What Tools Should You Be Using for Your Digital Marketing? Digital Accessibility: What Marketers Need to Know

Marketing today has many modes and forms, and digital marketing is one of the latest additions to the list. With penetration of the digital platform at a very deep level because of the extensive usage of smartphones, digital marketing has become as important, if not more, as the other ways of reaching out to the clients with the products and features.

Digital marketing has its own challenges and hurdles, and the platform being digital, the challenges keep changing very fast as well. One therefore has to be extremely flexible and adaptive while dealing with the new hurdles coming up that are to be dealt with in frugal and innovative ways.

Why are digital marketing tools so important?

In order to reach out to more audience in lesser time, or rather, enhance the return of investment (RoI) level, it is important to have a marketing strategy that is impactful. One can have an advertisement, for example, that involves a well-known face resulting in leaving more impact in less time. On the digital platform, the treatment definitely has to be different but the result- a high impact, still remains the goal to be achieved.

For high impact and enhanced RoI, there are other types of tools in digital marketing. These tools have evolved with time and include quite a few innovative ways that are not practised or well-known in other spheres of marketing. Some of them are search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click, display advertising, content marketing, online reputation management, and the likes.


It is one of the most widely used and effective digital marketing tools. Search engine optimization, as it is known as, helps in discovering a website through a search engine in a more effective and fruitful way. A proper SEO helps in reflecting a website or its product links within the top 5 finds on a search engine. The higher the ranking on the search page, the more is the possibility for viewers to visit the website, thereby increasing the possibility of enhanced business. This often reflects it in improving the RoI of the company as well.

SEO work is generally done with the help of content writing. A vivid description of the products or services and its features along with proper use of certain keywords comprise of good contents. The keywords are those that are closely related to a website, its services or products. They are the words or phrases that are most likely to be used by an online user to search for a product or service that are similar to the concerned website. If these keywords can be identified accurately, their usage in an optimized manner in the content of a webpage can highly increase its online visibility.

However, there are ways of using the keywords. They must be distributed uniformly in a content, and also should not be too repetitive. Search engines like Google and Bing use AI to detect the keyword density in content, followed by their own ranking. A poor content can bring down the SEO ranking of a webpage unless done with proper expertise.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is being used for digital marketing since long. The huge number of users on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simply offer an irresistible ocean of easy outreach to millions of users globally. The challenge on social media is to make attractive posts that will convey the message in whole and at the same time make people look at them with increased interest. It is another of the unique challenges of digital marketing where words and visuals have to be amalgamated in the right kind of proportions, like pepper on pizza.

For social media marketing, one needs to use the right kind of catch words that are similar to the keywords used in SEO. Besides, there has to be attractive logos, visuals or signages to support the words or phrases and convey the story effectively in a pictorial way.

Pay per click

It is perhaps the most challenging of the digital tools. PPC campaigns, as they are often called, are challenging for the marketing agency because they will earn based on the number of clicks. In order to achieve high number of clicks, links to a website or any of its pages are embedded in a SEO content or a social media post. Any user going through the same may click on them, generally visible as blue live links, and reach the website or the product page directly and at ease.

The higher the frequency of such visitors, the more is the revenue generated. However, the challenge lies in using the right sort of phrases as live links that will appeal to the viewers and attract them. This also results out of intense research about a particular product or feature based on the recent ways in which the users have searched for them online.

Online Reputation Management

Every company, big or small, goes by the reputation of its services. The name or image of a brand plays a vital role in enhancing the volume of its business. But there remains the risk of devaluation of reputation of a brand as well from its competitors.

ORM or online reputation management is one such approach that shields the negative publicity about a brand and carefully pumps in positivity in its name on digital platforms. While there are many good things to talk about a brand, only one or two bad feature can substantially ruin the brand name. Many a times this is strategically done by the competitor brands.

An ORM team not only has to think of how to highlight the USP of a brand online, they also have to keep a tab on any negative publicity about the brand that may be happening simultaneously. Again, like the other digital marketing tools, this involves an alert online eye and ear, fast and frugal research as well as a lot of expertise the device a counter-attack.

Digital marketing is definitely very important, but more so because of the expertise that it calls for in order to give enhanced results in terms of the RoI involved.

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