Understanding the Google Ads Auction: The Importance of Quality Score and How to Improve It

Digital marketing is gradually becoming a complicated ballgame. In the initial stage, there was a lot of room for errors as the numbers of players were less and the expertise required was also of a basic level. But with time, there are too many experts working on the business today. Therefore, more competition, more of strategies and newer devices and tools are the needs of the hour.

Search engines driving the market

The search engines are considered the big daddy of digital marketing. Long back, when Google came into being as a search engine, not many had the vision to see what it would transpire into over a decade, and even later on. That a search engine will be the starting point for buying a product could be thought of by very few people at that point of time. But looking at the scenario today, we can definitely see the vast market that Google as a search engine is controlling.

Every small or big manufacturer or service provider has to depend on Google SEO ranking in order to get higher visibility across the globe. Like it or not, there is hardly another way that can be as effective as Google SEO. There is also hardly any other search engine that is as vast and efficient as this one. So, most of the users prefer Google search. There are other search engines like Bing which also is huge in its coverage, but only second to Google.

If we look at the social media, Facebook, Instagram and the likes have tried to capture as much market as Google has with a different approach. They offer fun, frolic and entertainment as well as important information related to business at the same time. However, they are still far behind what Google can do for you. Probably the human psyche has also a role to play in it.

The users often think of Google search only when it comes to looking for something urgently needed, like a resume writing service, an AC or a car insurance. Going to Google helps in the way that people won’t have to remember the exact name of a website or an app every time; if it is relevant and good, Google only will help popping it up for you.

How Google Ads auction helps?

The ultimate goal of all the corporates and start-up companies is to have a stronger online presence. To achieve this, there are many ways. Google Ads auction is one of them. In this case, the SEO ranking of a company on Google search is bound to increase manifold. But one actually has to understand how it works.

In Google Ads auction, there are many options available as a choice. One can go for only one option or more than that based on the need and understanding. The choice is generally dependent on the type of product or service, and what is needed. If there is a need to increase the number of visitors on a webpage, the option to be chosen will be different than if the objective is to display a logo or graphic more prominently.

One of the options is the CPC or the cost per click. In this case, one has to pay only if there is a new click by a visitor on the webpage owned. The number of clicks will decide the revenue. This option suits the products or services that are very attractive and alluring, like a wedding or tourist destination, a hiking camp etc.

Another interesting option is to go for impressions. This option covers both the search network and the display network. If one chooses a particular % for the option, then Google Ads make sure that the advertisement content is displayed at least to the extent of the chosen %. This happens in case of search network. In case of display network, the revenue is generated by the number of times the ad is displayed over time. For every 1000 times the ad is visible, one has to pay.

A very interesting option also available as of late is the cost per view. It is suitable for video contents, and the number of times a video is played by a user, the revenue has to be paid to Google. With an increase in the video contents because of reels and the likes, this option has become very popular as of late. Although it takes a bit of a price to make interesting ad videos, but generally, the viewership is higher in case of cost per views.

What is Quality score?

One basic question that crops up often is why to make digital marketing so complicated? The answer is also simple- digital marketing is all about online visibility. In order to achieve higher online presence, one has to outdo the competitors. This has to be based on certain metric. In case of digital marketing, quality score is the new metric that determines which webpage is better in terms of its content, and hence, can have a higher SEO ranking. A higher ranking will definitely ensure better visibility and a higher possibility of online business generation.

Quality score is a measure of how good an ad is. To elaborate, it speaks about how penetrative an ad is on the digital platform, and how well it has affected the users. Many a times, we have witnessed earlier in the days of TV ads that some of the advertisements remain in the minds of people for a long period of time, even if they are not regularly buying the products.

It was simply because these ads left a deep impression in the minds of the viewers. Online ads find it difficult to make a similar impact, because of the volatile nature of the platform. Still, the target remains to make an impression in the minds of the users. The quality score of an ad tells us how good an ad is, based on the online parameters of checking, in order to make a difference. While Google Ads offer certain options for online advertisements, they also help in getting the quality score checked and improved.

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