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Social Media Services

Besides SEO, SMO is not to be ignored if you want to reap a rich harvest making your business flourish!

Why SMO (Social Media Optimization)?

Gone are the days when a mere website, howsoever well designed it is and e-mails used to be more than sufficient for making your presence felt online. The digital age we live in has moved far ahead. It has accessed a number of platforms with both the businesses as well as the web surfers getting more impatient with their time and efforts. Who has the time to read long e-mails and then type down the replies? Social media provides various platforms that allow an instant dialogue(s) between the webpage of a business and the traffic that visits it.

What can our SMO services do for you?

The social media optimization services as provided by us at Obiyan are tailor made for you! We customize all of our services as per your business requirements so that you do not have to face any of the competition blues.

This is what our SMO services do for you.

  • Increasing the traffic to your web page on the social media platform, e.g., Facebook.
  • Managing and updating your page on various social media platforms as and when required.
  • Managing suitable ads to promote your business on various social media platforms.


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