be said that it is the most trusted medium by consumers.


It is a media that integrates multiple information media such as,

• Article

• Audio

• Movie

• Image

You receive various information, images, and videos from media such as personal computers and smartphones. Multimedia is an expression method that aggregates information.

White paper

A white paper is a report that analyzes the issues and problems of a company and summarizes the methods for solving them with your company’s services and products.

• Increased order acceptance

• Lead nurturing*1 is possible

• Get lead information

BtoB companies are increasingly using it for the purpose of acquiring new customers. The main purpose is to provide information to solve customer problems.

Social media marketing

It is a marketing measure that utilizes social media, such as,

• Twitter

• Facebook

• Instagram

• LinkedIn

Unlike websites, there is an advantage that companies and consumers can communicate with each other. With the spread of smartphones, the number of SNS users continues to increase, and social media marketing will continue to attract attention in the future.

Blog marketing

Blog marketing is marketing where you advertise and introduce products on your blog and earn money. Be aware of content that you think will be beneficial to users, such as know-how and useful information.

• Answering questions and impressions increases the number of fans and increase the conversion rate

• Users who read quality blogs may become fans of the company

There are benefits such as not only sales and name recognition but also branding.

Create suitable content

Content marketing can attract customers at a relatively low cost, but it takes time to produce results. It is important to be conscious of what kind of content to deliver to whom and at what time and to improve constantly. Let’s create suitable content for users who want to have a point of contact.


There are various types of content marketing, so it is necessary to send content according to the interests of the target.

Articles, videos, case studies, etc., are common as the content that is actually used. If you can apply your content to the buying flow and make good use of it, you have the potential to convert users into customers before they reach out to your competitors. Let’s make it possible to provide information that can solve the problems of new users in advance by converting various introduction cases and customer voices into the content.

There are many types of content marketing, so it will be necessary to send out the information that the target needs because it is difficult to connect to sales directly and requires perseverance. It is essential to research and analyze what potential target users are looking for and then deliver highly satisfying content.

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