B2C: what does b2c Stand for?

B2C responds to the acronym “Business to Consumer,” which means “Business to consumer.” That is, it refers to the commercial activity that exists between a company and a final consumer.

Most of us are immersed in B2C, a concept related to digital marketing and, more specifically, e-commerce. It is relatively new, but its first appearance was in the mid-’90s when commercial restrictions on the internet were removed, and since then, it has been growing exponentially.

It is almost impossible to be out of B2C, so you better know what it is about.

What is b2c meaning?

These are the commercial strategies that companies develop to directly reach the customer or the end consumer, satisfying their needs with the product or service they offer. Therefore, we can say that B2C is a direct trade business model.

Although this type of business was already known for some previous years, it was thanks to the internet boom that it could develop even more because this digital platform allowed the purchase and sale of a product or service without having intermediaries between the client and the company.

B2C model                                                                                                       

B2C strategies have been allied with those companies that have leaped into the digital world, transforming their traditional business model for a more current one with more significant benefits.

Within the B2C business model, other sub-models help us understand everything that it encompasses. Some of them are:

Direct seller

This is the most common model, and they are all those brands that have their digital stores and distribute their products physically.

Intermediary seller

They are sellers or platforms that offer certain products or services without being the suppliers or manufacturers.

Based on advertising

They are sites that attract a high volume of traffic to sell advertising, the same with which it is intended to sell the product or service to the consumer. Good quality free content is used to attract visitors to the page, where they can also find banner ads.

Based on a fee

They are pages that charge a subscription to the consumer to access a service or product. They usually give trial times or limited monthly access as part of their marketing strategy.

Characteristics of B2C

As mentioned above, the full form of b2c business to consumer so it is carried out between the company and the consumer, so all the actions of this commercial relationship are aimed at the final buyer. Unlike B2B, commercial relations appeal to a more rational sense; the emotional factor prevails.

The internet offers each user a wide range of options to choose the product or service they are looking to purchase. Generally, sales in the B2C market are more impulsive than logical because the customer does not give so much importance to the objective characteristics of the product. Still, to the benefits it brings him and what it makes him feel.

The above is a crucial point that helps define commercial strategies and communication with the client, generating creative and emotional messages that captivate the client. Remember that today; what is valued most in sales is the experience that your brand provides to consumers.

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Advantages and disadvantages of B2C

But just as everything has a positive side, there is also a negative side. Before you get discouraged, better take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of B2C and decide if this business model is ideal for you and your brand.


More economical

This advantage applies to online stores since, compared to a traditional physical store, costs are significantly reduced because hiring employees is not required, and the tax burden is lower on sales.

More users

More clients. Everyone has access to the internet. Therefore, this platform can help you find those potential customers you are looking for and who are looking for your product or service.

More control

The B2C allows you to precisely manage the stock available for sale and also gives you a vision of what is in greater demand and what is not.

More advertising

Flyers are a thing of the past. Today is digital advertising. It is more effective than you can imagine because techniques give exponential visibility to your page; they allow you to segment and increase your client portfolio.


Many brands seek this link with their customers. Through this business model, it is possible to achieve it since communication is personalized and focused on meeting the consumer’s needs. So if the brand convinces the customer, they will be loyal to it.



Users can choose between all the brands and keep their favorite.


Some people still prefer to purchase a product or service in physical stores due to the distrust generated by online payment methods and their possible consequences.

Shipping costs

This point has a more significant impact on small businesses because shipping costs can be higher than physical sales.

Don’t let the downsides put you off; a good digital marketing strategy can make them an easy challenge to overcome.

To conclude, the full form of b2b and b2c is business to business and business to consumer respectively.

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