Internet: Advantages and Disadvantages


Advantages and Disadvantages of Surfing Internet

Internet has made it far easier for the modern man to communicate and share information than what it had been earlier. The convenience and the ease that have been added to our lives because of the Internet technology has not only made it easier to communicate, but also accomplish a number of other activities in a successful manner.

It includes:

  • Online business
  • Making new friends
  • Online studies
  • Searching for the information/details required
  • Sharing the information
  • Getting familiar with various cultures. And hence
  • Communicating at various platforms, etc.

Internet, apart from allowing to communicate by e-mails, and, of course, various other means, makes a lot of information available. It includes products, images etc., apart from various other details.

Advantages of Internet

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Internet provides various advantages of various types to the users. The major ones are given below:

Virtual Communication

The users can communicate virtually with others across the world. Besides, the communication is established almost within no time. Needless to say, the users enjoy almost perfect speed and accuracy.

Personal and Professional communication makes it easier to reach others

Internet has made it easy to progress easily and speedily in all walks of life, be it personal or professional. The sharing of the Information by e-mails and various other means because of Internet has made it feasible to accomplish a number of tasks without leaving your home premises.

Online Business

A great many of the businesses exist online. Apart from making use of the e-mails for the sake of correspondence and various other purposes, the businesses find it easier to create and expand the specific audiences by means of Social Media. And that’s only an example. Besides, there is digital marketing. And the entire world of e-Commerce has been existing and flourishing because of the Internet.

Messengers make it easier to keep in touch with near and dear ones

Because of the Internet, it has been feasible to communicate easily and speedily with the near and dear ones. The messengers including WhatsApp, SnapChat, Hike, Google Hangouts etc., allow you to stay in touch with family and friends. Besides, with the video conferencing, you may share the precious moments of your life with the ones you want to.

Help establish and maintain a cosmopolitan culture

Because of the internet, the team members in various offices can not only share the information that is required to fulfill various tasks assigned, but are also able to establish and maintain a cosmopolitan culture.

Search information

Searching almost any kind of the information has become far easier than what it had been prior the use of Internet. Internet offers a number of efficient Search Engines including Google. The net surfers can not only get the information required within a few minutes, but can also use it in a highly apt manner to accomplish various types of goals.  

Besides, you would find an amazing variety of the information on the Internet including:

  • Government Law and Services
  • Trade Fairs
  • Conferences of various types
  • Market Information
  • New Ideas
  • Technical Support

The list seems to be running on and on and on …

Internet makes various Forums available on the Internet

People can not only gain and share information, but also express themselves on the Internet. It’s an easy way to help the common man reach the masses within a few seconds.

Thus, not only can you create and cultivate the audiences for the businesses, but can also do the same for various other purposes. For example, the electoral candidates can approach the potential voters. Internet provides them with a highly effective platform to communicate with the voters to be.

  • Online education: Because of the Internet, it has become feasible for a number of the candidates to go for higher studies without leaving home or resigning from their jobs. Even if they are occupied with full time jobs, they may still go ahead with the online studies and study at home at their own convenience. They do not have to be there in the classroom for attending the coaching sessions.
  • Entertainment: You need not visit the theaters. All is available on the Internet. You may enjoy Cinema, plays, music or whatsoever!
  • Downloading makes it easy: It has almost become too easy to download almost any file and utilize the same for various requirements. And most of the downloads are available for free. You may download lengthy documents and even huge e-Books.
  • e-Shopping is too convenient: You need not get worried over paucity of time if you want to shop for your family and friends. e-Shopping takes care of it all. Not only are you spoilt for variety, your time would also be saved.
  • Travel is made easy: It is a lot easier now to get the tickets booked for travel, thanks to Internet. Besides, you may also find a number of attractive holiday destinations simply by searching across the web.
  • Money transfer is easy and speedy: with the provisions of the e-payments etc., transferring the money online has made a number of transactions far easier than what it would have been otherwise.
  • Social Media: Social Media makes it feasible for all to share the moments of life, post the pictures etc., apart from sharing your opinions with the masses.
  • Makes it easier to study: Not only can you study online, but can even get your queries solved in the virtual classroom. Thus, you need not leave your job or home even for a few hours to be present in the classroom.


Disadvantages of Internet

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Every picture has a flip side to it. And Internet does not form an exception by any means.

  1. Spread of negative or false opinions

    Because of an easy access to the masses because of the Internet, apart from targeting the huge audiences for business and various other purposes, even spreading rumours has also become possible.

Thus, it all depends upon the conscience of the Internet users to opt in between the positive or the negative purpose that they are using the Internet for.

  1. Students are diverted

    Many a times, the students are diverted. Rather than studying what the respective syllabus prescribes, they focus on the topics or the subjects that they find interesting otherwise. It results in a great waste of time.
  2. Sedentary life style

    Earlier people used to spend a little time, specifically the evenings for walks or outdoor games. Nowadays, they are busy surfing the Internet.

They are all the time glued to the computer monitors. And with a sedentary life, the health does suffer, of course.

  1. Social relationships have suffered

    Rather than managing a little time to visit the relatives, people just e-mail, WhatsApp or post a pic at the Social Media. No wonder, people are drifting apart from each other.


Technology, like anything else has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, when you make use of the same, it is up to your own discretion in what manner you are making use of it. And the same applies to the Internet also. You may make use of all the advantages provided by the Internet to the optimum. And you may also use the same for something negative, that is far from being ethical, of course. It is entirely up to you, in what manner, you would like to use the Internet.

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